Yōkai (妖怪) are a class of supernatural or paranormal being in Japanese culture, myth, and religions. Species and groupings of yōkai are massively diverse, and run from beasts to demons to spirits. Their motives, appearances, and abilities are just as diverse.

Since many of the characters in TMNT are from and/or visit Japan, yōkai feature occasionally in various incarnations.

Yōkai in TMNT


  • The Ninja Turtles themselves are mistaken for kappa in multiple incarnations, usually by the people of feudal Japan.

TMNT Adventures

  • Given her Japanese name and status as a sea serpent, Umihaha may be based on the ikuchi.

2003 TV series

IDW comics

  • Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. Foxes were considered yōkai and were portrayed as magical tricksters.
  • Ocho is noted to be a mole yōkai, and a former human.
  • Like Kitsune and tanuki, Namazu is just the Japanese word for a common animal (catfish, in this case), but they were given yōkai status and powers through myth. Namazu in myth, like here, created earthquakes.

2012 TV series

  • Joroguma is based on jorōgumo, a half-woman, half-spider creature who could disguise herself as a beautiful woman.
  • While tanuki are a real animal (the Japanese raccoon dog), there were myths surrounding them regarding their motivations, personality anthropomorphism, and powers, which are displayed here.

2012 video games

2014 film

Rise of the TMNT

Yōkai in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a special common origin, having been mutated in ancient times by Krang's empyrean. That society of yōkai continued to develop underground in the Hidden City.

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