The Time-travellin' Teen From Dimension X!

Vital Zaktistics

Accessories: Hyper Hoverboard, Time-travellin' Laser with Power Pack
Favorite Hangout: Dimension X Drive-in
Favorite Junk Food: Zwinkles (available only in Dimension X)
Age: 6 Trillion Years-old in Dimension X (that's 14 for you and me!)

He's cool; he's cosmic, he's Zak, the Neutrino! This totally tubular teenager from Dimension X is bustin' loose and bustin' baddies. He's a dimension hoppin', time-travellin' teen who tours with the Turtles, searchin' the skies and sewers for fiendish Foot fools. Zak's friends, Kala and Dask, help him hang ten in Dimension X as they foil Krang, the Foot-friendly, nasty noggin nemesis. No one can perturb and pester Krang better than Zak. Sporting his hyper hoverboard, Zak likes to dip 'n dive and buzz 'n blast past Krang's cranium cart. And when the goin' gets rough, Zak takes off for another dimension using his time-travellin' laser. No one can stop Zak - he's one time-travellin' teen who takes his time - literally.

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