Wesley Knight
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Advanced high-tech weapons


Colonel in the service of the US government


Dark Water

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1987 TV series

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State of Shock

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David Wise

Voiced by

Kevin Schon

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Colonel Wesley Knight is a character in the 1987 TMNT cartoon. He leads the Dark Water force and appears in the State of Shock episode.[1]


Wesley Knight is the director of Dark Water, an extremely secret special forces unit of the U.S. government, and the former supervisor of the agent Alex Winter, who was selected as a test subject for the super soldier program "Operation Ultima". Officially, however, the experiment was considered a failure and Winter was considered to be deceased. What Knight did not know, however, was that Winter was still alive and had vanished into the underground, only to return as the super villain Megavolt.

Megavolt began a series of raids that were attributed to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mainly because the culprits were ninjas who Megavolt had hired for his purposes. Knight received the order to capture the Turtles, but they were able to escape him first. The Turtles infiltrated Megavolt's gang to find out his plan, but were captured by Dark Water. At first, they tried in vain to convince Colonel Knight that Winter - who Knight considered to be a hero who had died in the service of his country - was responsible for the attacks. It was only April O'Neil, who coincidentally happened to have detailed background information about Dark Water, could convince Knight of his fallacy. Together, the Turtles and Dark Water finally arrested Megavolt. Although Knight, in his official capacity, was still obliged to bring in the Turtles, he let them escape and promised them his support, should they ever need help.


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