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In the IDW continuity, Zom is the current commander of the Triceratons, a role she inherited from the previous commander General Zog. She is one of the Triceraton clones, individuals cloned from the lost First Herd.

In From the Heart, For the Herd, it was shown that Zom had formed a close personal bond with Zog, the only Triceraton still alive who wasn't a clone. Later, it was Zom who would make an unsettling discovery in the Utrom database about Zog's birth parents that would trigger both Zog and Zom to launch their rebellion against the Utrom Empire.

After the fall of the Utrom Empire, in The Trial of Krang, Triceraton forces led by Zom played a crucial role in defending their temporary allies, the Neutrinos, from Maligna's invasion, for which the Neutrino king Zenter rewarded the Triceratons by directing Zom's fleet to their race's original homeworld, Earth.

In Invasion of the Triceratons, upon arriving on Earth, Zom personally made first official contact face-to-face with the paranoid and deeply racist Agent Bishop, who quickly tried to kill her entire landing party. Zom fought back, but both she and Bishop were themselves ambushed and ensnared by Splinter's Foot Clan. Angered by the treachery, she broke free and regrouped underground with the other Triceratons. From there, she ordered a full-on invasion of New York, which was unaffected by the arrival of the Turtles.

Splinter attempted to kill her while Bishop was engaging the main force of the Triceratons, but the Turtles intervened and attempted to defend Zom from their father. Eventually she was teleported away from the Foot Clan's reach, where the Turtles proposed coexistence with the Utroms on Burnow Island, which would keep the Triceratons out of the reach of both Bishop and Splinter. Zom agreed, and was teleported to Burnow Island along with the other Triceraton soldiers. Once there, she took part in negotiations for the two species' coexistence.