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1987 TV series

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David Wise

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Maurice LaMarche

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Winston Fripp, also known by his supervillain name Chronos, is a character in the 1987 animated series, in the episode Split-Second. At some point in the past, Fripp had stolen a large sum of money from the city treasury and been apprehended by the Turtles. However, they left him trussed inside the City Hall clock tower, and he was driven insane by the sound of the clock.

He later came into the employ of Lord Dregg, renaming himself Chronos, and set up a device on a rooftop that disrupted every clock in the city. He then broke into an antique timepiece museum and left a message for the Turtles, luring them to an old steel mill. The Turtles had no memory of Chronos or what he wanted revenge for, but they soon learned that he had arranged two different crimes at the same time.

This was actually a diversion, as both crimes were actually elaborate traps. He was actually tracking down Splinter at the lair and taking him hostage.

After forcing the Turtles to surrender, Chronos arranged concussion explosives throughout the city, intending to wreck and loot it personally. The master control was placed in the City Hall clock tower, where the Turtles caught up with him. They successfully trussed him up once more and left him among the clock gears, gibbering with laughter. Dregg came to find him, and handed him over to authorities, taking credit for his apprehension on the news.

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