"We're no match for Spider Bytez!"

Victor a.k.a. Spider Bytez (literally "Spider Bites") is a mutant, and villain appearing in the 2012 TV series. He is a rival to Raphael. His first appearance and also the last for the first season is in the episode "Turtle Temper".


As a human, Vic is overweight, he wears a white tank top, wears blue pants and his head is partly covered in gray hair.

As a mutant spider, he is round and black, he has red markings with orange outlines, six eyes and some between his legs, sharp fangs, four spider legs on his head, and his claws and appendages are filled with mutagen.


As Victor[]

Meet Vic

Victor before his Mutation

Turtle Temper: Spider Bytez was originally an overweight, unemployed human man named Victor, who did nothing in his Brooklyn apartment other than to hangout in front of his television set. Vic was a cranky old man, who was very mean and rude to the Turtles. One night, however, the Turtles were posted on his rooftop looking for their new extraterrestrial enemies, The Kraang. In one of Raphael's tussles with Michelangelo they broke Vics satellite dish, and when he came up on the roof to inspect the damage, he blurted promptly into a dispute between the Turtles. He insulted Raphael by calling him a spineless cream puff, and irritated Raph. He likes to call the Turtles the "Kung-Fu Frogs". Their arguing attracted The Kraang's attention, and during the subsequent battle between the Turtles and the aliens, Vic recorded a video of their fight with the Turtles on his cell phone. He wanted to sell the video because he thought he could make big money off of it and be famous, but the Turtles needed to get it back so that their existence wouldn't be known. The Turtles ask Vic to give them the video politely, but he refused to cooperate and made Raph angry again. Once again this attracted the Kraang's attention, and during the fight Vic was knocked into the Kraang's van. Raph followed him in an effort to get the video back and rescue Vic, but Vic still refused to cooperate. Blinded by his attitude and visions of wealth, Vic did not hand over the video to the Turtles, but tried to sell it to the Kraang. The Kraang threw Raph out of the van and, after Vic showed The Kraang his video, they took him to their lair as a prisoner. The aliens were indeed interested in the video, but did not feel inclined to pay Vic. After sending Raph home because of his problematic temper, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo tried to save Vic while the Kraang were busy watching the video. Vic refused to go with them without his cell phone, blowing their cover yet again. During the fight, Vic attempted to get his phone back while still being tied up but he fell onto the floor where a spider crawled onto his phone while he barely managed to touch it. A laser beam from one of the Kraang's laser guns hit one of the tubes of Mutagen above Vic, breaking it and spilling mutagen all over Vic and the spider. A Kraang sent another Kraang to see what had happened, but the Kraang was thrown across the room by Vic, now the mutant Spider Bytez a grotesque, bloated spider monster.

As Spider Bytez[]

Turtle Temper - Vic becomes Spider Bytez in this episode after the mutagen falls over him and a spider in the Kraang's base (read the "As Vic" section above to learn more). He angrily blames the Turtles for his mutation, and claims he is now hideous. He then attacks Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo who are no match for him. Mikey is the one to give Vic the name "Spider Bytez". The Turtles realize that they can't beat Spider Bytez, but Raph shows up just in time to help, and since he now has his temper under control. Raph also tells him they are ninja turtles, using skill he defeats him and breaks his phone. Spider Bytez realizes he is no match for all four of the Turtles, and he flees into New York City, saying the Turtles will regret this.

The Kraang Conspiracy - Jack Kurtzman has a picture of him fighting Raphael in the Kraang Lab seen in Turtle Temper pinned to his wall. How he was able to capture this footage is unknown.

Metalhead Rewired - Spider Bytez makes his second appearance in this episode. He was being chased by the Kraang through the sewers, begging the turtles for help. He was finally captured and taken to a Kraang warehouse where the van completely disappeared. It was later revealed that the Kraang had been able to reactivate and upgrade their portals, and had transported him to a containment facility where many of the Turtles' enemies and a few friends had been captured. Spider Bytez was brain-washed with a special chip to his head, and together with Snakeweed, fought the Turtles until Metalhead freed them from the hypnosis. He was last seen slinging his way out through the Kraang portal.

Meet Mondo Gecko - Spider Bytez makes a cameo appearance in this episode. He is one of the many mutants who watches Xever Montes skating challenge. At the end of the episode he left the stadium with the rest of the mutants, disappointed that Fishface lost to Mikey, Casey Jones, and Mondo Gecko.


(Before his mutation)

"I'm gonna make a fortune off of this!" - Turtle Temper

"Lay one finger on me frog and I'm calling the cops!" - Turtle Temper

"So are you all triplets or what?!" - Turtle Temper

"I ain't leaving without my phone!" - Turtle Temper

(Grabs his phone) "Got it!" - Turtle Temper

(After his mutation)

"What did you do to me? I'm hideous!" - Turtle Temper

"Hey! It's the kung fu frog with the salad tongs!" - Turtle Temper

"Watch me turn your friends into frog fries. I'll serve them up with your salad tongs!" - Turtle Temper

"Froggy thinks he can stop me. Ribbit ribbit." - Turtle Temper

"You guys are gonna regret this!" - Turtle Temper


He is a cranky, short-tempered, rude middle-aged man/mutant spider. He's extremely protective of his possessions such as his satellite dish and cell phone. Both are the reason for his encounter with the Turtles and his mutation. Just like Raph, he's very snarky and is able to use this against Raph. In "Turtle Temper", he easily angers Raph by taunting him. However, Raph ignores his snark in the end, which might results in his defeat. He's shown to be as vengeful as he is nasty. He seems to think of himself as superior to others.

Powers and Abilities[]

In his mutant form Spider Bytez possesses a large round body, without a head and neck most of which is taken up by a huge, fang-filled mouth. His face - complete with six eyes and a toothed mouth - sits on the site of his chest. As limbs he has two pudgy, humanoid arms and legs at the sides of his body and four slender and extremely articulated arachnoid claw appendages protruding from the top of his head and their peaks are covered with long, sharp claws. He uses these appendages to fight and for faster movement. He can also spit a highly corrosive acid from his mouth as well as a strong webbing filament.

Despite his size and shape, Spider Bytez is surprisingly fast and agile, especially if he uses his head arms to move by doing cartwheels or somersaults. His claws on his head arms are dangerous weapons in close combat, and he spits toxic saliva for ranged attacks, which is able to self-etch through metal. He can also generate from his abdomen a spider thread to refer to or rappel.


  • Spider Bytez shares his name with an unproduced action figure from the 2008 "Sub-Sewer" line.
  • Spider Bytez was said to have been captured by the Kraang after facing the Turtles in New Animated Adventures. However, this didn't actually happen until the episode "Metalhead Rewired".
  • Spider Bytez has an upside down "face" marking on his back, a defense mechanism similar to many insects such as butterflies and moths.
  • His coloring resembles a nicodamus peregrinus spider.
  • Although his human name is only given as "Vic" in the show and most supplemental materials, his LEGO incarnation is called "Victor". If Victor is actually his full name in the series' canon, he would share a given name with another villain in the same continuity.
  • Vic's human model was reused as one of Pizza Face's slaves in "Pizza Face (episode)". He had a pizza draped over his head, so his face was not visible.

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