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New York City





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Dirty blonde (younger)

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Out of universe information

Back to the Sewer

First appearance

Incredible Shrinking Serling

Created by

Robert David

Voiced by

Sean Schemmel

Teachers and Students

Wendell was the owner of Wendell's World and one of the first humans to encountered the Ninja Turtles and Splinter when they were young.

Serling unveils his makeshift Time Portal made out of archaic technology, intending to return to 2105. But it backfires, altering space instead of time, shrinking him down to a few inches tall. The time portal takes him to an undisclosed time. He blasts Wendall toy soldier before another portal takes him to what seems like the present. But much to his horror, he arrived to when the Turtles were toddlers.

He attempts to make his getaway only to be hit by a car. Its driver Wendall calls Serling his "cherished" while being dazzled by something about Serling and drives away.

The car arrives at Wendell's World, owned by the man himself, and he is reveals that he's Wendell, the boy whose toy got destroyed by Serling. Since he saw him eighty years ago, Wendell thinks Serling is at least that old. He becomes obsessed with Serling, believing that he has discovered the rarest finding on Earth. He is determined to find out how he works, and then reproduce him. As his dissection tools are about to cut Serling open, the Turtles manage to find the secret lab beneath and save Serling.

Angry that they would take his "cherished", Wendell activates a number of toy robots, with faces based on Serling. Serling uses toys to smash his look-alikes. Just as the Turtles are about to leave, Wendell unleashes a more life-sized robot on them. Splinter then arrives, but even he is no match for the robot. Serling manages to covertly take out its batteries, deactivating the robot.

Splinter chastises his sons for revealing themselves to the surface and notes that Wendell's obsession has become his undoing. Donatello spots an inert Serling and decide to give him to Wendell, but, just as he lets Serling go, Wendell decides to let go of his obsession and promises not to tell anyone about the turtles.

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