Wally Airhead
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USA, Earth




Superhuman Strength


Bodybuilder, Scientist, Owner of Air Head's House of Pecs

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Out of universe information

1987 TV series

First appearance

Leonardo Cuts Loose

Created by

David Wise

Voiced by

Cam Clarke

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Wally Airhead is a scientist and bodybuilder. Wally Airhead was once a brilliant but scrawny biologist, specializing on the effects of certain rays on human strength. By synthesizing various strength giving elements he created an army of super strong men. Together with his men, he uses the Strongium 90 ray to get superhuman strength. He uses his men to comment robberies around the city.

However, the Turtles are no match for the muscle-bound miscreants. April O'Neil calls them on their Turtle Com to tell them a crate was delivered to them at Channel Six -- it is a weight lifting machine from Wally Airhead. The same Wally Airhead who owns the gym around town and is the employer of the pumped-up creeps who whipped their butts.

Suddenly, the weight-lifting machine imprisons them and becomes mobile - delivering them to none other than Wally Airhead himself.

Back at Air Head's House of Pecs, Wally is surprised to see only three Turtles rather than four. He wants to isolate the "essence" of the Turtles powers, so he can add it to his arsenal of strength.

Casey Jones rescues the Turtles and they discover that Wally and his men are building "The Block Buster" a gigantic boxing glove.

Wally takes his "Block Buster" out into the streets and makes his demands: either the City give him $500 million dollars in cash or he will demolish every building in the city, starting with the Supreme Court.

However, Donatello's sabotages the Strongium 90 and Wally and his men revert back to the wimps they really are, allowing the Turtles to kick their butts with the greatest of ease and for Casey to destroy the Block Buster.


  • Two of his goons are named Hans and Fitz. A parody of Hans and Franz.
  • It is obvious that Wally Airhead is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, given the "I'll be back" line he uses twice which is from the Terminator film series and the whole body builder concept which is what Arnold started as before he became a movie star.
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