Xaava-Dal is the home planet of the Aeons.


Centuries ago, the Utrom Bishop arrived on Xaava-Dal entrusted a fragment of the Heart of Darkness to the Aeons for safekeeping. Having never allowed technology on Xaava-Dal, the Aeons became intrigued by the fragment, so much that they began to worship the fragment. However, as a result, it caused them to lock their Sol Star away and become corrupted, turning them into demonic versions of themselves, as well as corrupting their planet.

When the Turtles and the Triceratons came to Xaava-Dal in search of the fragment, the corrupted Aeons attacked both sides. As the Triceratons got away with the fragment, April finds the Sol Star and returns it to its rightful place atop the pyramid, restoring the Aeons and their world to their pure form. In gratitude, the Aeons give April a piece of the Sol Star to provide her with luck and power.


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