Verminator Rex
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Chainsaw arm


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Cyborg mutant honey badger

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Verminator Rex was the leader of the Honey Badger Ravagers, a gang of Mutant honey badgers that roamed the wasteland of Earth in an alternate future after the Mutagen Bomb detonated.


Verminator Rex sought the map to the Oasis, which was tattooed on the arm of a young mutant meerkat, Mira. He initially attacked Raphael and Donbot, thinking they'd have associated with her. When Mira eventually did start traveling with the two, Verminator Rex had better cause to attack the Turtles.

Verminator Rex went to the fortress of the Scale Tail Clan and convinced their leader, Imperius Reptilicus to assist the Honey Badger Ravagers in capturing Mira so that they could find the Oasis. After capturing Mira and Raphael, Raph was forced to fight both Verminator Rex and Reptilicus in an arena. Raphael beat them both, and Reptilicus declared that due to the law of the wasteland, Raphael was now the leader of both gangs.

However, Verminator Rex insisted that Raphael cheated and ran to his boss Maximus Kong. The two of them attacked the now-formed Red Stripe Army, which consisted of Raphael, Donbot, Michelangelo, Mira, Ice Cream Kitty, Chompy Picasso, the Honey Badger Ravagers, and the Scale Tail Clan. Branding his former gang as traitors, together with Maximus Kong and his Synthezoids, they wiped out the Honey Badger Ravagers and Scale Tail Clan. Verminator Rex himself was subsequently attacked by Mira and he lost control of his motorcycle, which blew up. Since he was heard screaming in pain after this, it is unclear if he survived or eventually perished to his injuries.


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  • Verminator Rex's name is a pun on Verminator-X, a similar cybernetically-eyed character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures. Both "Verminator-X" and "Verminator Rex" are pronounced the same way in unhalted speech for most native English speakers.