Emperor Zanmoran
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Triceraton Mother Ship


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Emperor of the Triceraton Empire
Prime commander of the Triceraton armada


Triceraton Empire

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257 cm


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2012 TV series

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The Arena of Carnage


Earth's Last Stand

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Peter DiCicco

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Michael Ironside


Emperor Zanmoran is the emperor of the Triceraton Empire and prime commander of the Triceraton armada.


The Arena of Carnage

Emperor Zanmoran makes his first appearance as he contacts Admiral Mozar via hologram to request that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be placed in the Triceraton Flag Ship's Tri-Arena, instead of Mozar's intent to execute them by having them be sucked out into the vacuum of space, believing them good sport for the Tri-Arena. Mozar complies, and as the Turtles are called out for their first battle in front of Zanmoran's fellow Saurians, he makes it clear to them that he is granting them a chance to earn their freedom through glorious battle. He then tells them that they must first prove themselves by facing off against the Spasmosaur to prove their worth. The Turtles succeed, much to Zanmoran's amusement, as he speaks of it to Admiral Mozar before Mozar is called away to deal with more intruders on-board the Mother Ship. Later, Zanmoran is is impressed when Mozar brings Professor Zayton Honeycutt to him as his prisoner to bear witness as the Turtles meet their doom against the undefeated Triceraton Champion, Zeno. During the Turtles fight, Zanmoran watches with amusement, before offering a deal to Honeycutt in sparing the Turtles if the Fugitoid finishes the Heart of Darkness for him, but Honeycutt refuses, knowing full well the danger that the doomsday weapon would bring to Earth if he helped complete it. However, when Zeno has Leonardo at his mercy, and the other Turtles drop their weapons in surrender, Zanmoran orders Zeno to finish them and earn his freedom, but Zeno instead throws his hammer at Zanmoran. The Emperor barely avoids it as it strikes his throne, before looking back at Zeno in fury. When Zeno reiterates his disgust with Zanmoran using the Heart of Darkness as a coward instead of fighting with honor, furious, Zanmoran order Zeno and the Turtles eliminated. However, while Zeno holds off his attackers, the Turtles commandeer one of the Triceraton hover-cameras to fly up to Zanmoran's seat, where after catching Admiral Mozar off-guard, they take the Emperor hostage, using him as leverage to gain both the Fugitoid's and their own freedom, which Mozar is forced to allow. As they take the Emperor with them back to the airlock they came in through, Zanmoran warns them that they've made a grave enemy of the Triceraton Empire, before colliding with April and Casey, who had managed to retrieve the first piece of the Heart of Darkness from the main armory. In the collision, Zanmoran's crown is knocked off, causing the Triceratons chasing April and Casey to hold their fire in fear of hitting Zanmoran in the crossfire. However, Zanmoran and Mozar order them to wipe the Turtles and their allies out since they've got the first piece of the Heart of Darkness, but the good guys escape with the first piece, and then escape the Triceraton Armada as well. As a result, Zanmoran's plans for Earth have been severely delayed now that he's lost the first piece of the Heart of Darkness.

Revenge of the Triceratons

Presumably afterwards due to Mozar's failure to stop the Turtles from stealing the first piece of the Heart of Darkness from them, Zanmoran stripped him of his new rank of Admiral and demoted him back to Captain.





Zanmoran looks similar to the other Triceratons. Due to his status as their leader and Emperor, he wears armor, a cape, and a crown to signify his position as the sovereign of the Triceraton Empire. For some reason Emperor Zanmoran has a silver object covering his mouth. Much like the rest of his race he is huge, bulky and well built with a massive height and being very top heavy, with large and impressive muscles on his arms and chest but having large yet slightly stubby legs along with having incredible strength (especially in his horns). Along with his muscular physique, Zanmoran also wears golden armor on his chest, legs, hands and much like Captain Mozar, he’ll keep metal plating on his beak for unknown reasons.


The Arena of Carnage

Zanmoran: (chuckles) They fight better than I expected.
Mozar: (scoffs) Pure luck, sire.

Zanmoran: (laughs) Why let your friends suffer? I might consider sparing them if you complete the Heart of Darkness.
Fugitoid: I will never build such a weapon for you, Zanmoran.

Zanmoran: Fools! You have made a grave enemy of the Triceraton Empire.
Mozar: Even if you get off this ship, there is no where in the Ten Dimensions we will not find you.


  • His name is Zanmoran as opposed to Zanramon, which is ordinarily the spelling/pronunciation of the Triceraton leader's name.
  • Zanmoran is the only main antagonist as the final fate is unknown.


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