Hello –

My name is Mei Pieh Chi, I was the student of the shinobi shaman Chung I. He was a great man, but he has passed form this world. I attempt to follow in his footsteps, but he has left difficult tracks to follow. I will do my best, as I should. In time I hope to do my Master proud. Chung I placed great faith in me, and I will strive to not disappoint him. Although his physical form has departed, he is still with me in many ways… as he will always be. It is the way of Shinobi.

My Master’s final decree was for me to travel to New York City in America to meet with my destiny. I am from China, and this trip was very difficult and more than a little frightening. Chung I bid me to do this as his last wish, and so I did. I found Master Splinter by using the methods of Shinobi. Master Splinter reminds me much of Chung I. Their thoughts and deeds are quite similar. I am honored to be a student with Sensei Splinter now. I am also glad that the Chung I had prepared me for this journey by teaching me English! This country is very different than my own… I cannot imagine what I would have done without knowing the language.

I was very surprised and pleased to meet Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. While our initial meeting wasn’t as friendly as one might wish, it did establsih my abilities with the boys and taught them respect. Sometimes actions are better than words!

The boys are very nice. They have decided to give me a beautiful nickname: Venus de Milo. I like this name! I am very happy to also study along with them. I very much enjoy being in the company of “mutants”… as I am one myself. For many years I was lonely, but always felt that there was a connection somewhere. The link has now been made. I just wish it hadn’t been in a toilet…er… “sewer”. I sometimes forget the proper words, forgive me. I am still learning much of English. I do not know if I will ever fully understand Michaelangelo. I do not know if his language exists beyond his self. But he is cute. I enjoy his enthusiasm.

I thank you for welcoming me to your country as the Master and the Turtles have also. I promise that I will work hard to protect my new country from the evil Dragon Lord, as well as Vam Mi and the others who threaten us. I am but a novice, but in time I hope to be a true Shaman as Chung I was. It is my destiny, so I shall make it so with hard work and practice.

Thank you for visiting this spider page. I know very little of these computers, but Donatello is teaching me. Don says that the inner-net is like magic, and I believe it to be so! I look forward to talking with you in the future.

Peace be with you, Venus


Hello and Happy Greetings of Seasons to you!

I am from China, and am unfamiliar with Christmas and New Year's Eve, but I am learning of this great tradition that you have in America. Christmas is a most holy day, and I will honor it as best as I am able.

I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed with the season! So many colors and so much music and lights and people scurrying about and singing and ringing bells and the traffic and the cooking and the candy and ... and so very much more! The positive energy being given out at this time is stunning, and it makes me quite happy! I quite like this time of year in the United States, it makes me feel very welcome, indeed!

My new friends and I have been battling the evil forces of the Dragon Lord and his Rank Dragons. I promise you that I will not stray from the Shinobi's duty to keep these vile creatures from our world! I am duty-bound to do so, and will let nothing prevent me from this task save for death!

Enough of such things! Master Splinter tells me that this is a time of great joy for the West, and I will bring no further darkness into this page. I just wanted to assure you that despite the Holiday season, we are fighting to protect our world from any who seek to do evil.

I hope that you are doing well and are healthy and happy, and that this time of peace and love finds you contented. We are most fortunate to be living in these times of great discovery, but we must work hard to maintain balance and light.

Tonight we are to make decorations and egg nog... I do not know what this egg nog is, but Michaelangelo says that it is tasty. He is usually right about food (although his musical tastes often leave me bewildered), so I look forward to having some! I must go. I wish you the very happiest holiday season and will speak with you again!

Peace be with you, Venus


Hello and pleasant greetings to you!

Ah, it has been many moons since I have now moved to New York City, New York]. The sights and sounds still are very amazing to me, and I must confess, no little frightening at times. I grew up in a small village in the mountains of China... I do not think I saw more than 10 people in a group on more than three occasions... New York City is very, very different from my home! I must confess that I miss my homeland very much... and I often yearn to return there.

Master Splinter and the boys have done their best to welcome me, and I am most grateful to them for being so wonderful to me. They have made me a member of their family with no questions asked. They are good and noble people, I am most fortunate to have them in my life. After the death of my Master, the gentle and great Chung, my thoguhts and emotions have been scattered as lotus petals in the Sunami winds... it is only recently that I have had time to reflect on how dramatically my life has changed. The Way leads us along many paths, and we must do our best to achieve balance... but it has been most difficult for me lately.

As much as I have grown to love my new family, I cannot help but feel like a fish out of water here in such a large city. I must do my best to confront this weakness and overcome my fears, but without Master Chung, I often feel so alone. Master Splinter has been a tremendous comfort, and we have shared tea and talked late into the night on many ocassions. He is a very insightful and caring person... I am not sure that all of the boys truly appreciate all that the Sensei has done for them. Without Master Splinter, I fear what might become of them... and I fear what might become of me. Splinter is the only one who truly sets my fears to rest, and shows me the way along my path. I have grown very fond of the Sensei, but he is pushing me to become independent of him, as he believes his sons are. I am not so sure that he is right on this account, but I know that he does what is best for me. He is right to suggest that I must grow into a stronger person... as of yet I am still like a bamboo shoot, but in time I hope to have the strength of the full grown plant. Despite his urging for me to become independent of him, Splinter is also always there when I need him... not to hold me up, but to teach me to stand. He is most wise.

Ah, but enough of my worrying! Please forgive me for this over indulgence! At times, I forget that as I write this, you are reading it. At times these writings seem more like a diary to me than a way to communicate with you. It is great magic, this internet!

Leonardo, Donatello and myself have been busy with what they call "Spring Cleaning". We have done much work to make things as pleasant as we can here in the sewer. It is very hard work! I think that my troubles have come to the forefront now as scrubbing walls and floors leaves the mind much time to reflect! VERY VERY much time! We have spent nearly two full months on this cleaning project, and have barely made progress in most areas! Leonardo says that these walls have been filthy for many many decades, and he is right... but I have cleaned walls that are thousands of years old and the task was easier! The sewer is a filthy place, and it troubles me sometimes that we live here. But this is their home, so I will say no further ill of it.

Well... I fear that I have nothing more to say! I am tired and must get some sleep. Tomorrow night we will finish cleaning and then we will celebrate with a picnic in the park! I am looking forward to this with a very happy heart! I hope that your path is going well, and when it does not, that you have someone to help you learn to stand!

Peace be with you, Venus


Hello my friend in space!

I am learning much about computers and technology of late! Donatello has asked me to help him with his works, and I am most honored to do so! I do not pretend to know what he is doing, but he is very gracious and explains much to me. He is currently teaching me the magic of mathematics! He does great things with this knowledge!

I confess that it is not easy to learn! While it is based in concepts that I find familiar, it is also very tricky to think in the ways that one must to comprehend its intricacies! I have much to learn, but Donatello is a good teacher!

I have also been working diligently with Leonardo and Master Splinter to better incorporate my abilities with the group. We are practicing our skills with great regularity, and the Sensei is pleased with our progress!

In the evenings, it is most pleasurable to sit with your American cookbooks and study your cuisine. It is very interesting to see what different herbs and plants are used in the West in comparison to my homeland! I also quite like to experiment by combining spices from the East with those of this side of the globe to see what they will do together. Unfortunately, most of MY experiments fail to have pleasing results! But I am learning, and Master Splinter has grown quite fond of my tea mixtures.

I still miss China. The trip there pointed out to me how many things that I no longer have. And yet, there are so many new possibilities here in America that I cannot help but be excited. I hope to visit my home with great frequency... it is an odd thing to be of two worlds. The Sensei is helping me cope with these emotions of fear and yearning... it is often overwhelming and he is a great comfort. I hope you are as fortunate as I and have someone in your life that you can turn to in times of need. I ask that if you are so lucky, please reward your friend today by thanking them for being there for you. It is good Karma to do so, and as such, it will make both of you feel very well!

We are busy with our studies and exercises... it is a most wonderful time! The boys tell me that we have been lucky that things have been so quiet... and I agree! The Dragon Lord has been unseen for some time (no doubt making evil plans) as have are other enemies. From the tales I have heard of the past, I am very happy that the Foot is no longer around.

I am left with nothing more to say! So many thoughts move through my mind, and yet when I sit to write, they flutter away as if a flock of migrating birds! I must make better practice to correct this!

Until we meet again, I wish you all the best.

Peace be with you, Venus


Happy greetings to you!

I am writing to you from my homeland in China! Leonardo left with me one of Donatello's top-of-lap computers! It is a wonderful thing! I am so happy to be at home, and I can tell you that we have been successful! The Dragon Lord is no more!

I had begun to have night visions after the time of Christmas... bad omens that showed me images of the Dragon Lord attacking friends of my Master Chung I. These grew ever more detailed and frightening, and when I told Master Splinter, he agreed that we must journey back to China to help my people. Dragon Lord was assuredly up to something evil.

The journey here was quick. I spent my time in communication with my old Master's friends. They at first told me that no trouble appeared, but they would be cautious. In short time, Dragon Lord made his attack. We were but a day from the village by then... but we would be too late to save some of the Shinobi. I am glad we had left in time to save most.

Upon our arrival, we were met by several of the most ancient Shinobi priests. Dragon Lord had begun a series of raids, with no evident pattern of time or place. His Rank warriors are most sturdy and hard to defeat, and Dragon Lord sent them in small and large groups. The Shinobi were tiring and fearful of total defeat. The priests did what they could do to weaken the Rank, but the warriors were not well trained... it had been long since they last fought, and the constant combat had them exhausted.

When we first arrived, Leonardo took control of the warriors. And while Michael will try to convince you that he did not do much battle, I can assure you that without him we would have failed in our mission. He is a true ninja, and he is mighty. He saved us on numerous occassions. One battle we won when Michael and the children fell from trees with vines about their ankles. They each held rocks in their hands and when they came close to the ground, they dropped them onto the Rank. They then climbed back up the vines into the safety of the trees. This turned the tide on a battle that we were losing. I was so proud of both Michael and the children that day. They were fearless, and clever!

With Leonardo helping now, Master Splinter and I met with the priests to devise a strategy to defeat Dragon Lord. He had been on the offensive, and Master Splinter thought that we would have an opportunity for a counter strike directly at the evil reptile. We forged a plan to capture him, as he was once before by the Shinobi so long ago.

The priests liked the idea, although we did not know if we had a vessel of enough power to hold the Dragon Lord for long... but as we researched this we managed to unearth an ancient box of mystic power. It had been buried long ago in the temple, and luckily I had stumbled upon an old scroll that made reference to it. Once we had found it (a long story unto itslef), the priests began fortifying it with arcane spells to prepare it to be Dragon Lord's new prison. This would take many days. Master Splinter used the time to bait and enrage Dragon Lord. The evil one has always had an angry heart, and he is easy to manipulate because of this.

Master Splinter had been successful in angering Dragon so greatly that he planned an all out attack on us. The Dragon Lord had hoped to defeat the Shinobi quickly and use the magic items in their temple against the Turtles, so that he might finally defeat (and devour) us. Splinter saw this as our opportunity to capture him. Dragon Lord had not used his powers to help his Rank much, as he was conserving his energy for something. This worried us all, and Master Splinter decided it was best that we bait the reptile into using his power when we expected it, rather than waiting to be surprised by it. We all agreed. So the Sensei gave Dragon Lord false information "accidentally"... he told the evil one that the Shinobi had just uncovered a magic item so powerful that it would easily destroy the Dragons altogether once it was fully charged. Master Splinter was clever in his deceit, and the Dragin believed his story completely. As we expected, he sent all of his Rank warriors to attack the temple that very night.

Our plan was simple... while the battle ensued, our priests would focus just enough energy upon the Rank to force Dragon Lord to protect them. This diversion would allow Master Splinter and I to further hinder the Dragon while the priests then focused their abilities to put the evil one into the prison box. All we needed was someone to get near enough to Dragon Lord so that when the box was opened, the reptilian monster would be sucked into it. Leonardo volunteered, but Master Splinter felt that it would look suspicious if he was not leading the Shinobi against the Rank. So Michael once again came to the rescue. Again, he is too modest to tell you, but it was he who first succeeded in capturing the Dragon Lord. He fought off many of the Rank and several deadly attacks by the Dragon Lord himself before he managed to open the lid within proper range. I honestly thought he had died at one point after the Dragon had struck him down with a violent bolt of energy. Dragon Lord recognized instantly what that box meant, and when he saw Michael carrying it towards him, he exploded with fear and anger.

But by the time the evil one had noticed Michael, he was already defeated. As soon as he diverted his attentions away from the Rank, the priests quickly used their powers to help the Shinobi warriors capture the vile, cold-blooded soldiers. Master Splinter then struck at Dragon Lord via the Astral Plane merely to divert him, as I entered his mind and confused him enough that his further attacks missed Michael. I cried with joy when Micheal stood up and carried the box in front of the Dragon Lord! Not only had he survived the blast, but he was seeing that the mission succeeded!

As soon as the box was in range, the priests unleashed their final spells of binding. The lid flew open and the Dragon Lord and all of his rank were drawn into it, like leaves being drawn into a whirlpool. The Dragons had been trapped once again!

But Dragon Lord was very powerful! Master Splinter and I had to help the priests maintain the imprisonment. They worked diligently to invoke the spells of permanence, and this took many, many days. In the meantime, Dragon Lord made every effort to escape and nearly did on several occassions. It was Master Splinter's job to monitor the evil one and warn us of impending escape attempts. I was to distract the Dragon Lord as I had done before. What few priests remained were left to the task of relentless magical assualts as the Dragon tried to destroy his prison. Leonardo and Michael were anxious to return home, and so we bid them a hasty farewell. Master Splinter and I would join them once our work was done here. We would travel the same route that I had used before to get to New York on my own... much slower than the submarine, but we could not leave, and Master Splinter wanted Leo and Michael to return home. He had spoken with Donatello via astral projection, and there was trouble afoot there. So we bid goodbye to our heroes and went back to our own task. After many weeks, the spells of permanence took hold and Dragon Lord was held fast in his new prison!

The priests wrote a new scroll and we buried the box many feet below the temple underneath a stone that weighs four tons. With any luck, Dragon Lord will trouble us no more!

So while things were treacherous and frightening for many months, all is well in the end! I am so happy to have captured the villain who is responsible for the death of my former Master. My heart sings with this accomplishment! And if not for my new found family, it would not have been possible! I have been enjoying my stay at my old home, and being heralded as a hero by my former Master's friends made me very proud. Master Splinter has been spending time with the Shinobi priests and in the evening we go for walks in the forests and try to spot Pandas. We are making plans for the journey back to America now, but we will stay here for a few more days. I hope that everything is going well for you!

Peace be with you, Venus


Hello to you!

My, it has been a very turbulent time for us all! We spent many weeks away from this planet! Can you believe that? I could not for many days! It was the most astounding thing that has ever happened to me! Despite my Shinobi training, I must admit that it was very perplexing! The magic that is called technology is sometimes so powerful that it frightens me! My training is based upon the power of the mind while technology is the power of so many different elements combined, it is vast and intimidating. Donatello is certainly a very powerful shaman in this area, and I am awed by his abilities. He of course claims that it is easy and anyone could do it, but I know that this is not true, for I certainly could never do what he does! Donatello works many strong magics in his lab, and this is a good thing!

We were having supper one evening when an old friend of my family appeared from nowhere with grave news. His world was under attack and he needed the help of his friends! I have heard many stories about Zak and his allies, so I wasn't surprised to see him, but I was surprised at how he arrived! He had a magic gun that opens gateways to other times and dimensions! Most odd! So we went immediately with him to help save his friends and family from the invaders, a task we were unsure that we could handle. We are but 6 and we were to face an army of thousands. Fortunately when we arrived we found many allies already organized and fighting the Rock Soldiers and Triceratons. These beasts were very large and frightening to behold. They were heartless and ruthless warriors as well, harming helpless men, women and children. They were without honor or compassion. I was reminded all too quickly of the Dragon Lord and his vile Dragon army. I knew we had made the proper choice to come to this world and help free it from this menace! It is our duty to fight evil in whatever guise it assumes and on whatever plain it trods.

Leonardo and Master Splinter quickly met with the leaders of the Neutrino brigade and set about making plans. Leonardo is a fine student of Sun Tsu and he was the catalyst in our victory, although like all of his brothers he is too modest to take credit for such deeds. It was decided that Raphael, Michael and I were to make a ninja assault on Traag's base and remove him from the war. Leonardo believed that with Traag defeated the armies would soon fall into disarray and we could then attain victory easily.

As it turned out, our raid on the enemies' camp did not result in the defeat of Traag, but instead upon his ally Garnack of the Triceratons. Traag was nowhere to be found in our hunt, and we later decided that he had fled the base when the frontal assault began (and went far better than we could have dreamed). Traag probably had a teleportation device of his own, so escape for him would be easy. Raphael said that the Triceratons utilize a teleportation machine called a Transmat, and although we did not find one at the base, it is possible that there may be some hand-held device that allows such things. As evidenced by Zak, this is commonplace in Dimension X. It is still bewildering to contemplate! Nonetheless, our raid worked well, although not as planned. I set off with Michael to rescue Zak's friends Dask and Kala and to seek out Traag while Raphael insisted on working alone and creating a diversion. As it turned out, Raphael's "diversion" was to remove Garnack, which set dominoes falling that resulted the same as we had planned with the defeat of Traag.

Michael and I found Dask and Kala in a lightly guarded prison area. We removed the Rock Soldier guards with Shinobi trickery and ninja fighting techniques and freed the prisoners... over 700 in all! We then went to an armory and armed the former prisoners and set out to conquer the base. The remaining troops inside the base had actually begun to fight amongst themselves when Raphael revealed the defeated Garnack on the video monitors located all over the barracks. Our task was made much easier, as thousands of enemy soldiers battled one another as we looked on. All we had to do was wait for them to defeat one another, which would greatly diminish their overall strength. When the few victors finally stood over their vanquished former allies, we moved in. The remaining foes were so battle weary that they quickly surrendered to our superior and well-rested forces. We took the entire base in less than 3 hours!

After this it was much easier for Leonardo and the Neutrino leaders to reorganize and rout the other enemies. The Neutrino planet, which had been under siege for weeks, was free from it's invaders in a matter of one day! It was a truly miraculous and marvelous thing, and it was thanks mostly to Leonardo's plans and Donatello's inventions! Each day I am more honored that I can consider these great people to be my friends and family!

After the battles were won, the arduous task of cleaning up began. The Neutrinos are a merciful people, despite the barbaric attitudes of their enemy. They spared all prisoners and put them to work cleaning up the destruction that they had created. After 2 weeks the work was done and all prisoners were banished from the planet, sent into a large spacecraft that took them far out into the galaxy where their people would find them.

We spent many days celebrating with Zak and his friends and had a joyous time. The Neutrinos are now working to make their homeworld safer, and are using plans that Leonardo and Donatello drafted for them. It was a most frightening adventure, but all turned out for the best in the end, and we are now home safe and sound!

I hope very much that you have had a safe and rewarding summer and that the coming months bring you nothing but joy. As we move into the quiet times of Fall and Winter it pleases me to know that the Neutrinos are safe in their homes once again. I hope the same will remain true for each of us as the new millennium dawns. Let us pray that it is a kinder and safer era for us all, in all dimensions and on all worlds.

Peace be with you, Venus



Things in our humble abode have been more akin to a hospital than a happy home of late. We all get very ill and spent many cold winter days curled up in bed with stomach aches and fevers. Michael was hurt the worst by this illness, and despite his fortitude in dealing with it, Raphael was also quite ill. How Raphael managed to do his patrols while he was still so sick is beyond my comprehension. I have spent many evenings discussing the power of the mind with Raphael and how to focus his energy, and I believe he is also mastering this technique as well. I believe that he was able to channel his inner rage to battle the sickness and keep his body somewhat fit, despite all its protests to rest. He kept a truly remarkable schedule for over two weeks while the rest of us struggled to get out of bed, let alone patrol for dangers.

No one else seems aware of how ill Raphael was, mainly due to how sick each was in their own right. But I noticed... Raphael became sick to his stomach far more than any of the rest of us, but he continued to push himself forward. I began to fear for his safety, but he suddenly took a turn for the better and was left with but a cold. I cannot say that his choice to push his body so when it obviously needed rest was wise, but perhaps through this ordeal he will have learned a valuable lesson about his ability to control his body with his mind, and in turn, learn to control and subdue his anger. Raphael is a most noble person, and it troubles me to know that he suffers so with internal misgivings. But he is learning and growing. Some day he will quell the fires within himself, and then he will truly know peace and contentment... but I still mourn that his path must be so difficult.

Due to our illness, I have not seen as much of Casey, April and Shadow as I would like. I had been babysitting Shadow quite often while Casey was away at his work, but once we got sick we thought it best if our friends visited as little as possible, especially Shadow, as he is young and has less defenses against sickness. Casey had to take an extra job to pay another babysitter while we were ill, but of late things are getting back to normal, and Casey plans to quit his other work soon. He is making very good money these days and says that he hopes to have enough to buy himself a home in about 5 years. He tells us that if he can find a large enough space that we will be welcome to live with him, but I do not think the guys will want to leave the sewer. For all the troubles that we have here, it is our home. Casey is working extremely hard to provide Shadow with a good home, and although she wishes to see him more often than she does, I am sure that she will understand when she grows older.

I have begun training April in the arts of Shinobi on the days when she is not studying katana with Master Splinter. April is very athletic and a fast study, so she picks up techniques quickly. It has been great fun working with her, although she has too little time to spare due to her jobs. Sometimes I hear the boys complaining that I have stolen their friend from them since April spends most of her time in the sewer with me now, but I know that they are joking.

April has mentioned that she may want to start a self-defense school in a few years, once Master Splinter and I give her the blessing to do so. Ninjitsu training is a lifetime of work and she began late, but if she continues to improve as rapidly as she has until now she will be ready very soon indeed. She spars weekly with Leonardo and he is most impressed with her progress. April has expressed the desire to patrol with us at night, and while Master Splinter believes she still needs months of practice, I think she is ready. April is most skilled with her weapon, so if she is disarmed she will be at a disadvantage, but the best practice is against a true foe and I think she is fit to meet the challenge. She has her own vendetta against the Foot because they burned her antique shop, and so she too has her own fires to quell. But I will bow to Master Splinter's wisdom and allow him to make the ultimate decision as to when she is best prepared.

Master Splinter and I have begun to scout areas of the lower sewers in search of safe havens if we should need them. Donatello still protests this plan, but Master Splinter is determined that we will find secondary shelter. I agree with our Sensei that this is needed. Donatello believes that we are showing lack of faith in his security devices, but it is no that at all. We have every confidence in his abilities, but we also have respect for the devious nature of our enemies, so we must be prepared for potential disaster. We have already set up two temprorary shelters and we plan to find at least two others before we are content. I also enjoy spending this time learning the confusing sewer paths and also lessons from Master Splinter. He is a wise scholar and he has much to teach, and I am eager to learn. The ways of this country are so very different than that of my Chinese heritage, and the Master helps me adjust.

Well, I am afraid that I must get busy. April will be here soon and so I must begin preparing for our new lesson. I hope that you are well!

Peace be with you, Venus



I am pleased to be writing you once again! It has been many moons since we last had the chance to catch up, but it seems like only yesterday to me! We have done much this season and been through much as well. The Mutanimals were in need of our help, and after much difficulties, we managed to defeat the pirates who were causing so much duress at sea.

The battles were hard fought, and in the end, the villains provided their own defeat, as they are wont to do. I was fortunate to apply the practice of Huan-ti Shi on the pirates' leader, the Murk Mariner. This practice brings to bear the weaknesses in the minds of those who do evil, and turns their innner conflict against them so that they become as malleable clay. As the wretch battles for control of his thoughts, it allows a well trained Shinobi the opportunity to plant ideas into the mind of the scoundrel. Murk Mariner is a particularly foul character and he was easily manipulated in this fashion, but it is a deadly practice. If the Shinobi faces a particularly devious or equally trained opponent, Hun-ti Shi can easily backfire and the practitioner can quickly become the victim. I was fortunate to face a less experienced foe and all worked out well in the end.

What was troubling was the debate that preceded this strategy. Leonardo and Donatello were not pleased with my plan, and I do not blame them, for it was a risky concept, indeed. Their concern did not trouble me, but the fact that the arguments became so heated made me very sad. I know that Donatello and Leonardo were only looking out for my best interests, but I wish that things had not gotten so out of hand. Donatello in particular became quite enraged with Dreadmon of the Mutaniamls and they exchanged insults. I had never seen Donatello this way before! It was quite unnerving and I feared that it would spoil my mindset, but fortunately I used some tactics taught to me by Master Splinter to regain my composure once I was onboard the pirate ship. It has been a few days since the incident, and I sense that Donatello is still troubled by the event, so I will give it more time before I speak with him about it. Before we departed he and Dreadmon exchanged apologies and all seems well, but I sense that Donatello is still hurt by the incident. It is most unfortunate, but these things happen. In the end it will all be for the best, as Donatello will have learned something about himself, and we something of him as well.

Onto more pleasing things! April is coming over this evening with Casey Jones and Casey's daughter, Shadow. I have not seen them in many weeks and it should be a joyous time. Master Splinter has invited us to visit him is his new abode. What we thought was to be our emergency shelter has become our Sensei's new home! I do not know why the Master has deemed it time to move away from us, but I am sure he has a good reason. Things will be interesting with him gone, I think!

Thank you for checking in with me! I am truly honored. I hope that all things go well for you, and we will talk again soon.

Peace be with you, Venus



My, it was quite a summer! We no sooner got home from assisting Ray Fillet and his friends when real trouble began in the sewers! As you are perhaps aware of, Master Splinter moved out of our dwelling a few months back to give us space. The Sensei felt that we needed the time away from him, to grow as people and become more independent. This seemed like a plausible reason at the time, but we should not have let our guards down regarding Master Splinter’s chosen abode… it was a small cubby of a room in the far depths of the sewers that radiated ill will to most of us. It had very bad karma, and yet due to the Sensei’s insistence, we continued working on the space to prepare it for his eventual arrival. The lesson we have learned from this is to trust our intuition!

As it turned out, the misgivings we had about the new home were proven correct. While I could sense an ominous presence in the room, I could not decipher exactly what it was. The Sensei also felt it, but he would tell us not to worry and to go about our business. Master Splinter and I held several blessing ceremonies in attempt to cleanse the space of any evil spirits… but the nefarious being we had not anticipated was the Rat King and his minions!

The Rat King had actually lured Leonardo to this spot several months ago, using his rats to lead Leo to the door that opened to the cubby. When Leo discovered the space he brought it to our attention… and Master Splinter was immediately drawn to it for some inexplicable reason (well, we now know the reason… the Rat King has been trying for years to perfect his rodent controlling abilities over our Sensei, and he used what skills he had to draw the Master to that spot). Rat King had always had great difficulty gaining long term mental command over Master Splinter because the Sensei was most often protected by us… so the rodent monarch devised a way to separate the Master from us. This separation would allow Rat King the opportunity to finally have the time he needed to gain command of Master Splinter!

I am sad to report that his plan worked perfectly! After the Sensei had moved into his new apartment, we were left to our own devices. As we are wont to do, we spent much of the time squabbling, becoming completely self-absorbed and neglecting our duty to the Master, a tact that only offered Rat King more time to manipulate poor Splinter! At first the Master did not visit us much at all, but as the weeks grew on he came to see us more often, each visit he seemed a bit more distant, a little less like himself, and much more impatient. Initially we thought that he was just showing us his displeasure at how poorly we were doing without his guidance, but we came to understand that it was actually the Rat King exerting his control over the Sensei! Eventually the Rat King was able to utilize his odd power to actually possess Splinter’s body and control him completely! In retrospect, Donatello suspects that our mutation is what enabled Rat King to utilize his ability to such dramatic and frightening affect!

Once Rat King was confident in his control over our Master, he finally launched his attack on us. We still do not understand what drove him to do this, as we have had a truce with him for many months now. Using Master Splinter as his pawn, he was able to discover all of our hideouts, traps and security measures. The Rat King used the information gleaned from our Sensei to allow his rats to disable all of Donatello’s devices in one afternoon. Shortly thereafter he launched the attack… while Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo were on patrol!

The rat hordes swarmed upon Raphael and I without any warning while we were preparing lunch. Leading the rodent army was crazed looking Master Splinter! The rats quickly set about destroying all of our things while Master Splinter (possessed by the Rat King) attacked Raphael and I. Raphael was completely bewildered but defended himself well… I cannot say the same. Splinter quickly dispatched me while I stood stunned with a kick to my head, which knocked me unconscious. I totally failed my family. Rat King knew that I was the most severe threat to his plans, due to my own abilities to reach into the minds of people. Rat King knew that I had the ability to free Splinter from his influence, so he made sure that I was removed as a threat almost instantly. I am very smaded that this happened and that I was not prepared. I was so surprised at the sight of Master Splinter leading an attack on our home that I was simply dumbfounded. It is most embarrassing to admit this, but it is the truth and I will not hide it.

From this point I do know all of what happened. The rats carried me away to the Rat King while Raphael defended our home as best he could. He managed to subdue Splinter for a time, but he was quickly overrun by the horde and was brought to the prison that I was being held in. Eventually Leonardo and Donatello managed to rescue us and I was able to use my talent to free the Master from the Rat King’s influence, but it was a very trying time for all of us, especially me. Had I been prepared upon the initial attack, perhaps we would not have lost all of our things… we now have nothing. The rats decimated out home and much of Donatello’s laboratory before Leonardo and Donatello could drive them off. I will leave them to tell you their part of the tale.

Despite the hardship we are now fairing well. Master Splinter is living with us again and the Rat King is seemingly missing… although I am sure he is not too far away. April and Casey have donated many things to our cause (April has opened a new antique shop and had many things that she has given to us, bless her). Donatello lost all of his minor equipment, as the rats were not able to chew through his large metal objects, but he has been very busy with projects since then and frustrated with what he has lost. I do not blame him.

That is my report for this time. I am still heartbroken over my failings, but I have learned my lesson well and I will not repeat them. I must get back to work now, as there is still much to do. I hope that things have been going better for you… and remember, be ever vigilant!

Peace be with you, Venus

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