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Blaster, Knife


Triceraton Soldier

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White, Red

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Zog is one of the three Triceratons that were transported to Earth by the Utroms of the Techno Cosmic Research Institute (TMNT Vol. 1, #6 & 7). After escaping the destruction of the TCRI building, Zog fled to the sewers, where he lived for about a year. Deprived of his natural atmosphere, his brain decayed over this time, causing him to mistake Raphael for a superior Triceraton officer when he ran into him in the sewers. When the Turtles got together, Zog took orders from them and helped clear the way into the Foot Clan's Hudson Block complex, slaying countless Foot Ninja in the process. While the turtles were elsewhere, Zog was attacked and slain by the three test-worm clones (TMNT Vol. 1, #19 & 20)

How Raphael and Zog met was fully revealed in the final issue of Tales volume 2, "Zog". Zog, delusional from lack of his own world's air, believed that a Triceraton (or perhaps simply a fossilized triceratops) skull was his commanding officer. Taking orders from this non-existent officer, he captured Raphael and a Foot Ninja. In order to free them both, the Foot Ninja convinced Raph to reach his yari (Japanese spear), which was out of the Ninja's reach, and hand it to him. Upon freeing himself, the Foot Ninja attempted to kill Raphael. Still chained upside-down, Raph subdued the Foot and used the yari to free himself as well. Before Zog returned, Raph placed the skull on his shoulders, pretending to have killed Zog's two captives, and using his "commander powers" to transform into a likeness of Raphael, telling Zog to call him "Zoraph".

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