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Zippy Lad is a superhero veteran, member of the original Justice Force and a friend of the Turtles. A geriatric, he is still able to move at superhuman speed, even though he is confined to a wheelchair. He has very similar powers to the DC comics character Flash.


He first appears in the 2003 series in the episode "Return of the Justice Force". The history of the old Justice Force coincides with the Mirage template, albeit with some modifications. The Justice Force disbanded after Battling Bernice was killed trying to protect their teammates Steve and Dome.

He's sassy and sarcastic, with Stainless Steel Steve when he reunited with his old teammate. He scoffed at Steve's remark that he looked great, saying "No I'm not. I'm a mess just like the rest of you". But he was still willing to give aid to his friends when they were under attack, from what they thought was Dr. Dome.

When the Domebots attacked the former Justice Force Zippy Lad was kidnapped along with Joey Lastic and Metalhead, but Steve, the Turtles and Casey Jones found and freed him. The cause of the attacks was not Dome, as Steve suggested, but Ananda, the secret daughter of Dome and Battling Bernice, which the Justice Force blamed for the death of her mother. However, Dome brought her back to her senses, and Ananda eventually became a member of the second incarnation of the Justice Force. Although because of his age Zippy Lad can not actively participate in the Justice Force, he and Steve are in the second incarnation of the team as advisers on the side.

The Lost Episodes

In Membership Drive, he was shown at the Justice Force's base training the Justice Force's new recruits.

Back to the Sewer

He also appears in Back to the Sewer in the episode Super Power Struggle.



Zippy Lad has the power of super speed with which he could run at superhuman speed. He can fully use his power even in his current state, if necessary by moving his wheelchair with his still functioning arms forward. He can also use his arms as offensive weapon by creating vibrations with extreme speed and thus creating a kind of saw or drum effect.


  • The design of Zippy Lad's costume is based on the outfit of the DC Comics superhero The Flash (Jay Garrick) from Earth-2, which - together with his counterpart, the second Flash (Barry Allen) - appeared for the first time in the story, "Flash of Two Worlds" (Flash #125, 1961).