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Warren Stone



Current Occupant


Anchorman (by Baron Draxum)
Worm man (by Baron Draxum)


Super strength (formerly from Charlotte)
Lightning bolt projection (formerly from Charlotte)

Weapon(s) of choice

Charlotte (formerly)


News anchor (formerly)
Magical assistant

Physical description

Human-born mutant earthworm



Eye color

Black (as a human)
Red (as a mutant)

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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Warren Stone is a news anchor who was mutated into a worm. He is a recurring adversary and self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of the Turtles and the roommate and love interest of Hypno-Potamus.

Physical Appearance


As a human, Warren Stone was a white man with straight blonde hair styled in a pompadour, black eyes, tan skin, and a thin figure. He wore a bright blue suit paired with a pink dress shirt and a pink-purple tie.


Warren Stone is a mutant earthworm with straight blonde hair styled in a pompadour, red eyes, thick black eyebrows, fuchsia skin with pink and purple stripes, and a diminutive stature. He wears a bright blue single-button blazer.


Warren is self-obsessed and loves receiving attention, seen kissing his own reflection and continuously admiring a bust of himself. As such, he believes himself to be the Turtles' greatest nemesis and thinks that he is far more intimidating and important than he truly is. Due to the high regard he holds himself in, Warren is easily angered and insulted by others ignoring or demeaning him.

Warren is confident and has an indomitable will, relentlessly trying to encounter the Turtles to challenge them and going to considerable lengths to save Hypno-Potamus when Baron Draxum holds him hostage. He can be deceptive and callous, lying to and betraying April O'Neil despite her known admiration for him. Warren has a flair for the dramatic shown in the way he speaks, moves, and generally views his life.

Without a much desired audience, Warren often monologues to himself and can easily get lonely as shown in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree". However, Warren does have the capacity to care for others as seen in his loyalty to Hypno.


Warrren debuted in "Newsworthy". Before his mutation, he was a famous newscaster. He followed the Turtles during their missions, declaring himself as their "greatest foe" despite their lack of awareness of his existence. While the Turtles were attempting to trap Hypno, he trapped Raphael in his "goop trap", which the Turtles found more annoying than frightening. Warren was cut in half by Leonardo after he attacked him and after regenerating his body, he purchased a mystic gemstone that enhanced his physique from a shop owned by a disguised mutant named Clem. He lured the Turtles to a TV studio to attack them, however, he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Hypno, who cut him in half. He was completely ignored in the resulting fight, but when Hypno-Potamus was about to kill Michelangelo, Warren intervened, declaring that he would allow no one else to kill the Turtles. In doing so, he sacrificed the gemstone to defeat Hypno and regained his natural appearance.

Warren reappeared in the museum in "Stuck on You," attempting to take the Turtles by surprise; however, they were too distracted by the Foot Clan, mutant silverfish, and Hypno to pay attention to him. Throughout the fight, Warren was either crushed or used as rope to retie the Turtles together. At the end of the conflict, he gained a gauntlet that was, unbeknownst to him, part of the very sought after Kuroi Yōroi, which was almost taken by the Foot Clan. The gauntlet, which he would come to name Charlotte, gave him the ability to fire bolts of lightning from it.

Warren became a member of the Evil League of Mutants and struck an employee of the hotel the meeting took place at with lightning to the approval of everyone in attendance. He tried to fight the Turtles later that night in the ambush organized by Draxum, but was merely stepped on by Mikey while he was fighting Repo Mantis.

Warren was a contestant in Big Mama's demolition derby in "Turtle-dega Nights: The Ballad of Rat Man", but lost to Donatello, Mikey, and Splinter.

In "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree", Warren Stone was experimenting with a cannon that would be a part of one of Hypno's magic acts. Warren fought using Charlotte when Draxum when he broke into him and Hypno's apartment. He snuck into the nearby Turtle Tank and accidentally engaged its nitro boosters, sending him and the Mad Dogs to a park. He was then trapped and interrogated by the Mad Dogs and after confessing how much Hypno means to him, he was able to convince them to help save him. Once they arrived at Draxum's rendezvous spot, Warren suddenly revealed the Mad Dogs' presence, blowing their stealth operation and exchanging them for Hypno instead of Charlotte. However, in a twist of events, Warren was hypnotized by Hypno after freeing him and ordered him to relinquish Charlotte to Draxum. In the end, Warren was saved by Hypno and the Mad Dogs despite his loss of the gauntlet.


  • Regrowth: Due to his mutation, Warren can grow back severed body parts, however, this process takes several days and is quite painful.
  • Durability: Warren can experience a high threshold of physical trauma without lasting repercussions such as when he is accidentally flattened under Mikey's foot in "The Evil League of Mutants" and fully recovers.


Friends and Allies

  • Mezmer-Ron / Hypno-Potamus: Warren interfered with Hypno's attempt to kill the Turtles in "Newsworthy", managing to hypnotize him using his mystic gemstone as a reflector, and was annoyed by him not knowing the Turtles' names, thinking him to be a poor villian. The two of them became allies when they both joined the Evil League of Mutants. By the episode "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree", Warren has befriended Hypno and moved in with him. While they characterize their relationship as "friends slash roomies", it is heavily implied that they are also dating, visibly treating each other in a romantic way with kisses, nicknames, extended snuggles, and proclamations of love. Warren silently allows Hypno to shirk his chore duties at home according to Hypno.


  • The Mad Dogs: Warren despises the Mad Dogs and tirelessly tries to eliminate them despite his one-sided relationship with them. He often calls the Turtles "teenage mutant loser turtles".
    • Donatello: Donnie is Warren's self-proclaimed nemesis. The only one who has remembered anything about him, but usually does not appear to care enough to comment on it.
    • Leonardo: Leo is Warren's self-proclaimed nemesis and once cut him in half, but usually forgets everything about him, though.
    • April O'Neil: After learning that April is a big fan of his, Warren tried to order April to free Hypno from Draxum's control. Warren made her his enemy after she cut off his arm to give away Charlotte to Draxum despite her saving his life.
    • Michelangelo: Mikey is Warren's self-proclaimed nemesis. Mikey usually forgets everything about him, though.
    • Raphael: Raph is Warren's self-proclaimed nemesis. Raph usually forgets everything about him, though.
  • Baron Draxum: Warren invited himself to the Evil League of Mutants recruitment meeting, much to Draxum's confusion, but was accepted as member. He fought Draxum to reunite with Hypno and called him a "horn-headed freak" in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree".
  • Huginn & Muninn: Huginn and Muninn helped Draxum orchestrate his possession of the Kuroi Yōroi's gauntlet.
  • Carly Balmaceda: Carly used to be Warren's co-worker at a New York City news station, but has since all but forgotten about him after his disappearance, leaving Warren feeling bitter towards her.



  • Warren's catchphrase is "Breaking news".
  • Warren is one of the few villain mutants in the series not given a catchy nickname, likely to emphasize how oblivious the cast is to him.
    • He is occasionally referred to by other villains as simply "Anchorman".