The front cover of the VHS tape.

We Wish You a Turtle Christmas is a 25-minute, live-action Christmas special released direct-to-video in October 1994.


It's Christmas Eve and the Ninja Turtles have accidentally forgotten to get Splinter a gift. The Turtles argue about who was supposed to get the gift. Unfortunately, the stores are closing so they don't have much time.

The Turtles go above the surface, apparently undisguised, and decorate a tree in Times Square. Michaelangelo sings some opera much to the others' annoyance.

After Mikey stops singing, they go to a store to buy the gift. They suggest comic books, video games, and yo-yos, but end up buying a framed plastic pizza. While wrapping the gift, they sing the Wrap Rap.

Splinter accepts the gift and compliments his students for their thoughtfulness and giving spirit. Splinter invites his sons and a bunch of children, who he apparently invited over for Christmas, to sing his own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.


(observes Mikey staring at a Christmas Tree)

Raph: Oh no. He's turning into that opera guy again!


Contains some of the same music as the "Coming Out of Their Shells" tour.

  1. "We're the Turtles"
  2. "Deck the Halls"
  3. "Up From the Sewer"
  4. "Gotta Get a Gift"
  5. "Oh Little City of New York"
  6. "Wrap Rap"
  7. "Twelve Days of Christmas"
  8. "We Wish You a Turtle Christmas"


Animation/Special Effect Errors

  • The glowing effect placed over the manhole covers in the intro goes under the car as planned, but clips right through the tires.
  • There are many times where a Turtle would talk or sing, but his mouth would either stay shut or move completely out of sync with the words.

Continuity/Logic Errors

  • During the gift hunt, one of the Turtles sings "Six yellow yo-yos..", but Michaelangelo is only holding 5.


  • According to the "Twelve Days of Christmas", Splinter receives the following presents:
    • 12 April O' Neil autographs;
    • 11 pairs of sneakers;
    • 10 yellow yo-yos;
    • 9 narrow neckties;
    • 8 chopsticks;
    • 7 silk'kimonos;
    • 6 frisbees;
    • 5 video games;
    • 4 manhole covers;
    • 3 skateboards;
    • 2 comic books;
    • And a pizza with pep-per-on-i!,
  • In certain parts of the show (usually when the Turtles sing), Michaelangelo can be seen wearing a long, white scarf, probably so people can tell him and Raph apart.
  • There are times when zips can be seen around the Turtles masks on screen.
  • In this movie, the turtles are seen to be wearing shoes.
  • This is the first time the Turtles rap.


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