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Wyrm archie
Biographical information

City dump


Sucking life-force
Able to split into smaller wyrms

Weapon(s) of choice

Parasitic tongue

Physical description

Mutant Flatworm




183 lbs. (with open mouth)

Hair color

Green, Purple, Black, Brown

Eye color

Black, Brown, Red

Out of universe information



Archie Comics

First appearance

Issue 10

Teachers and Students

Wyrm is an antagonist from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures .


When Rocksteady and Bebop dumped Shredder's Mutagen into the sewer, it affected a Norwegian flatworm.

When the mutant exterminator Scumbug fought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he quickly found competition in the mutant flatworm now calling itself Wyrm. Wyrm proved itself to be the stronger of the two and overpowered the exterminator. However, while Wyrm was fighting Scumbug in knee-deep sewer water, they both were electrocuted by nearby power lines knocked down by their fight.

Wyrm reappeared in issue 59. When reporters Squint and McIntyre were exploring the exploded tunnels, they find a wounded Scumbag, barely clinging to life and covered in tiny Wyrms. Upon encountering new prey, the Wyrms reform back into the regular-sized mutant and advance on the reporters, while Scumbug recovers and moves to exterminate the "roaches."

As Wyrm and Scumbug chased the fleeing reporters, they encountered the Turtles fighting the alien villain Toxzeem. The two mutants decided to attack Toxzeem, but the alien simply zapped with this crystal gun, turning them into crystal statues.

Wyrmm was planned to re-appear in the Forever War storyline before the comic's cancellation.


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