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Xeinos, also known as Dr. X, is the Utrom scientist with the Techno Cosmic Research Institute who discovered the baby alligator who would become Leatherhead. During the destruction of TCRI, the rest of the Utroms went through the transmat back to the Utrom homeworld, but Dr. X remained with Leatherhead, living together with him in the Sewers of New York City.


  • The Classical Greek word ξεῖνος (xeînos) is a poetic form of the word ξένος (xénos), meaning "foreigner" or "alien". In the poetic sense, it can mean "foreign friend" or "alien friend." This is fitting of Dr. Xeinos, who continues to live on Earth as Leatherhead's friend even after her fellow Utroms at TCRI have returned to their homeworld.