You Win Some, You Shoe Some!

You Win Some, You Shoe Some! is a backup story printed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures issue #7.


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The previous night, the turtles and Casey had managed to chase Bebop and Rocksteady off a construction site. But in the process, Casey's feet landed in some curing concrete, and he had to abandon his shoes to free himself. The turtles made fun of Casey for losing his shoes.

Today, after the turtles come out of their training session in the dōjō, they find Casey asking everyone to notice what's different about him. Leonardo guesses Casey got a new haircut. Donatello guesses Casey's mustache is finally growing in. Raphael guesses that Casey's hoodie has gotten dirtier. Michelangelo guesses that Casey lost another tooth. All of these guesses are wrong, and Casey angrily tells them he got a new pair of shoes. Mikey goes into fashionista mode, examining the shoes and commenting on their design, durability and tread—Mikey knows a lot about shoes for someone who never wears any. Donnie comments that they don't wear shoes because of their own feet are durable enough to go barefoot. But this gives Donnie an idea, and he decides to design shoes for the four of them. Leo points out that, as ninja, they must remain quiet, so the shoes should be as quiet as possible. Raph points out that the shoes need to be strong enough for kicking. Mikey just wants the shoes to look great.

Only a few hours later, Donnie has miraculously finished designing and constructing four matching pairs of shoes, conveniently color-coded to their masks. The turtles model their new shoes as Donnie reassures them they've been designed for stealth, power, style and smarts. The turtles and Casey decide to head out on a patrol with all of them wearing their new shoes.

It isn't long before the group discovers Hun and the Purple Dragons breaking into and robbing a shoe store. The two groups face off in combat, with Hun landing the first hit as he swiftly kicks Donnie's face. Raph plants a hard kick to Sid's groin, then quickly realizes that his foot has already broken clear through the shoe's sole, but the distraction of examining his own shoe has given Hun the opportunity to bring Raph down with another kick. Mikey is easily pummeling Tsoi, but stops when he realizes his shoes are already showing wear and are no longer as beautiful as when he first put them on earlier in the day, and this distraction gives Hun yet another opportunity to land a hit, bringing Mikey down with yet another kick. Leo is still standing and tries to sneak up behind Hun, but his shoe's new rubber sole squeaks with one of the steps, giving away his position and allowing Hun to bring Leo down with a fierce punch. With the four turtles recoiling from their attacks, only Casey is left standing. Casey calls on the turtles to keep fighting. The four turtles take off their shoes and return to battle holding their shoes in their hands. Using the shoes and shoelaces as improvised weapons, they manage to land many hits on Hun, finally incapacitating him. Casey and the turtles finally tie up Hun and the Purple Dragons and leave, the turtles without their shoes.

Back in the lair, Donnie admits that he didn't adequately evaluate the shoes before the turtles took them into combat. Leo apologizes to Casey for making fun of him losing his shoes, and speculates that it would be easier to fight wearing shoes after enough training. Casey reassures the turtles that shoes are meant to be broken in and worn out.


Mikey's blue shoes

Mikey wearing blue shoes.

  • The turtles' shoes are color-coded the same color as each of their masks. However, in one panel, Mikey's shoes are blue instead of orange.


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