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Zones of Control, originally Zones of Criminal Control, is a recurring map published in the comic book series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by IDW Publishing. The first map was published in issue #93: City at War, part 1, with an updated map published in every issue of the City at War story arc except for issue #100: City at War, part 8.. The most recent map was published in issue #101.

Each map shows New York City's entire island of Manhattan south of Central Park, with story-relevant locations marked and labeled, and zones of faction control indicated by a solid color. It is not a fully-featured map—no streets or neighborhoods are explicitly named—but each maps contains outlines corresponding to real-world Manhattan streets, allowing the geography of marked locations to be roughly inferred.

TMNT #93: City at War, part 1

IDW City at War map

The first version of the map indicates:

TMNT #94: City at War, part 2

Zones of Criminal Control 94

This map is mostly the same as the previous map, but most of the mafia and organized crime territories have been conquered by forces loyal to Oroku Karai, who seeks to forcibly wrest the Foot Clan from Splinter's control. Some territory in Lower Manhattan remains subservient to the Foot Clan.

TMNT #95: City at War, part 3 and
TMNT #96: City at War, part 4

Zones of Criminal Control 96

The maps published in these two issues are identical. Mostly the same as the previous map, but now all mafia and organized crimes groups shown previously subervient to the Foot Clan, now serve Karai. The Purple Dragons remain separate.

TMNT #97: City at War, part 5

Zones of Criminal Control 97

The results of Splinter's counteroffensive are shown, with the Foot Clan having reasserted underworld authority in most of the southern Manhattan territories Karai had conquered.

TMNT #98: City at War, part 6

Zones of Criminal Control 98

Karai overthrows Splinter in an upset authority, seizing control of the Foot Clan, with all mafia and organized crime territories, besides the Purple Dragons, becoming fully subservient to Karai. Old Hob detonates his mutagen bomb in Union Square Park during Mayor Elect Baxter Stockman's victory gathering.

TMNT #99: City at War, part 7

Zones of Criminal Control 99

Mostly the same as the previous map, except that the wind has blown a mutagen fallout cloud over a large swath of the East Side, including most of the Purple Dragons' territory and the location of the abandoned church, with countless humans spontaneously mutating.

TMNT #101

Zones of Control 101

TMNT #100: City at War, part 8, did not contain a map.

With City at War having ended, this map is titled "Zones of Control" instead of "Zones of Criminal Control". It indicates that most of the underground still serves Karai, but that the Foot Clan's territories have been severely damaged by the Dragon which Kitsune had used Karai to resurrect and unleash on the Earth, and which Oroku Saki and Splinter cooperated to kill at the cost of Splinter's life. The Purple Dragon's territories have completely disappeared from the map, as has the Mutanimals Headquarters, but much a large swath of the East Side has been walled off and quarantined as the newly-designated Mutant Town, a ghetto where mutants detained by the Earth Protection Force are forced to live indefinitely until the mutagenic agents have been eradicated. Though the Mutanimals Headquarters no longer appears on the map, this issue's story says that they now operate within Mutant Town.

Mutant Town encompasses the boundaries of the real-life Manhattan neighborhoods of Alphabet City, the East Village, Little Germany, NoHo, Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town, along with parts of the Bowery, Gramercy and Little Italy. Most of the previously indicated territories of the Purple Dragons are now part of Mutant Town, as are Union Square Park and the lair.

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