Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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[If you look back far enough, you can see that there was a time when things were good.]

[There was no need for ninja.]

[In every walk of life there was peace and contentment.]

[But then a darkness came.]


[And Japan's cultural spirit began to spiral out of balance.]


[In the absence of conflict, the ruling classes became obsessed over ever-increasing displays of etiquette and pageantry.]

[And in time, these exaggerated ideas of honor and nobility became more important than life itself.]

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[The samurai, were the embodiment of the contradictions that ruled feudal Japan.]

[Steeped in a highly stylized nobility, the samurai pledged complete devotion to their masters...]

[...Who in turn would unleash their samurai warriors with reckless abandon over the slightest of perceived insults.]


[The bushido code, however, required that the samurai adhere to a strict set of ethics while on the field of battle.]

[The honor that samurai gave their enemies made them noble adversaries, but also limited the tactical advantages they could achieve.]

[This could easily turn skirmishes into quagmires.]

[In effect, the samurai were good at starting wars, but ineffectual at ending them.]

[As such, ninjutsu developed in the voids created by honor and loyalty.]

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[You see, while the samurai valued honor and loyalty above all else, the ninja only valued accomplishing their mission.]

[That meant that sneak attacks, assassination, poison, and even seduction were all fair game.]

[By all means necessary and at any cost, that was the code of the ninja.]


[And once these guerrilla tactics were let loose on the field of battle, Pandora's box could never be closed again.]

[If you were unwilling to use the services of the ninja, you could be sure your enemy wouldn't be so squeamish.]

[As a result, the samurai feared and hated the ninja, yet could not wage war without them.]

[To the samurai, the ninja represented the opposite of everything they stood for.]

[But to the ninja, the samurai only represented the past.]

[A vestigial tail, reminding them of their lowly origins.]

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[Bushido, however, did give the samurai a code to hide behind, allowing their violent existence to be tempered by a certain sense of wisdom and serenity.]

[...The ninja were given no such reprieve.]


[Their workman-like dedication to getting the job done sometimes meant doing the unthinkable.]


[Knives are not easily placed in people's backs.]


[And once there, they cannot easily be taken out again.]

[In taking on the jobs that no one else would, the ninja will forever carry the weight of humanity's sins.]

[They came from the void to return balance...]

[...And to the void they must return.]

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