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TMNT Y'Lyntias
Y'Lyntias is a sunken continent and the original home of the Y'Lyntians, and at the same time the origin of the myth of Atlantis. It is not directly seen in the 2003 series but is described in numerous flashbacks.


Millennia ago, Y'Lyntias was a continent in the middle of the Atlantic, inhabited by a people called Y'Lyntians. At first, Y'Lyntias was similar to all other kingdoms of its time, until one day several large fragments of a crystal that could store cosmic energy fell from space onto their island, with the largest chunk on the highest mountain on the continent, Mount Timaeus, came to rest. The Y'Lyntians learned to use this energy; their technological development took a big step forward, allowing them to build a Utopia and take control of the world.

However, this paradise also had its dark side: in order to do no more physical work, the Y'Lyntians began to enslave other human tribes. But as the new workers could not perform all the necessary tasks, the unfortunates were eventually turned into a series of creatures by the Crystal: either in Merpeople to work underwater and gather food, winged Avians to guard, scout, and to serve flying workers, and other creatures for heavy physical work.

Eventually, however, the humans had enough and rebelled against the tyranny of the Y'Lyntians. As they began to defend themselves with the crystal, their mutated slaves also rose. The solar crystal was destroyed when its own energy was reflected back on it, and the island of Y'Lyntias sank in the sea. Over the following centuries and millennia, the name was slightly distorted until the legend of Atlantis was born.

Some Y'Lyntians managed to escape the destruction of their homeland, along with some of the remnants of the solar crystal. With these, they founded new colonies along the Atlantic coast, but without their superiority, they feared the wrath of humans and therefore built these new colonies underground. One such colony, New Y'Lyntias , was built deep under the foundations of New York. From there, the archmage and his people attempted , through a ritual and the power of their moon crystal, to bring the sunken Y'Lyntias back to the earth's surface and regain control of the earth. But this mad plan was taken by the Turtles and the temperate Y'Lyntierin Versallia thwarted; New Y'Lyntias was destroyed and prevented the resurrection of ancient Y'Lyntias.

The position of the sunken continent


Thanks to the energy-storing crystals described earlier, which once rained from space on Y'Lyntis, the Y'Lyntians created a highly technological culture. They knew hover vehicles, railways, and skiffs, similar to their equivalents of our time. Much more detail about their everyday technology is not known. The star chamber on Y'Lyntias A special feature of the continent was its highest mountain, Mount Timaeus, on which the solar crystal was situated. A special chamber, called the Star Chamber, had been erected on the top of a palace or temple, which lay directly at the foot of the mountain and contained one or more larger lumps of crystal. This special positioning enabled the sun crystal to be captured and concentrated, with the help of which the members of the y'lynt high council were able to undertake numerous projects, including the transformation of human slaves into inhumane servants who met the needs of the Y'Lyntians in their own lives new shape could serve better. A similar chamber was also directly under the moon crystal in the underground New Y'Lyntias.​​



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