Max Winters
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Maximilian "Max" Winters

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around 1000 B.C.

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Multimillionaire businessman

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2007 film

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Patrick Stewart

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"Arise my brothers. Arise dear sister. The Stars of Kicaan align. All ye generals wake from your stone slumber!

-Yaotl / Max Winters as he reawakens his siblings/generals"

Yaotl, alias Max Winters, is an immortal warlord from 1000 B.C. that appeared in the 2007 film TMNT as a former antagonist who had originally been the leader of the film's main antagonists, the Stone Generals.


In 1000 B.C., Yaotl lead a merciless brotherhood who was poised to conquer the world. During an attack on a Central American city, Yaotl learned of a constellation known as the Stars of Kicaan, which would align every three thousand years to open a portal to another world. He became immortal but the price was costly, for his four generals were turned to stone and Thirteen Monsters were released, decimating their army and their opponents.

For the three millennia, Yaotl soon realized that his immortality was a curse and sought to rid himself of it to redeem for all the atrocities he had done. By the 21st century, he went under the name of Max Winters and founded Winters Corp, a corporation that specializes in multiple fields. He had April O'Neil locate the Stone Generals and had hired the Foot Clan under Karai be his eyes and ears and keep watch for some "friends" coming to New York, which were actually the thirteen monsters. He placed devices on his generals, reviving them and had them capture the monsters. But Aquila was concerned that they will lose their immortality and plotted with the others against him.

Upon the next alignment, Winters realizes that his generals had betrayed him by placing Leonardo in the last monster's place. They knock him from the balcony and when he came to, he thought he was seeing "giant turtles" with April, who knew about the portal and thought he was unleashing more monsters. At that time, he revealed to them his true intentions to send all thirteen monsters back to undo the damage he caused. As for his Generals, they had other ideas; they planned to use the portal to unleash a new army of monsters to finish their conquest on Earth. No longer bound to serve Winters anymore, the Generals demanded the Foot to serve them; but the Foot were honor-bound to serve Winters and instead helped April and Casey Jones locate the last monster while the Turtles fought against the Generals and Winters and Splinter ward off any monster coming through the portal. Eventually, Casey and April bring in the thirteenth monster, who began sliding towards the combatants and Winters saves the Turtles by pushing them out of the way as the thirteenth monster slammed itself and the Generals into the portal, thus ending the curse for good. Winters is extremely happy that he's mortal once again and thanks the Turtles, informing them that they made a very old man "very happy" and disintegrates peacefully before their eyes, along with his armor. His helmet, which he did not wear, was placed in the Turtles' lair by Splinter to remind them of his great redemption.


  • Yaotl is Nahuatl for the word "warrior".

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