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Planet Neutrino, Dimension X

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Laser Blaster

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Zak is one of the Neutrino commandos working for the Resistance, and in service to the Neutrino royal family under Dask, along with Kala. He was part of the team sent to Earth to bring back the Fugitoid, but their rescue was interrupted by the Turtles, who mistook them for enemies.

Though initially in conflict with the Turtles, he - along with the rest of his team - soon became allies with them when they were pinned down by Krang's forces. When Krang demanded the Fugitoid in exchange for the lives of King Zenter and Queen Gizzla, Zak became enraged and had an outburst that Dask had to rein him in from.

Despite their furious initial fight, Zak soon formed a bond with Raphael over their shared love of battle. Zak and Raphael were among the Neutrino forces that attacked Krang's headquarters as a diversion, and they fought a large robot opponent before the END missile took out Krang's forces.

When Krang's trial was approaching, Zak and Kala were sent to Earth in order to summon mutant alligator Leatherhead as a witness, a dangerous assignment that left them both battered. When it became necessary to fetch other witnesses to Neutrino, Zak piloted the spacecraft that took the Turtles to their various destinations.

During the trial, the Malignoid swarm attacked Neutrino, and Zak piloted his spacecraft against the aliens.

He is easily the most excitable of the three main Neutrino soldiers, once shooting a monitor out of anger towards Krang.


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