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Mutant Town


Old Hob (father)

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Mutant weasel



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TMNT #102

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Sophie Campbell

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First appearing in issue #102 of the IDW continuity, Zanna is one of Old Hob's three very young weasels. She is white in color and wears nothing. Though Hob raised Zanna as a daughter, he had planned to sell her, along with the other weasels Zink and Mushroom, to Oroku Karai's Foot Clan in exchange for food, supplies and winter clothes that were in scarce supply in Mutant Town.

Zanna and her fellow weasels were imprisoned in a wooden crate to await transport, but were released by the vengeful Diamond. They immediately went off in search of food, which they found at Alopex's shelter. They left a trail of debris on their way through the streets. They soon encountered Lita, who taught her new friends how to make snowballs.

Old Hob and Koya then found them, and Hob immediately caught the weasels in a net. Zanna and the other two were freed by Sally Pride, Jennika and Mona Lisa, who were disgusted by him trafficking baby mutants. Despite this betrayal by her father figure, Zanna seemed delighted by the positive attention from her new friends, and accompanied them back to the shelter.

Zanna was later seen at the Turtles' new dojo, along with Zink, Mushroom and Lita. 


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