Splinter wielding the War Staff.

The War Staff of Ultimate Power is a weapon of great power, capable of moving space. It appears in the 2003 TV series.


The Daimyo uses the War Staff to command the Battle Nexus. Whenever there is trouble in his realm, he would use the staff to stop evil. He first used it to stop Drako and his assassins from killing Splinter. The Staff was later stolen by the Ultimate Ninja and Drako. Drako tried to grab the War Staff but the Ninja anticipated the move and tried to use the Staff but had no knowledge to control it and it rejected him; Drako had been studying its ways and used it against its inheritor. But his dark heart caused the Staff to open a dimension wound that would destroy everything. Despite attempts to save them, Drako and the Ultimate Ninja fall into the rift before the Daimyo could close it.

In "The Real World, Part 2", when Leonardo and Usagi returned to the Battle Nexus, they stole the War Staff in an attempt to summon the former's family across space and time where Ultimate Drako banished them. However, Ultimate Drako, disguised as the Gyoji thwarted all his attempts before revealing himself, stealing the War Staff, and used its powers with that of the Time Scepter, Ultimate Drako to send both Leonardo and Miyamoto Usagi to a dimension where they faced unending hordes of fierce warriors. As Ultimate Drako watches Leo struggle, he uses the War Staff and Time Scepter to summon the Daimyo and Splinter. Splinter managed to grab onto the War Staff. As they fight over possession of the staff, Splinter somehow activates its powers. Splinter summons his sons to him. The Ninja Turtles and Splinter separate the War Staff and Time Scepter. The latter object read everyone's thoughts, with help from the War Staff, separated the Ultimate Ninja from Drako. They then both turned to stone and crumbled to dust.


The War Staff is capable of bending space and time, able to transport people to other dimensions, as well as extract others from alternate timelines, futures, and realities. In it's original appearance, it gives off a light blue light, but its light corrupts to red in the hands of an evil heart. In later appearances, its light is red no matter who uses it.

However, the War Staff is nearly alive, for those who handle such power find it may fight against them if it disapproves of them. Only those who have studied it can control it. Unfortunately, its power is focused through the heart: one who wields it with an evil heart can accidentally open a dimensional wound that will consume all it touches. Only a good heart can use the staff to close it.


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