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Utrominon (formerly)
Battle Nexus (currently)

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rebel leader


Utrom Empire (formerly)

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Triceraton (mutant triceratops)



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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire issue 1

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Zog was a Triceraton and a general in the Utrom Empire before the Triceratons rebellion.

Zog is the only living survivor of the First Herd, the original Triceraton race the Utroms had created from manipulating Earth triceratops DNA. When Zog was very young, the entire rest of the Triceraton race, including Zog's parents, were killed in military service under the Emperor Quanin. The dead Triceraton soldiers were cloned, making Zog the oldest living Triceraton and the only one alive who is not a clone. As the clone bodies incubated in stasis chambers and had to mature anew from childhood, the Utroms trained Zog to be a soldier, the future general of the Triceratons, and assistant to Quanin's son General Krang.

Over the years, Zog formed a special bond with one of his clone subordinates, Commander Zom. Later, when Zom was updating an Utrom database to list Triceraton soldiers recently killed in action, she made unauthorized access to the terminal of her Utrom supervisor Mifor while they were away from their console. Zom read a file pertaining to Zog's origin, making an alarming discovery about Zog's birth parents (the full details of which are left vague to the reader). She informed Zog, and the two immediately launched their rebellion.

Zog's rebellion, along with the depletion of Utrominon's ooze, would prove instrumental in bringing the downfall of the Utrom Empire. He was at one point recaptured by the Utroms, and Emperor Quanin planned to execute him in order to demoralize the rebellion and bring it to a swift end. However, Zog escaped at the last minute, and briefly took Krang as a hostage to make his getaway.

Later, Zog fought the Turtles in the Battle Nexus and joined them in a revolt against the Dimensional Council.


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