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Will Arnett as Vernon Fenwick
The Falcon
Biographical information

New York City


Caucasian American


Vernon Fenwick


The prince of the city (by Raphael)
Falcon Human Nerd (by Raphael)


Channel 6 cameraman (formerly)


Channel 6 (formerly)

Physical description





6' 2½"

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Light brown

Out of universe information

2014 film, 2016 film

First appearance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 film)

Played by

Will Arnett

Teachers and Students

"Four talking turtles, one is fighting a robot samurai. Why not?"

Vernon Fenwick is April O'Neil's cameraman in the 2014 film. In the 2014 movie Fenwick's (played by Will Arnett), first name was abbreviated to "Vern" and is re-imagined as a much more sympathetic character. Here he acts as April's cameraman, but is always trying to personally win over his attractive female colleague for himself.

First Film

After he learns of the existence of the Ninja Turtles, he displays heroic characteristics despite his lack of fighting skills and contributes significantly to the happy resolution of the plot as he is the one who knocks out Eric Sacks.

Second Film

In the sequel to the 2014 film Vern plays a smaller role compared to the first movie. To protect the Turtles' secret existence, Vern agrees to takes credit for the defeat of the Shredder and as a result he has become a wealthy celebrity and dates the Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrósio. He is absent from most of the film, until the third act when he reluctantly agrees to help April, Casey, and the Turtles infiltrate police headquarters. He does this by planting a hacking device of Donatello's on their computer, allowing Michelangelo to manipulate the files remotely.

After April is arrested, she convinces Vern to use his influence to break into Baxter Stockman's lab and acquire unedited footage from the security cameras. In the end, he once again takes credit for saving New York - per his agreement with The Turtles.


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