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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Zodi is a sociopathic mutant scorpion who works for Madame Null. She is a major character in The War to Come, the beginning of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe.

She was sent to T.C.R.I. Laboratory 7 building in Queens to retrieve sensitive information, while being tracked by Jonathan Bishop and the Darkwater forces he has contracted with. Zodi killed several security guards prior to encountering the Turtles, nearly evading them and being knocked out a window by Raphael.

With the building surrounded by Darkwater mercenaries, Zodi offers a temporary alliance with the Turtles, arguing that they can all escape alive if they work together. She later distracted April O'Neil by claiming to have killed Leonardo and taken his swords, only to be pursued by the Turtle himself. She was physically restrained by Darkwater, but rescued by Michelangelo shortly thereafter.

Zodi antagonized Raphael further by suggesting that their mistakes would lead to one of them being killed, touching on a fear that had been building in him. He punched her into the hallway, then untied her so that he could beat her physically, until the other Turtles intervened to stop him.

Though still allied to the Turtles in their mutual need to escape Bishop and Darkwater, Zodi soon showed that she was only out for herself, using Michelangelo as a body shield and declaring that she would have killed them if it would have facilitated her escape. She left with Madame Null after the retreat of Bishop and Dark Water.

Zodi encountered Raphael again when he and Alopex infiltrated a Null Group facility, as Madame Null had been stealing pets in order to create more mutants. She found them after they had clashed with a homunculus and a fight broke out between them.

Al attempted to reason with the mutant scorpion by revealing her own history as someone else's weapon, but Zodi merely laughed and declared that she liked being part of Null Group. She then stalled the two other mutants long enough for a mutant snake named Krisa to appear behind them. Zodi tried to kill Raph in the ensuing fight, but Krisa unexpectedly rebelled and constricted her body around the mutant scorpion, allowing Al and Raph to escape with the pets.

When confronted by Madame Null, Zodi lied to cover Krisa's actions, taking full responsibility for the invasion, but not for altruistic reasons.