2012 Bebop kicks 1987 Mikey

Fred Wolf Michelangelo against Nickelodeon Bebop

Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady is a story arc of the 2012 TV series, consisting of the episodes Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady, The Foot Walks Again! and The Big Blow-Out!. All three episodes originally aired over Nickelodeon on 12 November 2017, as the final episodes of the series, airdate-wise.[1] However, they had already been released to DVD in September the same year.


Fred Wolf Shredder and Krang in their Technodrome end up on the Nickelodeon Earth. They hire Nickelodeon Bebop and Rocksteady.

The Fred Wolf Turtles and the Nickelodeon Turtles join forces to stop them.

When Nickelodeon Bebop and Rocksteady learn that Fred Wolf Shredder's and Krang's plans may lead to the destruction of the Nickelodeon Earth, they switch sides. When the Fred Wolf Turtles return to their own Earth, they tell Bebop and Rocksteady that they can learn from their Nickelodeon counterparts, and also become good guys.


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