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Hypercube (prison)


Reality Bending


One of the Three Reality Bending Creator of Chaos

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Purple Worms

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2012 TV series

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The Weird World of Wyrm

Voiced by

Dwight Schultz

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"Hello, hello my friends! Great to see ya, nice to meet ya, let me greet ya! You can call me... Wyrm!"

Wyrm is one of the three reality bending creators of chaos who were put in fifth dimensional prisons millennia ago and scattered through out the cosmos.


Wyrm is one of the three reality bending creators of chaos who were put in fifth dimensional prisons millennia ago and scattered through out the cosmos. Granting three wishes is the only way to free the Wyrm from his prison permanently.

He is also the most powerful Wyrm in ten dimensions.

Wyrm has three rules:

  1. Wyrm only grants three wishes, so if needed, you'll have to share it with others.
  2. You can't wish for more wishes.
  3. You can never ever wish to hurt a Wyrm.


Wyrm is really inpatient and short tempered, although at first he might seem cool and funny, Wyrm, as the creator of chaos that he is, likes to do things his own way.


Wyrm only has enemies and as he doesn't work well with others and only wants to bring chaos to the universe The entire universe is his enemy.

However, during the events of The Weird World of Wyrm, Wyrm forges a temporary alliance with Casey Jones, before Casey wishes that they never found the hypercube, effectively undoing Wyrm's chaos and trapping him once more within the hypercube.


Wyrm has a huge oyster-like head with worm/anemone-like "hair" and a tentacle for his left leg, while the rest of his body seems more humanoid than anything.

He has two rows of teeth, the top row are big and square, while the bottom row are small and sharp.

Wyrm wears a green suit with yellow ornaments and red gloves.


  • This version of Wyrm shares a few similarities with DC Comics' Mr. Mxyzptlk, as both are reality-bending creatures inclined to spread chaos, besides the fact that in the Superman Returns video game Mr. Mxyzptlk is also voiced by Dwight Shultz, as he appears as a narrator to the mini-games menu.
  • This episode is near-identical to the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! episode "Meet the Wigglenog", which was, ironically enough, Also written by Brandon Auman. In which the space travelers inadvertently release a reality warping villain that can only be released by granting 3 wishes. The events of the episode are then undone by a character (Otto in SRMTHFG, Casey in TMNT) who is granted super intelligence, and then fakes joining with the villain, only to wish the events for the majority of the episode never happened.
    • When Fugitoid describes Wyrm's past, there is even a picture of the Wigglenog on his holographic projections.
  • Wyrm's statement that he is the most powerful Wyrm in ten dimensions, also references the fact that in "Newtralized!" the Newtralizer said there were ten known dimensions.
    • It is also alluded to in Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady when Krang mentions that with his newfound power, he will become "ruler of the 10 dimensions".



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