Vertmorte is a mentioned only planet in Dimension X appearing in the TMNT Adventures and The Mighty Mutanimals comics.


In the past, Vertmorte's Galactic Emperor sent a massive army of government sponsored workers to the planet of Palmadise. There they quickly stripped the planet of all its precious palm trees for wood and firewood to use for another palace for the Emperor, irreversibly destroying Palmadise ecosystem.

Their actions earned the enmity of Palmadise entity Slash who killed many of the lumberjacks and swear vengeance on all authority figures. It is implied that Slash went on a rampage on Vertmorte and this is a major reason why he was later banished to Morbus.

Based on his actions of stripping Palmadise eco system, it is likely that Vertmorte's Emperor was at the very last not environmentally conscious.

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