Werewolves also known as Lykantroph (from the Greek λυκάνθρωπος: "Wolfmensch"), are according to old folklore, humans who have been cursed to transform into a wolf or human-wolf form, usually during the night of a full Moon being visible from Earth.

TMNT apperances


  • In the short story "The Howl" Raphael gets involved with a werewolf.
  • "Darkness Weaves" - Lilith, a singer that Shadow Jones goes to see in concert, is revealed to be a werewolf, transforming several of the concert goers into werewolves themselves by getting them to drink her blood, including Shadow's friend Sloane.
  • "Raphael: Bad Moon Rising" - Raphael and Shadow find themselves dealing with the werewolves of Lilith's Sisterhood.
  • On another occasion, Raphael will go into an alternative future in which the King of Thieves has gained control of the local werewolf population, and Michelangelo has been transformed into a monstrous mixture of a turtle and a werewolf.

1987-1996 series

Archie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures

  • Dreadmon is a werewolf-like creature. He was a teenager from South Africa who grew up in Jamaica and who kept himself alive with theft, until one day he stole a magical talisman that gave him his Werewolf shape. Dreadmon is also equipped with super speed.
  • Monsterex is a creature that is a hybrid of vampire, werewolf, Gill-Man, and Frankenstein's Monster.

2012 series


  • Leo as the Wolfman (based on the 1941 film The Wolf Man) was released in 1993. This figure was part of a tribute project to classic horror films, titled Universal Studios Monsters.
  • In 2017, a Werewolf Mikey action figure was released.