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-45--50 interlocking covers by Mateus Santolouco.jpg
-45--50 interlocking covers by Mateus Santolouco.jpg
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Part Two Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco.jpg
Part Two Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco.jpg

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-45--50 interlocking covers by Mateus Santolouco.jpg


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Vengeance is a story arc in IDW Publishing's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continuity. The story deals with the Turtles facing the aftermath of their attack on the Technodrome and victory over General Krang, as well as the nigh-death of Donatello.


Part One - Issue #45

Part One Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco

Published April 29th, 2015

Donatello awakens in the afterlife. He is about to head towards the light when Tang Shen calls out to him, urging him to stay a while with her.

In Harold's lab, the Fugitoid arrives through the teleporter to tell Donnie the good news about Krang's defeat and imprisonment. He is shocked to see everyone mourning Donnie. Fugitoid examines Donnie and finds a faint pulse. He springs into action, telling the other Turtles to move Donnie to the walk-in freezer and Harold to teleport him to Burnow Island for supplies. Master Splinter sees a glimmer of hope and begins to meditate, entering the spirit realm. He arrives in Donnie's vision of the afterlife and begins navigating the maze to try and find him.

At Foot Clan headquarters, Bebop and Rocksteady search in vain for Hun. Karai tells them that they need to be certain whether he was killed or deserted when they report to Master Shredder. Koya and Bludgeon walk in and tell her that it doesn't matter because the Shredder is dead. Koya and Bludgeon express regret for the dishonor they have brought upon the clan by failing to protect their master. Karai tells them to stop wallowing in grief and that they will regroup their forces. She states that she plans to cull the Foot of anyone unworthy of serving.

The Purple Dragon gang members Malo, Chun, and Link are holding up a convenience store. Malo and Chun happily exclaim that this turf once again belongs to the Purple Dragons. Casey Jones appears out of an alleyway and tells them that it's not, beating them down. Link comes out of the store to see what's going on and Casey beats him up too. The shop owner Arune comes out to thank Casey as the Purple Dragons slink away to lick their wounds. Casey tells Arune that it was nothing and gives Arune a cricket bat to protect his store with. As the two part ways, Arune tells Casey to be on the lookout for another Purple Dragon, a big musclebound blonde guy, just as Casey spots his dad climbing the steps to April's parents' antique shop.

In the afterlife, Donnie walks and talks with his mother. Tang Shen is amused as Donnie attempts to reason out where he is, as he is confused. He wonders if he's dreaming and says that the light on the horizon is beautiful and he knows he should be concerned by this strange situation, but for some reason he's at peace because everything feels right.

Inside the freezer in Harold's lab, Harold and the Fugitoid prepare Donnie. The Fugitoid tells Harold that the technology is sound but he's unsure about the ramshackle set-up that they had to cobble together. Outside the freezer, the others wait. Mikey prays while Leo tries to remain calm, but Raph refuses to let himself get his hopes up. He says that no matter what they won't be able to save Donnie. Mikey cuts Raph off in the middle of his rant, telling Raph that his anger is misguided, useless, and annoying. Raph punches a steel beam out of frustration and walks off. Alopex tells the others that Raph is just worried and unable to keep his temper in check and goes to check on him. Leo says that no matter what happens, they still have to worry about what the Shredder is going to do next.

Baxter Stockman is finally back in his penthouse suite and enjoying a drink. The Shredder lies on the bed recovering. He jerks awake and demands to know where Stockman has taken him. Stockman explains that the two of them can work together to their mutual benefit, as Shredder's capital will provide Stockman's return to form and Stockman's tech can aid Shredder in eliminating the Turtles. Shredder agrees to discuss terms.

In the afterlife, Tang Shen explains to Donatello that it is up to him where he goes next. He can choose the path towards the light or the path into darkness, the unknown. Tang Shen points out a cherry blossom tree. She explains how we only see what is visible, its trunk and branches and beautiful foliage, but what makes the tree strong is what is unseen, its roots. Tang Shen tells Donatello that the light and the dark, the seen and the unseen compliment each other. Donatello turns at the sound of his name and sees Splinter walking towards him, telling him he is there to help guide him home. Donnie looks to see if his mother is still there but she's gone. Donnie walks with Splinter into the darkness, into the unknown.

Donatello wakes up in the freezer in Harold's lab and is confused. His consciousness is now inside the robot Metalhead.

Prelude to Vengeance - Free Comic Book Day 2015


Published April 1st, 2015

This issue was published before part 1 but takes place between part 1 and part 2.

Part Two - Issue #46

Part Two Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco.jpg

Published May 27th, 2015

Donatello, his consciousness now housed inside the Metalhead robot built by Harold Lillja, examines the machines monitoring his body's vital signs. Understandably, he is pretty shaken about nearly dying. Donnie leaves the room to go speak to Fugitoid and Harold and the others empathize with the turmoil he is going through. Outside, Alopex attempts to console Raphael. Raph is angry about the whole turn of events, stating that he wishes they hadn't left Donnie behind when they went to Burnow Island. Leo walks up to Raph and tells him that the least they can do is be proactive, so he wants to organize patrols of the city to monitor for any potential trouble brewing. Leo, Raph, and Mikey leave to check on various parts of the city while Angel teases Alopex for how close she and Raph are getting, then the two leave to go on patrol themselves.

At April's parents' antique store, Arnie Jones a.k.a. Hun has barged in and begun questioning Jon and Beth O'Neil. Hun is considerably drunk and glad to see Casey as he arrives also. Casey gets between Hun and the O'Neils to protect them. Hun tells Casey that he just wanted to tell him the good news, that Shredder is dead and the Foot no more, so now the two of them can be friends again as Hun doesn't have to kill Casey anymore. Casey tells his dad to leave them alone. Jon calls Hun crazy and tells him to leave, angering Hun. Before Hun can do anything, Angel arrives in the Nobody suit with Alopex and Hun leaves, outnumbered. Casey introduces Mr. and Mrs. O'Neil to Angel and Alopex. Angel confirms that the Foot Clan had nearly been wiped out and breaks the bad news about Donnie to Casey.  

At the Foot Clan's headquarters, Karai gives an impassioned speech about no longer tolerating outsiders in their midst. Karai states that moving forward, they will not work with any outside forces, such as other street gangs, to ensure that their clan remains secure.

Back at Harold's lab, Donnie is amazed by his digital brain's increased data-processing power. The Fugitoid tells him that he went through a similar phase when he began life in his robotic body. Donnie states that despite his lack of physiological needs, he still feels things like pain and hunger. Harold explains that these are just lingering psychological components of our biology and asks Donnie if Metalhead has been repaired adequately. Donnie tells Harold that he did a great job on such short notice.

Outside Rupert's Pizzeria, Mikey tells Woody all about the recent events at Burnow Island but expresses dismay that no matter what happens everything always seems to lead to more conflict. Woody tells him that at least his family is safe and sound, and they can rest easy knowing they did the righteous thing by saving the world.

In the New York Tech staff parking lot, Dr. Miller walks to his car. Dr. Miller sits down and wonders what he's gotten himself into. He thinks back to his and April's earlier conversation in his office, when he helped April translate parts of the mysterious scroll he'd found in the Foot Clan's library. He told her that it spoke of a family of immortal demons who played a game of influence and power, and how they went into hiding following a great cataclysmic event but waited to one day continue their game. Dr. Miller stated that he'd found references to a companion scroll hidden somewhere in the American Southwest. April had then left with the scroll to take it to Master Splinter so that he could look it over as well. Dr. Miller looks in his rearview mirror and is surprised to see a Foot assassin, who then kills him.

Baxter Stockman and the Shredder pull up to the Techno Cosmic Research Institute. Stockman explains that he had set up TCRI as a front company using funds embezzled from General Krang. Shredder states that he simply wishes to get inside so that he can change out of the suit loaned to him by Stockman and back into his armor. As the two head inside, Stockman explains that he learned from his father to always stay several moves ahead of one's opponents, and reveals an assembly line of flyborgs and M.O.U.S.E.R.'s, ready to go at a moment's notice.

At the antique shop, Beth and Jon retire to bed after spending time talking to Casey, Angel and Alopex. Casey is about to call April when they hear yelling outside. Hun has returned, drunker than ever, and accompanied by dozens of Purple Dragon gang members.

Part Three - Issue #47

Part Three Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco.jpg

Published July 1st, 2015

Hun, Link, Malo, and countless other Purple Dragons stand outside the Second Time Around antique shop. Casey, Angel, and Alopex step outside to meet them. Overhearing the commotion from upstairs, Jon and Beth O'Neil call the police. Hun says that Casey is pathetic and weak, but Casey counters that he's simply learned honor, as it was something his father never taught him. Casey, Angel, and Alopex attack the Purple Dragon gang members despite being vastly outnumbered. Seeing the overwhelming odds, Jon heads outside to help. Across the street, the owner of the corner store Arune sees the same scene unfolding and heads out to help as well, arming himself with the cricket bat Casey gave him earlier that night (see Part One).

Several Purple Dragons manage to subdue Casey and Hun tells him that this time he's finished. Before Hun can do more, he is attacked by Jon and Arune. Angel and Alopex continue fighting other Purple Dragons. Two neighborhood residents, T-Boy and Jimmy, witness Jon and Arune joining Casey and the others in standing up to the gang and head out to join the fight, stating that it's time to protect their home.

Casey continues to battle his father while Angel and Alopex handle the other Purple Dragons. All the while, more area residents pour out of their apartments to aid the vigilantes. The Purple Dragons, eyeing the growing resistance, flee the scene, save for Hun. Hun angrily tells Casey that he's found a new family but Casey points out that his family has bailed on him. Hun laughs, saying that while he and Casey both thought they were right they both turned out to be wrong. Hun states that he can always recruit more gang members, and points out that Casey operates the same way, as he once ran with the Turtles but is now backed up by a random assortment of people who lived in the neighborhood. Hun states that the only constant is their method of operation, to face their problems head-on with their fists. Hun concludes that we can't change the things we inherit from our families.

The police arrive and take Hun into custody. Detective Kara Lewis thanks Casey and the O'Neils for helping apprehend one of New York's most wanted criminals. An officer tells Detective Kara that he just saw a mutant snow fox but she dismisses him, as she's had enough for one night and doesn't wish to do any extra paperwork (Detective Kara became aware of mutants in the city in the Michelangelo one-shot).

At the Turtles' home, Splinter examines the scroll brought to him by April while April comes to terms with Donnie's body lying broken in a coma and Donnie's mind residing within a machine. April assures Splinter that the Foot Clan did not know that the scroll was in their possession. Eyeing the scroll, an image of the Rat King triggers something in Leo's memory. April tells the others that she wishes to be useful, and that she and Casey can head to the Southwest where another scroll is supposedly hidden. Raph tells them that they saw Casey's father Hun earlier that night and he appeared to be drinking again after leaving the Foot.

Inside Foot headquarters, Bludgeon and Koya tell Karai how they found Hun as she ordered them to do, but were distracted by the presence of the Turtles and then turned away by a “secret weapon” (Donnie acting through the Metalhead robot) and as a result Hun escaped. Karai states that their failures are becoming tiresome when the Shredder arrives, much to their surprise, followed by Baxter Stockman. Karai and the others bow and the Shredder dismisses Koya, Bludgeon, Bebop and Rocksteady so as to speak to Karai about their plans in private. Karai insists that Stockman should leave as well, as trusting outsiders has not gone well for the clan in the past, but Shredder tells her not to overstep her authority and presume to know what is best for the clan. Shredder explains that the source of all their problems is the betrayal the clan suffered at the hands of Hamato Yoshi, known in this life as Master Splinter. Shredder tells Karai that in this matter, honor is irrelevant to their revenge. Stockman dons a neural-communication headset and uses it to send out swarms of flyborgs and M.O.U.S.E.R.'s, which can be seen from across the city.

Outside their house, April tells her parents that she and Casey are headed off on a road trip (see the TMNT: Casey & April mini-series).

In Harold's lab, Donnie alerts Harold and the Fugitoid to an unidentified flying object on the radar, headed straight for the Turtles' home.

At the Turtles' base, Splinter keeps Donnie's body company, Leo meditates, and Raph berates Mikey for losing the tv remote again. Suddenly much of the roof caves in, and flyborgs and M.O.U.S.E.R.'s begin to pour inside. Splinter urges his sons to protect Donnie, but the robots are only saying one thing: “kill the rat”.

Part Four - Issue #48

Part Four Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco.jpg

Published July 29th, 2015

Under attack in their own home, Splinter and the Turtles (minus Donnie, whose body lies in a coma but whose mind is in the robot Metalhead at Harold's lab) defend themselves. Hearing the robots cries of “kill the rat”, Leo urges Splinter and Raph to fall back to the basement to lure the robots away. Leo puts Mikey in charge of watching over Donnie, then goes to join Raph and Splinter.

Just then, Robo-Donnie arrives, startling Mikey. Donnie explains that the two of them need to follow their family to help, and asks Harold to teleport his body to safety on Burnow Island. Donnie's body arrives safely and the Fugitoid begins more advanced healthcare. Donnie asks Harold to send for Nobody (Angel rocking the tech suit built by Harold) to help them.

Angel receives the message from Harold, and she and Alopex begin racing towards the Turtles. The police transport van holding Hun and Detective Kara Lewis is stuck in traffic and Officer Johnson, who pointed out Alopex and Angel to Detective Kara earlier, points them out again as they leap from rooftop to rooftop. Detective Kara ignores them, as she's concerned with getting Hun into custody without any problems. She tells the officer that during her years deep undercover she saw all sorts of strange things, so nothing surprises her anymore. Suddenly an explosion rocks the van, knocking it on its side. Appearing out of nowhere, Hob orders Herman to free Hun. Detective Kara pulls herself out of the wrecked van and tells them to freeze but Herman drops a smoke grenade and they run to the Mutanimals' truck. Hun is confused by Hob springing him but doesn't complain. Hob explains that freeing Hun was in his best interest, as now Hun owes him a favor. Watching them flee, Detective Kara states that this turn of events has indeed managed to surprise her.

At Foot Clan headquarters, Kitsune also expresses surprise, at Shredder inviting another outsider into their midst, in this case Stockman. Shredder explains that he is using Stockman as a means to an end, that end being Splinter and the Turtles' demise. Kitsune asks Shredder what he's going to do about Karai, who disagrees with bringing in outsiders. Shredder tells her that after his business with Stockman is concluded, he will remind Karai of her place. Shredder asks Stockman for a status report. Stockman assures him that his robots are working as designed and Splinter and the Turtles are on the run.

Splinter and the Turtles have fled to the sewer tunnels beneath their hideout. Donnie explains that more robots are coming so they should lead them away from their home. Leo, Raph, and Mikey take the plunge into the sewers and Donnie transforms his robot body into a boat for Splinter. The family heads through the tunnels and emerges in the bay, but the swarm of killer robots is still in pursuit, now in greater numbers than ever. The robots begin to try and separate the Turtles to make it easier to get to Splinter. Donnie uses Metalhead's grappling hook to get Splinter to safety atop a bridge. Unfortunately, the robots immediately change course and hone in on the two of them.

Fortunately for Splinter and Donnie, Alopex and Angel finally catch up with them and begin battling the robots as well. Leo, Raph, and Mikey climb up to the bridge and the seven of them prepare to continue the fight.

Part Five - Issue #49

Part Five Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco.jpg

Published August 19th, 2015

Inside the Foot Clan's headquarters, Koya and Bludgeon make disparaging remarks about their fellow mutants Bebop and Rocksteady. The two are overjoyed at the return of the Shredder, as they thought he had died in the attack on the Technodrome, and are eager to serve him.

Elsewhere in the building, Shredder asks Stockman for another update. Stockman tells him that everything is proceeding as planned, and that he doesn't need any help from the Foot ninjas closing in on the Turtles. Shredder is confused, as he did not order any ninja to head out, but realizes they must have been sent by Karai.

On the bridge, Karai and the Foot ninja have defeated Stockman's robots. Karai asks to parlay with Splinter and he agrees, despite Raphael's protests. Karai tells them that it would have been dishonorable to let the Turtles be killed by a horde of robots, she has come to put an end to them herself and give them a warrior's death. Splinter counters that an assault on so few by so many is just as dishonorable as using an army of killer robots, and reminds Karai that the Foot Clan already has a method to deal with situations such as this honorably.

On Burnow Island, the Fugitoid stands beside Donnie's unconscious body pondering a moral dilemma. Harold tells him that the new shell is done and asks what the hold-up is. Fugitoid explains that fitting the new shell to Donatello is not an issue, but to take enough mutagen to heal his internal injuries from the limited supply available to the Utroms in stasis could potentially cause some of the Utroms' life support to fail. Fugitoid is wondering if there is any option available to him that won't leave blood on his hands when a mysterious stranger enters the room and offers a solution.

At the Foot Clan's base, Stockman rips off his neural-communication helmet that he'd been using to control his robots, as there were no more robots, all having just been destroyed by Karai and Foot ninja. Just then, Karai returns and Shredder, furious, moves to strike her down for her insolence. He is stopped by Kitsune, who asks him if he will not hear her out and make an informed decision. Karai explains before Shredder, Kitsune, and all the Foot ninja that everything she has done was done for the honor of the clan. She states that their clan has come to the brink of demise as a result of cooperating with outsiders with no honor or loyalty, all for an ancient personal feud. Karai says that there is a better way to settle the matter.

Just then, Splinter and the Turtles enter the room, followed by Angel and Alopex. Splinter challenges Shredder to the Gauntlet. Shredder begins ordering the Foot to kill them all when Kitsune stops him for a very private and persuasive word. She explains that it would be in his best interest to defeat his enemies using this ancient and sacred means, rather than simply slaughtering them. Shredder reconsiders, and accepts Splinter's challenge. Unnoticed in all the commotion, Baxter Stockman slips away.

Alopex and Angel look on from the sidelines as Splinter and the Turtles prepare to face Shredder and his Foot mutants in the ritual of the Gauntlet. Angel says that they have to find some way to help, but Alopex tells her they'll be killed if they interfere. Kitsune chimes in with Alopex, explaining that the ritual has very strict guidelines. She explains that first four of each masters most prized and skilled pupils will battle each other, with the round only ending after one side has been completely defeated; whoever remains on the winning side will then be allowed to join their master against his opponent.

Mikey is in shock as a result of the death match he and his family have just entered. He asks Splinter why he would agree to this, and Splinter reminds him that they had decided long ago that Shredder would never let them have peace, until one or the other was dead. Splinter tells his son that this is how it has to be. Karai conducts the opening ceremony, and the Gauntlet begins. Shredder calls Karai out to sit on the bench as punishment for disobeying his orders and he takes her place himself. The Turtles lunge towards the Foot combatants in attack mode. Raphael takes on Rocksteady while Donnie fights Koya, and Mikey tangles with Bebop while Leo fights Bludgeon. The Turtles attempt to use teamwork to their advantage but are overtaken by the Foot Clan mutants' superior strength. All of the Turtles lie bruised and beaten while the Foot mutants regroup.

Angel is unable to stand by and watch and moves to act, but two elite Foot guards stop her. Alopex tells her that all they can do is stand by and watch. Suddenly Alopex hears a mysterious voice in her head, telling her that no matter the outcome of the fight, Alopex will be safe at home with the source of the voice

Part Six - Issue #50

Part Six Regular Cover by Mateus Santolouco.jpg

Published October 7th, 2015

Rocksteady moves in to attack the Turtles but Donnie repels him with one of Metalhead's lasers, then holds off the others with his flamethrower while Leo reminds them all that they can only win with strategy, by using speed and skill as opposed to their enemy's reliance on chaos and brute strength. Fortunately, just as Donnie's flamethrower runs out of gas, the Turtles are ready to resume the fight. Using all of their ninja skills as well as acting as a cohesive unit, the Turtles make headway against the Foot mutants. Shredder angrily calls out to his subjects and Splinter begins meditating, readying himself for his fight to come.

Splinter remembers that fateful day a lifetime ago, when he, as Hamato Yoshi, and his four sons, were murdered by the Shredder, Oroku Saki. Yoshi had begged Saki to spare his boys, as they were innocent, but Saki stated that any subject of a master shares in that master's blame.

The Turtles have begun to eat away at their opponents' advantage, causing them to turn against each other.

On Burnow Island, the mysterious stranger has provided a ready supply of mutagen with which to heal Donatello's body. Fugitoid and Harold wonder if it will work, but the stranger says that knowing the two's passion for science, having witnessed such fervor first hand, he knows they won't turn back. Fugitoid activates the machine to inject the ooze and heal Donnie's internal injuries.

In his reverie, Splinter remembers an occasion where he and Shredder's philosophical difference were brought to the forefront. Saki had derided Yoshi's choice to meditate as preparation for battle, calling it nothing more than mindless wandering through the astral plane. Yoshi countered that their prior masters would agree, but Saki stated that as they are dead, what they thought no longer matters. Yoshi had asked Saki how much longer he intended to wreak havoc in the name of the Foot Clan; Saki replied that he would do whatever it took to bring everyone under control of the Foot.

In the Gauntlet battle, Raph and Mikey manage to get Bebop and Rocksteady to run right into each other, stunning them. Leo gets the drop on Koya and trims her wings to the point where she can no longer fly. Donnie points this out to Bludgeon, and while he's distracted, blinds him with a burst of light. Raph and Mikey continue to play Bebop and Rocksteady against each other, tricking the two into crashing through a wall.

In Alopex's mind, Kitsune has her in a kind of trance. Kitsune tells her that the Turtles are being cunning, much like foxes, but they two, the true foxes, are the most cunning of all. She states that while the winners of the fight will be the strongest and most cunning, the spoils will go to the most sly. Angel asks Alopex what's wrong and Alopex is unsure, telling her that she must have spaced out for a moment.

Bludgeon stumbles to Koya's aid in his blind state. He knocks Leo aside and tells him that Koya is through. Leo agrees and leaves the two mutants to console each other as they accept that they are done and the fight is no longer theirs. The Turtles regroup and wonder how to defeat Bebop and Rocksteady, who despite continuous wailing on each other, seem no closer to being taken out. Donnie receives a call and tells his brothers that he has a plan. He tells them to stand back as he approaches Bebop and Rocksteady. His self-destruct sequence activated, the Metalhead robot explodes, sending the two Foot powerhouses flying. Everyone looks in shock at the charred patch of ground where Metalhead once was. Bebop and Rocksteady begin to get back up when Donnie, back in his flesh-and-blood body teleports out of nowhere and knocks them out for good.

Donnie's family greets him, overjoyed to see him whole again.  Splinter tells Donnie that he will have to explain how the Fugitoid was able to fix his body, but says that first he must return to the spirit realm to seek answers that will help them defeat the Shredder. Shredder tells them that he is tired of the delay, and as is his right as loser of the first match, chooses the location for the second match: the roof.

The fight continues on the rooftop. The Turtles charge and are able to land some significant hits but the Shredder easily throws them aside. Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael each attack him again in turn but Shredder makes short work of their attacks. Splinter, deep in meditation, remembers an incident when their master pointed out he and Saki's weaknesses, rage and lack of compassion, respectively. Their master had told them if they could not understand their own impulses, then they were doomed to fail.

The Shredder tells Raphael that he admires his spirit and offers him a place in the Foot Clan. Raphael refuses and attacks, but Shredder sticks Raph's leg with his sai. Michelangelo then attacks, telling Shredder that he's fed up with his evil ways and that he's going to stop him. Shredder is surprised by Mikey's fury but uses his anger against him, knocking him off balance. Splinter remembers an occasion where Saki, unable to ignore another pupil's boasting, savagely attacked the other boy and attempted to provoke Yoshi as well. Splinter awakes.

Shredder asks Splinter if he's finally ready to fight. Splinter explains that he was going over their past encounters, looking for any weaknesses. Splinter recounts the time Master Masato had lectured them about understanding their faults and learning to channel them effectively. Splinter explained that he had been able to see his rage for the misguided instinct for self-preservation it was, allowing him true peace and true strength. Shredder doubts that Splinter has any strength left, with his rage all gone. Splinter explains that his rage is not gone, merely controlled, and he proceeds to expertly attack the Shredder.

Shredder finally counters a blow and knocks Splinter off his feet. Splinter gets back up and arms himself with Mikey's nunchaku. Splinter tells Shredder that his quest for vengeance is at an end and strikes out, but Shredder parries. Shredder tells Splinter that there is a path for the meek and a path for the strong, and Splinter chose wrong. Splinter counters that there are many paths, and he has chosen duty.

Shredder hits Splinter repeatedly, landing several serious blows, and tells Splinter his death is imminent. Splinter reminds Shredder that death waits for us all. He tells Shredder that he now sees that this great power chose him, not the other way around, and it has lead him to believe he cannot be defeated. Splinter tells Shredder that during all his time high up on the astral plane, he has come to learn much about the nature of death, which is why he fears and respects it. Splinter states that he was never afraid of Shredder and he strikes a fatal blow across the Shredder's chest.

The Turtles, Alopex, Angel, Kitsune, and Karai look on in shock as Shredder falls to his knees, dying. Splinter tells Shredder that it is time for him to be strong. Shredder asks Splinter why, when they were once brothers, Splinter turned his back on him. Splinter explains that he only meant to distance himself from what Shredder had become. Splinter and Shredder remember the dreams of glory and honor they shared together, once upon a time. Shredder tells Splinter that he still wishes for a warrior's end. Splinter tells him it would be his honor to help him achieve it. Shredder tells Karai that when he was hard on her, it was because of his pride in her strength and loyalty. Shredder tells Kitsune that he will find the path back to her from the afterlife and then commits seppuku. Shredder tells Splinter that he will see him once again in the forest they played in as boys. Splinter tells him it will be so and beheads him.

Splinter returns Leo's sword to him. Mikey is in shock. Karai approaches Splinter and offers him the leadership of the Foot Clan, pledging him her fealty. Splinter accepts, to everyone's surprise. Mikey, unable to process the turn of events, leaves, saying he can't be a part of this. Karai states that she plans to go to Japan to return the Foot Clan to its roots and asks Splinter for permission to leave with some soldiers immediately. Splinter permits her to go but states that Kitsune shall remain behind under his watch. Leo asks Splinter what their next move is. Splinter remembers the first time he and Shredder played in the forest as Yoshi and Saki, and wished to become great masters together. Splinter tells Leo that they will embrace their destiny.

In an epilogue, General Krang and an Utrom officer witness the beheading of Hamato Yoshi and his four sons at the hands of Oroku Saki, the Shredder, in Feudal Japan. Krang orders the officer to send Chief Science Adviser Ma'riell down to collect DNA and QNA samples from the bodies, in the hopes that it may be useful to some extent in his battle against Oroku Saki.



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