Professor Honeycutt
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Fugitoid/Chet Allen



Physical description

Neutrino as Honeycutt
Robot as Fugitoid


Honeycutt: Dark Brown
Chet: Blonde

Eye color

Honeycutt: Brown
Fugitoid: Green

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In IDW continuity, Professor Zayton Honeycutt was a Neutrino scientist, who worked for the Utrom warlord Quanin - and later his son Krang - to construct new weapons (including the Technodrome) due to the fact that the professor thought that he was helping Krang defend his race. It wasn't long before he realized that Krang's goal was actually mass genocide, but by then, he realized he was in too deep.

Honeycutt had developed the Simulated Anthropomorphic Life form ("SAL"), which eventually becomes his new body, as a research robot in a side project, an android controlled via an neural interface system that had the ability to take on other outward forms, and was extremely durable to boot. In addition, Honeycutt was married in his old life to a woman named Marra and had a six-year-old son named Ely.

Honeycutt's wife, Marra, worried about the influence of evil that was oppressing the Neutrino people, including their family. Out of love to his family, she convinced him to have them join the Neutrino resistance and constructed a dimensional portal for them. Three months later, Krang's armies had found where the resistance compound was and targeted it for attack to capture Honeycutt (whom Krang urgently needed for the construction of the Technodrome). A fire broke out, and the living quarters were locked down due to safety protocols. Rather than let Marra, their son Ely, and the rest of the families burn to death, Honeycutt used SAL to breach the flames and override the safety protocols. By doing so, he sacrificed his own body, becoming trapped within SAL permanently.

Honeycutt saved the families, but his victory was short-lived. Sergeant Granitor, one of Krang's high-ranking men, ordered an attack on the fleeing families, killing them all. Honeycutt could do nothing but watch them die on the security monitor.

Not long after, Honeycutt had made it back to the lab, and Granitor and some stone soldiers found and threatened to capture him. Honeycutt restrained himself from tearing apart the man who gave orders to kill his family, and instead escaped through the portal he had been working on.

Now in New York City on Earth, Honeycutt masqueraded as a blonde male to hide from the rock soldiers.

In order to successfully fight Krang from inside his organization, Honeycutt took a job with Baxter Stockman, Krang's earthly ally at StockGen, calling himself Chet Allen. Stockman worked with Krang, so Honeycutt was hidden within plain sight. Krang referred to the professor's new form as a "fugitive android", or Fugitoid. Rather than involve more innocents in the fight, Honeycutt allied himself with the Foot Clan, who although Honeycutt knew were evil, they were enemies of Krang's under its leader Shredder.

Later, Honeycutt was brought back again to his homeland by the Neutrino rebels - along with the Ninja Turtles as unwilling passengers - and later saw themselves forced to surrender, to Krang to save his friends and his world from his wrath; but even in his captivity, he secretly continued to interfere with Krang's plans. Finally, he managed his contacts with the Foot Clan and the Turtles, pitting Krang and Shredder against each other and arrange the destruction of the Technodrome - but this happened almost at the expense of Donatello's life. Desperate to save the Turtle, he and Harold Lilja formed an alliance with Leatherhead, who gave them crucial assistance in Donatello's restoration in exchange for a favor.

Some time thereafter, Honeycutt was torn to pieces by Leatherhead, as he sought revenge on the helpless Utroms who wanted Honeycutt to awaken them from their deep sleep. His head - and thus his consciousness - survived, but he was badly damaged. Reassembled by the Utroms, he acted as a witness to the prosecution against Krang and prior to the start of the trial had to deal with the bounty hunter Hakk-R, who was hired by Krang, to eliminate all witnesses and thus prevent his conviction. After the dramatic end of the trial, in which Krang was killed by Leatherhead, Honeycutt remained on Neutrino to assist his people against a future invasion of the Malignoids under their Queen Maligna.