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Zog is issue #70 of Tales of the TMNT volume 2, published on May 2010 by Mirage Studios. It is the final issue of the volume.

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Set during the Return to New York story line. Raphael lies in a sewer tunnel, remembering the events of the last few days. The fight with Leonardo was four days ago, yet Raph still feels the pain in his shoulder. He knows at this time that he can't show any sign of weakness, for it's up to him alone to rid the sewers of the overwhelming plague that infests them. He must exterminate the Foot.


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  • This issue takes place between pages 31 and 32 of TMNT (Vol. 1) #19
  • This issue came with a special "flip cover." The main cover featured the grey borders reminiscent of the ones used for the original Return to New York issues, while the back cover featured the same image but sans-border to keep it standard with the rest of the Tales of the TMNT volume 2 covers.
  • This issue also contained a bonus pin-up "The Tortoise and the Hair" by Fernando Leon Gonzalez and Ryan Brown.
  • This is the final issue of Tales of the TMNT volume 2, and the final TMNT comic published until IDW Publishing got the licensing rights to publish TMNT comics.
  • The plot of the 2012 TV series episode Dinosaur Seen in Sewers! is partially based on this issue.


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