Part 1: Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady

It all started in the 1987 dimenston]

80s Shredder: I've had it with these blasted Turtles, Kraang.

80s Kraang:We need to power up the Technodrome and finally conquer this miserable world! I fixed the transmat device and have siphoned just enough power to teleport us.

80s Bebop: I can't believe those Turtles recognized our disguises as little old ladies.

80 Rocksteady: They don't fight fair! The boss is gonna be mad.

80 Bebop: Aw, no. Shredder! Um, boss? Shredder?

80s Shredder:What are you doing, you bag of brains? Hello? We'll need those morons for this mission.

80s Shredder:What is this? I feel so solid. Where did you take us, you alien ignoramus?

80s Kraang: Earth 7, a world parallel to our own. A dimension ripe for conquering.

80s Bebop: Does this mean we're fired?

80s Leo:What's wrong, boys? Lost your mommy and daddy?

80s Mikey:Prepare for the shellacking! Cowabunga!

80s Leo:Talk, you two! Where's the Technodrome? Where did Shredder and Kraang go?

Ryan: It can't be! How did you get here, Evil Me?

Evil Crankshaw:We came from a mirror dimension to warn you all.

Evil Ryan:You, Captain Ryan, are the evil one, not I.

Crankshaw Jr:[GASPS.] That explains everything. What are we going to do [SMACK.]

Ryan:Just this! Beam them back, Scronus.

Evil Crankshaw:I'm evil?

Evil Ryan:Try looking at yourself in the mirror now.

Mikey: [sigh.] We've seen the Evil Captain Ryan episode five times already!

Raph: You said it, little brother. And this show's way better than the original.

Mikey:Hey, that's my Crocklodoll!

Donnie:An anti-gravity calzone maker might not be the most practical invention. Maybe a new robo-training dummy that Raph can't destroy in five minutes? Think, D. What's your next Stealth Bike or Turtle Mech or Patrol Buggy? Face it, without some crazy, weekly threat, there's just no point.

Leo: I don't get it, Master Splinter. I've been meditating for weeks and I still don't feel any enlightenment or higher plane or anything. I didn't think peace could be so dull.

[In Rocksteady's warehouse]

Bebop:Come on Whoa! Dang, Steranko, were you born in a barn? You can't leave your weapons and nasty underwear on the floor, dog! And what is this? Old tissues and horn shavings?

Rocksteady:Is not my fault! You too picky with apartment, so we stuck in my warehouse.

Bebop: Nobody wants to rent to a mutant warthog and rhino, and we're broke! We're down to our last moldy ketchup and cockroaches again. We need jobs!

Rocksteady:Chill like the ice, ice, baby, Comrade Bebop. I has it covered. Look, plenty of jobs. Telly-marketer, file clerk, fry cook, mutant warthog and rhino, receptionist

Bebop:Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Hold up, G. Go back, go back.

Rocksteady:- Eh, what, fry cook? - Eh, I do make the good latke.

Bebop: No, look. "Mutant warthog and rhino needed for temporary full-time employment, benefits included"! Hee-hee!

Rocksteady: "Heehee. " Is made for us!

Mikey:Sure you don't wanna play, Raph? I'll loan you my Beedlesaur.

Raph:At this point, I'll do anything. I'm dying for some action.

Leo:Me too. The Foot are gone. Shredder is dead. I never thought I'd miss the Kraang.

Raph:Admit it, guys, there isn't any evil left in the city.

Donnie:Whoever thought chemistry would be so underwhelming?

Leo: I'm sick of staying underground. We need to stay sharp, ninjas. Let's patrol the city anyway.

Donnie: Hmm you know, I have been picking up some weird energy readings in the Lower East Side, so I could run some new scans.

Raph:Maybe it's dangerous! I could use a little danger.

Bebop: Whoa, whoa, whoa, check it out, Rocksteady. Check it out!

80s Shredder:I don't believe it.

80s Kraang:And you said putting an ad in the paper was a waste of time. Hello. Please, sit, sit. Espresso? Caffe¨ latte? Cappuccino?

Rocksteady: Why do they look like Shredder and squishy Kraang thing?

80s Shredder:Because we are Shredder and squishy Kraang thing, you dolt!

80s Kraang: Be nice, Shredder. We're multi-dimensional counterparts of the beings you know, and you might be exactly what we're looking for.

80s Shredder: We can't use these two! This one is scrawny [GRUNTS HUFFILY.] And this one is so big and conspicuous [CHUFFS.] He's probably a bigger klutz than my Rocksteady. And his resume's in crayon!

80s Kraang:Are you crazy? These two are perfect. And I like these headshots. Bebop has range.

Bebop:Yeah, dudes, we're the best of the best.

Rocksteady:We handle any job you need.

80s Shredder:All right, you bug-brained baboons *cough* Uh, sorry. Force of habit.I we we need your help to power our Technodrome to full capacity.

80s Bebop:Then I will have the power to rule the ten dimensions!

80s Shredder:But first, we must test your prowess as minions.

80s Kraang:Yoo-hoo, Shredder. Do you really think you can take these two?

80s Shredder:It'll be like taking candy from two giant idiot babies.

Rocksteady:- You go first, comrade.

Bebop:No, no, no, no way, Rock. You're bigger. You go first.

80s Shredder:Enough! I'll take you fools together.

Rocksteady: Out of the way, Bebop!

80s Kraang:You bungling boneheads. Do you want the job or not?

Rocksteady:] Do you think you're good enough to take on the Shredder, greatest ninja of the modern age?

Bebop:Yo, you okay, Mr. Shredder?

80s Shredder: I can get up myself, you fool. I was just going easy on you, of course.

80s Kraang: Good, good! See, Saki, you can find good help these days.

Rocksteady: Does this mean we get job? Benefits?

80s Kraang: If you can take Shredder, you will make excellent minions to help us conquer the world!

Bebop:Conquer the world? Heck yeah! It'll be nice to be on the winning side for a change.

Raph:Mikey, spot any bad guys yet? [SHOUTS TRIUMPHANTLY.]

Mikey:Nada, bro. What do you got, D?

Donnie: Hmm, this is odd. I'm picking up a strange type of interdimensional portal energy, but I can't pinpoint the source.

Raph:Where's Leo? He's not picking up his T-Phone.

Theif:Empty the register! All of it!

Leo:Don't you know it's a school night? And class is in session!

Thief: Don't do it, man. I'll use this.

Leo:Beating street punks isn't as rewarding as it used to be.

Donnie: Leo, you shouldn't be taking risks like that.

Raph: Donnie has a point. What happened to "ninjas stay in the shadows"?

Leo:Shadows? Things aren't the same now. This city doesn't need us anymore.

Bebop:] Yo, baby Ivan [SWANKY MUSIC PLAYING.] We hit the big time! Snap! Look at this setup. Does this get all the cable channels?

80s Kraang: Almost a hundred.

Rocksteady: Also, we will need Wi-Fi password. Sweet Anastasia's ghost

80s Kraang: There's more where this came from.

Bebop:Ooh, we're game for whatever you got planned. Our Shredder never even paid us.

Rocksteady:Da, he just threatened to hurt us.

80s Shredder: Hmm there's something missing.

Rocksteady:- Not a bad fit.

Bebop:Old school, but pretty tight.

Rocksteady:A little too tight, especially in ears. [ALARM BLARING.]

80s Kraang: The Technodrome is alerting me of interdimensional activity. What the [CROAKS.] Those meddling Turtles followed us here!

Bebop:Whoa, now, those are freaky looking Turtles.

Rocksteady: Why is they having initials on belt buckles?

Shredder:Bebop, Rocksteady! It's time you earned your keep. Destroy those blasted Turtles once and for all! With pleasure,80 Rocksteady: Comrade Boss-Man!

Bebop:We got this, Your Spiky-ness.

80s LEo: Donatello, do you think you can find our counterparts here?

90s Raph: Come on, we don't need those posers.

80s Raph:It's just Shredder and Kraang. Piece o' cake.

80s Mikey: We should score some pizza while we're here. Antonio's is the best in any dimension, dudes.

80s Donnie: Wait, hold on. I'm picking up a unique energy signal. [GASPS.] It's the Technodrome! This way!

80s Leo:Remember, team This isn't like our home dimension. Remain stealthy. Don't let anyone see

80s Raph:Okay, Electric Boogaloo.

80s Leo: Bebop and Rocksteady?

80s Mikey:But not, dudes.

80s Donnie: And they're a lot tougher.

80s Leo:We got these guys. Turtle power!

Rocksteady:What is Is Styrofoam peanuts? Ooh, bubble wrap.

Bebop: Too slow, foolio!

80s Raph:Why don't you cool off?

80s Leo: Let us go, you creeps!

Bebop: Whoo, definitely feels good to be on the winning side of a beatdown.

Rocksteady:- Let us finish the job then, eh?

80s Raph: Wait, wait! You can't kill us. This is a kids show!

Bebop:What are you talking about?

Rocksteady:Uh, hmm... Crazy one is right. How weak and pathetic they look, da? Not very sporting.

Bebop:Fine, let's take these losers back to Shredder and Kraang. They'll know what to do with them.

80s Mikey: This is totally bogus!

Bebop: Do you Turtles ever shut up?

Mikey:[GASPS.] Oh, no!

Donnie: Slow down, Mikey. Are you sure you saw our counterparts from the other dimension?

Mikey:And Bebop and Rocksteady were there, looking like bad news, wearing dead turtle shells and everything!

Raph:Are you sure this isn't like the time you said you got chased by a chupacabra - in the sewers?

Donnie:Or when you kissed Renet back in the Wild West?

Leo: Or saw Thor eating a hot dog on Fifth Avenue?

Mikey: I kissed Renet, and it wasn't a hot dog, but I really saw the other "us" s. Bebop and Rocksteady threw them in their van and drove off towards Chinatown!

Donnie: Hmm. Chinatown, huh?

Donnie:The source must be around here somewhere.

Leo: Maybe it's coming from underground.

80 Shredder: Finally, you ugly undulates. What have you brought me?

Rocksteady:We get the freaky Turtles for you.

80s Shredder:At last! Not only do I finally have these irritating reptiles in my grasp, but they will witness my final victory over all dimensions!

80s Kraang: I think you mean our victory, Shredder.

80s Raph:Anyone get the number of that bus? Where are we?

80s Donnie:Oh, no. Shredder and Kraang! We're trapped.

80s Leo: There's gotta be some way out.

80s Mikey: I got this, dudes. Cowabunga!

80s Donnie: Oh, maybe I can use my Turtle Comm to short out the signal.

Bebop:Not so fast.

80s Donnie:Aw, man. I know! I'll just insult these overgrown idiots until they charge the cage and get zapped.

Rocksteady:And why would overgrown idiot charge electrified cage?

80s Leo:This isn't gonna be as easy as it usually is.

Leo: By my calculations, it should be right around Holy chalupa!

Leo:Is that a Technodrome?

Donnie:A ridiculous-looking one, even by Dimension X standards. What's that huge eye for? And why is there a giant foot painted on the front?

Raph:So how are we gonna infiltrate that thing?

Mikey: Why don't we try the open door?

Raph:No security. Who are these clowns?

Leo:Kraang? And Shredder?

Donnie: Well, that explains the dimensional disturbance.

Leo: Shh!

Mikey:Look, it's them. The other "us" s. And Bebop and Rocksteady!

Raph:Mikey was right again. Lame.

Leo: Let's move.

80s Leo:You won't get away with this, Shred-Head!

80s Shredder: But I already have, my meddlesome mutants. [CACKLING.]

Rocksteady:So, what next, Boss-Man?

80s Shredder: Now, with those troublesome Turtles out of the way, we will need you fools to run some errands.

80s Kraang:We need to fully power up the Technodrome. Then we can conquer this dimension.

80s Mikey: Dude! You found us!

80s Raph: We totally had this without you posers getting in the way.

Raph:We can always just leave you here, Raphael.

80s Leo:Thanks for the save. Turtle power!

80s Kraang: The Turtles?

80s Shredder: There's more of them?

80s Kraang:Quick, do something. These Turtles are actually dangerous.

80s Shredder:Well, um Don't just stand there, you blithering blister-brains, take them down!

Togather:Go, Green Machine!

Raph:Don't call us that! Whoa!

Donnie:These guys are even more armed up than usual.

Rocksteady: Eat the hot plasma, turtle freaks!

Bebop:Bubbles? Deep, yo.Come on, come on. That's more like it.

[Bebop blows the other three where Donnie was trying to use the panels]

80s Kraang: I have you just where I wanted!

[Kraang presses a button and pink goo slowly rose up trapped them inside. They panic in fear gasping hardly. Each tried to get but it's no use, the goo was only stays below their heads.]

Raph:What the heck is this?

Rocksteady: Da, freak turtle ninjas are finally finished.

Part 2:The Foot Walks Again

Leo: It's use....Nggg...Can't move.

Donnie: It's some type of protoplasmic prison.

Raph:Ugh, smells like sour cream. I hate sour cream.

Bebop:We best finish off the Turtles fast before they figure a way out.

Rocksteady:Da, I will commence with the squishings, Comrade Bebop!

80s Shredder: No, Rocksteady. A quick demise is much too good for the likes of our turtle foes.

Bebop: What the bacon? - Whoa!

80s Shredder:These accursed shellbacks deserve something far worse.

80s Kraang: For once, Shredder, we agree.

80s Shredder: Now is the time for gloating! We are the best, and you are not, you blasted Turtles!

80s Kraang: Revolting reptiles!

80s Shredder: Overly aggressive amphibians!

80s Kraang: Troublesome terrapins!

80s Shredder:Teenage Mutant Ninja Wimps! [BOTH CACKLING.]

[Bebop and Rocksteady notice something strange]

Bebop:Yo, dog, these two are even dumber than we are.

Rocksteady:Da, and that is saying the something.

Bebop: Enough of this wackness, y'all. I'm blasting these green foolios. [GUN FIRING.]

80s Leo:Look out!

80s Mikey:Yow! My turtle butt!

[the laser hits the slime and melts, freeing Donnie's arm.]

Donnie:Whoa. The slime is sensitive to pure energy. Maybe if I can....Oh, this is gonna hurt.

[He takes a deep breath. Donnie touched the bar electrifying them and the slime melt freeing them.]

Rocksteady:Time to get funky fresh!

Mikey: Aww, sewer pickles.

Bebop:Let's smoke these Turtles, Rock!

Rocksteady:Your shells, we will break!

80s Kraang: These two are way more effective than those dim-witted mutant morons back in our dimension.

Leo:You guys! Gotta move!

80s Mikey: What about the other "us" s? We can't just leave 'em here.

Donnie: [GASPS.] Hey, I can free 'em if I can get to that control panel.

Raph: Let's do this.

Leo: Keep moving. I'll draw his fire.

80s Shredder: You chelonian chuckleheads.

80s Kraang:That's a new one. We know you dimensional dimwits are still drained from my trap.

80s Shredder: You moron!

Raph:Make it quick, Donnie.

Donnie:You think I wanna make it slow?

Leo:That's right! [GRUNTS.] Ho-oh! [GRUNTS.]



80s Kraang: No! The Turtles have escaped.

80s Leo: Turtle power!

80s Mikey: Cowabunga!

80s Donnie:I'll kick your rhino butt. Aww, that was my favorite bo staff.

Bebop:Slow as a turtle]

Rocksteady: Get ready for me to horn you in face!

Raph:Back off, dino lips.

Mikey: A, B, "C" -ya!

Bebop: I hate it when they do that. That annoys me, Rock. Just gets all up in my snout.

Rocksteady:Da, word up. I hates the ninja tricks too, G.

80s Shredder:Bebop! Rocksteady! You let them get away, you dunderheaded dummies!

Bebop:Yo, what's up with all the insults, G? This isn't 1987. We got rights, Shredder. We're in the Villains Union, dog.

Rocksteady:Da, is no nice, the name-calling. What if I say you look like soft cheese grater? And you look like pregnant man with brain for belt buckle?

80s Kraang:Enough with the name-calling! It's getting us nowhere. We've got to hunt down those miserable Turtles.

80s Shredder:Or bait them out with pizza. Pizza usually works.

[Back at their lair]

80s Donnie: Guys, if Shredder and Kraang unleash the Technodrome in this dimension, it could be catastrophic.

Donnie:I can't believe I'm saying this Bebop and Rocksteady got tough.

80s Mikey:We've gotta do something, dudes.

Mikey:Fo' reals though.

[April and Casey appear]

April:Guys, we've been trying to reach you...WHAT THE HECK?!

Casey:Have have I been hit in the face too many times? What am I seeing?

April: Don't you remember, Casey? The Turtles told us about these guys. They come from another dimension.

80s Raph:April? Casey Jones? No way!

80s Leo:They're like kids! This April is way too young to be wearing a jumpsuit. Are you even a reporter?

April: Why? Do reporters wear jumpsuits where you come from?

80s Donnie:Of course! What kind of backwards dimension is this?

Casey: This is straight-up crazy, yo.

Leo:We need your help. But your fighting is lame. You have to learn to fight like us and actually use your weapons for once.

80s Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Use our weapons? But if I swing my sword at them, I could actually cut someone. And that would hurt.

Raph:So what do you use that sword for? To slice pizza?

80s Mikey:Duh! Are you guys even real ninjas?

Leo:Okay. This is gonna take some time.

Bebop:Yo, Boss-Man! What is that funky, retro-looking thingamabob?

80s Kraang:The transmat projection microchip! With it, we can project a portal to Dimension X and bring an army here to conquer this world.

Rocksteady: But where do we find such technology, Comrade Kraang?

80s Kraang: At the Earth Protection Force's secret storage facility. [CROAKING.] Here.

80s Shredder: Great, you two booby-headed blunderers will be sure to screw this up.

80s Kraang:It doesn't matter, Shredder, because they'll be leading an army of Foot Robots to destroy anyone who gets in their way including those half-shelled jerk-faces! Unleash the Foot!

80s Shredder:I wanted to shout that! Unleash the Foot!

Bebop:What the?

Leo:Okay, everybody, take five.

80s Mikey:Whew, I thought he'd never say that. Pizza break, dudes!

Leo: You guys did great! [WHISPERING.] These guys are terrible.

Mikey: No way. I think when the chips are down, they're gonna be great.

Raph: Do you know what that phrase even means, Mikey?

Mikey:Yeah, something about potato chips. Aww, thanks, Ice Cream Kitty. And one for you.

80s Mikey: Dude what is that?

80s Donnie:She's Mikey's ice-cream-mutated pet cat, yo.

80s Mikey:Whoa! This place is totally radical. Wowzers.

80s Raph: Um what exactly is that?

Raph:Say hello to Chompy. He's a baby alien turtle I'm raising.

80s Donnie:Wow, our parallel dimensions really are different.

April:So why would your Shredder and Kraang enter this dimension?

80s Leo:Who knows? They're always trying to conquer the planet or destroy the planet or turn us into balloons. Whatever.

Leo:That's not very helpful.

80s Donnie: Look, Shredder may be a dummy, but Kraang's tech can be extremely dangerous.

Donnie: No kidding. Last time, he nearly blew up three alternate realities. We need a plan to send these creeps back to their dimension.

Shini:Karai, no sign of the Purple Dragons.The streets are quiet.

Karai:Good. I think we should probably call it a night, Shinigami. Let's wait. What are those two morons up to?

Rocksteady:Oops., that was my's bad. [PANTING EXCITEDLY.]

Bebop:Whoo! This is nice. I finally feel needed for once. Know what I'm saying?

Rocksteady: Da, G. I am pleased we get to lead robot team on mission. We're not treated like lackeys anymore.

Bebop:Yeah, Rock, this is kind of all right. And I dig this new Shredder.

Rocksteady: Eh, except for insults. Kind of mean...

Karai:. No way you two dummies put together a crew without some help. Hmm, there's something more to this. I can feel it.

Shini: Let's take those silly freaks down.

Karai:No. I want you to gather the rest of the Foot. I'll follow Bebop and Rocksteady and find out what they're up to.

Shini:Of course, Karai.

Leo: Okay, team, here's the plan.

We head below and cover the Technodrome. We'll wait for Bebop and Rocksteady to leave

80s Leo:On whatever mission Shredder and Kraang - send them on.

-80s Mikey: Then we stop off at Antonio's for more pizza, hit the arcade, and party on, dudes! Yeah!

Mikey:Dude! That's, like, the greatest idea ever, bro. Gimme some love.

80s Donnie:Kraang and Shredder will need some kind of transmat chip to open up a portal to Dimension X.

80s Raph:Then we stop 'em before they get a chance.

Leo: Hold up. Karai?

Karai: Leo. You're not gonna believe this. I'm at the waterfront. I followed Bebop and Rocksteady. They've got a bunch of weird Foot Robots with them. They're targeting a secret military warehouse, and I'm pretty sure it belongs to the Earth Protection Force.

Leo:Don't make a move yet. We'll be there soon.

Bebop:Yes, yes, y'all! Easy-peasy, dog. That's what I'm talkin' about. All aboard! Going down. Menswear, ladies' lingerie, level 20! Don't be wandering off, Rock. Stick to the plan. We grab the chip and hightail it outta there before they even know.

Rocksteady:Oh, no.

Bebop: Get 'em, robots! Ah! Yo, dog. A'ight, robot dude. You take point. These EPF'ers are sick puppies! Snapping-dizzle! Cha'mone! Cha'mone! Cha'mone! No-no-no-no-no-no-no! - No-no-no-no-no-no! No-no-no-no-no-no!

Rocksteady:Ha! Like piece of delicious Kiev cake!

BEbop:We did it, dog! For once! The transmat microchip thingie! -

Rocksteady:Raise the ceiling, home skillet! Can I get the "what-what"?

Karai: Bebop and Rocksteady are still inside. We've got to What the [GRUNTS.]Who are those goofy bug-eyed Turtles?

80s Raph: Nice to meet you too. With friends like these, who needs enemies?


Rocksteady: We busted, Bebop.

Leo: All right, you two. give up that chip. We've got you surrounded!

BEbop:We ain't going out like that, dog. I was hoping you'd say that.

TURTLES: Go, Green Machine!

Casey: "Green Machine"?

Shini: Shredder?

Mikey: Holy chalupa!

80s Shredder: Foot Soldiers, attack!

Leo:- Let's do this, team.

80s Leo: Turtle power!

80s Raph:Hand over the chip, Bebop!

BEbop: You gotta catch me first, sucker!

80s Raph: Time to take out the trash! Or not.

80s Mikey: Cowabunga! [SMACK.]

Rocksteady: Hah. How you say "weak sauce"?

80s Leo: These guys have serious upgrades.

80s Raph: Where do these guys keep coming from?

80s Mikey: I know! Totally bogus!

Shini: Anyone need a little backup?

Karai: Nice timing, Shini.

80s Leo: Remember your training! Turtles fight with honor!

80s Leo: Wow, that was violent!

Karai:Shredder! You're not getting away from me this time.

80s Shredder: What are you talking about, girl? I don't even know

Karai:Stand and fight, Shredder!

80s Shredder:I will not fight a girl. Foot, get rid of her! [CLEARS THROAT.] She's a bit too tough.


80s Leo:Clear out!

Bebop:We got the chip. Let's bounce, yo!

Raph: Come on, we can still catch 'em!

A80s Mikey:w, man, they're getting away!

80s Shredder: Ta-ta, terrapin twits!

April:Easy, Casey. You okay?

Casey:Just a few broken ribs. I'll be fine, Red. [GRUNTS.]

Donnie:He'll be all right. He just needs time to recover.

80s Donnie:All that, and they got the chip.

80s Mikey: Yeah, totally lame. So now what, dudes?

Leo: [SIGHS.] We're gonna stop those four morons, once and for all.

80s Leo: We're with you all the way, Leo!

Raph:You four stepped up big-time. I'm proud of you guys. But you could still use a little more training.

Karai: How are we gonna get that chip?

Mikey:We already know where the Technodrome is, dudes. We got this!

80s Kraang:Yes! [CACKLING.] Now, we need only one last element to power up the ship Kraang crystals. They will enable us to power up the Technodrome to 100% capacity. And then I will unleash my ultimate plan!

Rocksteady:The Turtles will come for our zhopas! That means "butts. "

BEbop:Yeah, Boss-Man. They know where we are.

80s Shredder: Not anymore. Unleash the drill!

80s kraang:There's no way those stupid, filthy Turtles will find us now!

Rocksteady:Um, what are we laughing about again?

80s Shredder: Who cares?

Part 3:The Big Blow-Out!

80s Leo:Well, we know the Technodrome is down here somewhere. If we keep looking, we're bound to find it. We just have to keep believing in ourselves.

Leo:I don't think it's gonna be that easy. I don't know what it's like in your world we have a lot of sewer here.

80s Donnie:I'm getting a really strong Technodrome reading. It's just up ahead.

Donnie:Another dead end.

80s Mikey:Must be all the raw sewage, dude.

April:What the heck?

80s Kraang: Ah, there you are, you repulsive reptiles. Welcome to our little ambush.

80s Shredder:Can they hear us? Is this thing on?

80s Kraang:Yes, it's on, you ninja nincom [SLAM.] Oof!

80s Shredder: Sorry to disappoint, Turtles, but we're too busy with taking over the world! Instead, I hope you appreciate the little party we've arranged for you.

80s Mikey:You see? Cool but rude. I told ya, dudes.

Leo: All right, Turtles. Let's send 'em to the scrap heap.

80s Shredder:Faster! Faster, you putrid pachyderm! [GROWLS.]

80s Kraang:You too, you porcine punk. Put some elbow grease into it.

Rocksteady: But, Comrade Shredder, we succeed! We get transmat chip, just like you ask. Why we wax floor, like lowly servants? Bolshevik.

BEbop:Yeah, BossMan. We should get [STAMMERS.] A bonus! Not all this waxing and sweeping and laundry all the time. [THWACK.]

80s Shredder: Silence, you fools! The transmat chip heist was the only thing you didn't botch, for when you did my laundry, you mixed the lights and darks together! Now my socks are all purple

80s Kraang:! Again with the socks! That's enough. You two colossal cretins need to bring me Kraang crystals. With them, we will fully power up the Technodrome, and conquer this puny world!

BEbop:Yeah, uh right-o. Just get some of those dang old Kraang crystals.


Rocksteady:Comrade Shredder, where is crystals?

80s Shredder: Fools! Kraang, deploy the visual aids.

80s Kraang:My sensors indicate that all the Kraang crystals are located at this address the T.C.R.I Building!

80s Shredder: So there we will strike! But first, that floor won't wax itself. Put your backs into it, you stinking sycophants.

Bebop:That's it, G! T.C.R.I and whatnot. Okay, Footbots, do your thing.Yo, Rock.


Bebop:You think that Shredder and Kraang respect us? Like, we're a real part of the team, right?

Rocksteady: I thinking when we return with Kraang crystal, they will give respect we deserve.

Bebop:Yeah! Yeah, that makes sense. After all, without us, they'd have no transmat chip, no Kraang crystals no nothin', yo.

Rocksteady: Da, da. True that. Do you want hug?

Bebop: Yeah, okay a quick one, a quick one.

Slash: Well, well, well. Two of them, two of us.Seems like a fair fight.

Mondo: And Mondo Gecko makes three.

Slash:Uh should still be pretty fair. [CHUFFS.]

Bebop:Since when are Bebop and Rocksteady the kind of chumps who fight fair? ]

Mondo: Cowabung [THUD.] Oof!

Bebop:Big-time, baby. Whoo!

Rocksteady:This the big crime!

Mikey: 'Yello?

Mondo:Dude, it's Mondo. Mondo Gecko.

Mikey: Dude! You would not believe the sick robots we're fighting.

Mondo:Mikey, you gotta get to the T.C.R.I Building. Bebop and Rocksteady are jacking Kraang crystals, bro!

Mikey:Whoa. We're on our way, Mondo. Guys, Mondo says we gotta get to T.C.R.I and stop Bebop and Rocksteady! T.C.R.I? That's where all the Kraang technology is being held. Oh, brother. We gotta go! Now!

[TOGETHER.] Let's move!

80s Mikey:I got this, dudes!

Bebop: Man, the little guy's got no quit!

Rocksteady: I will make of you suitcase!

Slash:Let's try this without robots, punks.

Leatherhead: I'll take Rocksteady.

Bebop:That's right, baby! Can't stop the Bop!

Slash:Got it! From downtown, baby!

Mondo:Get 'em, my EPF bros! Attack!

Get in, you meandering mutants!

80s Mikey:Whoa. I was almost roadkill there, dudes. Come on. The coast is clear.

Mikey:Leatherhead! Are you okay?

Leatherhead: [COUGHING.] I am [INHALES.] Fine, Michelangelo. Just angry they got away.

Slash:I must have gotten hit harder than I thought. I'm seeing double Turtles here.

Raph: It's a long story. See, these are the Turtles from another dimension [STAMMERS.] It's a long story.

Donnie:Like Raph said, it's a long story. And if Shredder and Kraang have the Kraang crystals, it's gonna be one with a sad ending.

80s Donnie:They have the transmat chip and the crystals to power it. There's nothing stopping them from opening a portal to Dimension X!

April:Come on. There's got to be something we can do!

80s Leo:Well, they'll have to come to the surface to do it.

Donnie: But when they do, we'll be ready for 'em. I have an idea, a really awesome idea.

80s Mikey: Uh-oh. Your Donnie gets that crazy look too, huh, dude?

80s Shredder: Kraang! Where are you?

80s Kraang:Sorry, I just got out of the shower. I wanted to look good for this, the final victory! -

80s Shredder:I told you not to use my shampoo! I have to order it special!

80s Kraang: Kraang uses whatever shampoo Kraang desires!

Rocksteady:Uh, look! We get shiny crystals of Kraang. Pretty good, da?

80 Kraang:Really? Excellent! Give them here, you horned homunculus!

80s Shredder:Yes! We're at 100%

80 Kraang:Now, to the surface. This is it. We're really going to do it! Whoo-hoo!

Raph: I don't get it. Why are we waiting around? We should be doing something.

Leo:Be patient, Raph. The Donnies said they're working on something. We should wait till they're ready.

80s Leo: So weird. In our world, "Space Heroes" is a live-action show, not a cartoon.

April: Really? Do they disintegrate as many people as they do in the cartoon? Because that would be horrifying.

80s Leo:[SHIVERS.] It is.

Donnie:Hey, guys! I got something to show you. [ROCK MUSIC.]

80s Mikey: Whoa! It's a heavy-metal makeover. Totally righteous, Donatello.

80s Donnie: And with this kind of firepower, we can deal with Kraang and Shredder on equal footing.

Donnie:And blast the Technodrome back to your dimension.

Leo:Great. Now all we have to do is find it.

80s Shredder:Finally! New York City trembles before my might!

80e Leo: It's no good, Leo. Our guns aren't doing anything. Its armor is too advanced!

Leo:Same on this side. We have to keep trying, though. We can't let them open the portal.

80s Shredder:Come, Bebop and Rocksteady. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

80s Kraang:Yes, join us! After all, none of this would be possible without you two.

Rocksteady:Da? We join as real super-villains?

Bebop:No more laundry? No more cleaning?

80s Shredder:I know that we've been hard on you two, but that's because we're used to our Bebop and Rocksteady! But you two have earned your place as partners.

Bebop: Yes! We made it, baby!

Rocksteady: We in like the Flynn!

80s Kraang: Now all that's left is to open the portal and destroy this disgusting world.

BOTH: Huh?

Bebop:Wait, run that by me again. Destroy the world?!

80s Kraang:Of course. Once the portal is open, my Rock Soldiers will lay waste to this entire planet, starting with this accursed Big Apple. Start spreading the news!

Rocksteady:Oh, snapping-dizzle

80s Kraang:Yes! Victory is ours.

Mikey:Oh, snap. Traag!

Donnie: And Granitor.

April:You know these guys?

Raph: Yup, a couple of Dimension X hard cases.

Leo:Stay close. We can take 'em [GRUNTS.] Somehow. [HORN HONKING.]

Slash: Mutanimals, ho!

Raph:- Slash!

Mikey: Leatherhead! Just in time.

Leatherhead: Let us destroy these walking statues.

80s Mikey:Cowabunga!

80s Kraang: I knew it. Just when we have a good thing going, those shabby shellbacks have to turn up and spoil it!

80s Shredder:We can't lose. After all, we have Bebop and Rocksteady on our side. See you out there, partners.

Mikey:Dude, you need an antacid, bro.

Leatherhead:Take that!

Slash:I've always wanted to make a rock garden.

Rapg: Every time I think things are getting bad [SHOUTS.] They get way worse.

80s Mikey:Time to take out the garbage!

80s Leo:We got this!

80s Shredder:Guess again, aggressive amphibian.You'll not foil this plan. Tonight, I dine on turtle soup!

BOTH: April!

[Traag grabs Mikey]

Mikey:Hey, let me go, stone bro!

Leatherhead:Get off of me!

Slash: Too many Leonardo!

80s Mikey: Booyakasha!

Leo:We got you, Shred-Head.

[the rock monsters land on them]

Bebop:Dizzle-snap. I'm having second thoughts about this plan, Rock.

Rocksteady: But we is the super-villains now. We are the partners with Shredder and alien blob. Is not what we always wanted?

Bebop:But what do we wanna destroy the world for? We like the world! All we ever wanted was some paper and respect. Is that too much to ask?

Rocksteady: But we cannot back down like the lowly cowards now, Bebop.

Bebop:But, Rock, think of all the things you'll miss. Professional wrestling, Chris Bradford movies and what about Mama?

Rocksteady:Nyet! I love Mama!

80s Shredder:What's this?

80s Kraang: No! The portal!

[the rock monsters let go of Turtles and Mutanimals]

Leo: Whoa, they're fighting for us. This is it! Go for it!

Donnie: Arrivederci, rock-chops!

80s Donnie: Sayonara, stone-face!

Bebop:Look out, world. Bebop and Rocksteady, coming to save ya!

Rocksteady: Mama! [CLATTERING.]

Slash:That's what you get for messing with the Mighty Mutanimals! [SHOUTING.]

80s Leo: Now you got double trouble, Shred-Head!

80s Kraang: No. We almost did it. How did it go wrong? What happened? Aw, man.

80s Shredder: You blithering betrayers! You traitorous turncoats! You [CLANG.]

Leatherhead:I've had about enough of you.

80s Leo:It was one heck of a team-up, even if your team is a little weird.

Raph:- We're weird?

Leo:Thanks, Leonardo. You guys were awesome. If you ever need help in the future, you know where to find us.

80's Donnie:Ready to go, guys?

80s Mikey:- Heck yeah! Later, dudes.


800 Mikey:Booyakasha!

April:So what's next for you guys? No more robbing banks and working for super-villains, right?

Rocksteady:Da, being henchmen is no good for us. Maybe we become superheroes instead. Very hot right now!

Bebop:Yeah, we save some cats from trees, stop some muggings, and bingo! NEXT STOP: talk show appearances, sumptuous apartments, movie deals!

Leo: Well, we've got the Big Apple pretty much covered. Maybe try Jersey.

Bebop:And cars with rims so big, there are no tires, just rims you drive around on! Sparks everywhere! Hee-hee

Raph:Or better yet, Beijing.

Bebop: I'm gonna get my own soda.....

Mikey: Huh, I wonder if the other Turtles got home okay.

Bebop:Everybody's gonna drink me!

80s Raph:Sweet, we're finally back home in the real world.

80s Rocksteady:D'aw, looks like it's the part where we get punched again.

80s Bebop:And I just got these shades too.

80s Bebop:You know, we learned something earlier from another Bebop and Rocksteady. You two don't have to be punching bags.

80s Donnie:Yeah, you can do whatever you want. It's your life.

80s Rocksteady: I've I've always wanted to be a personal injury lawyer. You know, like on TV.

80s Bebop: And I I just wanna dance!

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