Venice on the Half-Shell
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
Venice on the Half-Shell Title Card
Title screen
Season Code: EU04
Episode: 4
Original airdate 1992 (Europe)
September 25, 1993 (USA)
Written by Susan "Misty" Stewart-Taggart
Producers: Bruno-Rene Huchez
Directed by Bruno-Rene Huchez
Story Editor: Jack Mendelsohn
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1992-1993 Vacation in Europe sideseason
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"Venice On The Half-Shell" is the third episode in the Vacation in Europe sideseason. It had already aired in many European countries during 1992 before airing in the USA over CBS on 25 September 1993.


The Turtles are in Venice, where they are eating pizza in a gondola. Donatello is enthused about the culture and history, Raphael and Michelangelo are bored, and Leonardo gets overexcited and rocks the boat because he feels his ninja skills are getting rusty. He accidentally knocks Donatello out of the boat, forcing him to swim after them.

In Dimension X, Krang has a meltdown when parts of the Technodrome and the Foot Soldiers begin breaking. Since they cannot afford to fix the Foot Soldiers up, Krang comes up with the idea of stealing the treasures of Venice and holding them for ransom. At the same time, he wants revenge on the Turtles. To this end, he has the Hydrofluxer, which enhances the gravitational pull of the moon, which will threaten Venice with flooding.

In Paris, April is told that she's being sent to Venice for a few days to cover Mardi Gras and the regatta. Irma is being sent to assist her. The Turtles are heading down into the Venetian sewers when they encounter Shredder, and just as a fight breaks out, Shredder sweeps them away on a sudden flood of water. They manage to surf out into the canals on wooden boards.

Meanwhile, Krang confirms to Shredder that due to a malfunction with the portal, he'll have to send the Hydrofluxer in pieces, and have Rocksteady and Bebop bring the assembly instructions to Shredder.

While the Turtles are enjoying Mardi Gras, Rocksteady and Bebop are deposited in front of them, and the two mutants steal April and Irma's gondola to make their getaway. Irma accidentally pulls loose the instructions, and Donatello soon figures out what Krang and Shredder's plan is. He's also able to track the items being sent via portal to Shredder, and manages to pull one of the parts - a molecular wave intensifier - off-course so that the Hydrofluxer can't be built.

When an impatient Shredder decides he can't wait for the last part, he turns on the device without it. Bolts of colored energy fly through Venice, bringing stone gargoyles to life, causing the water to become uncontrollably rough, and producing a massive tidal wave. April and Irma are snatched up by a winged stone lion, and the Turtles temporarily put aside their search for the Hydrofluxer to stop the lion and rescue the two women.

Another gargoyle attacks the Turtle Van, throwing the molecular wave intensifier into Rocksteady and Bebop's boat and nearly sinking the Turtles' vehicle. The Turtles pursue the two mutants and cause them to crash.

However, they still have the molecular wave intensifier, and when Shredder instals the part, the tidal wave dissipates and the stone animals return to their normal state. It turns out that Donatello altered the part to reverse its effects. Furious, Krang pounds on the portal and pulls Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady back to Dimension X, just as the Turtles arrive to attack them.

In Dimension X, Krang turns on the Hydrofluxer, only for it to explode. Krang is left in tears, ranting about how he hates the Turtles.

In Venice, the Turtles are cheered for having saved the city, while April reports on Mardi Gras.

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 7
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection



  • When Krang and Shredder survey the damage to their troops, the Technodrome is shown being a lot smaller than it should be.
  • When the Turtles turn around in the boat to find Donatello missing, Michelangelo was seen with Donatello's colours.


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