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Inside the Foot Clan's headquarters, Koya and Bludgeon make disparaging remarks about their fellow mutants Bebop and Rocksteady. The two are overjoyed at the return of the Shredder, as they thought he had died in the attack on the Technodrome, and are eager to serve him.

Elsewhere in the building, Shredder asks Stockman for another update. Stockman tells him that everything is proceeding as planned, and that he doesn't need any help from the Foot ninjas closing in on the Turtles. Shredder is confused, as he did not order any ninja to head out, but realizes they must have been sent by Karai.

On the bridge, Karai and the Foot ninja have defeated Stockman's robots. Karai asks to parlay with Splinter and he agrees, despite Raphael's protests. Karai tells them that it would have been dishonorable to let the Turtles be killed by a horde of robots, she has come to put an end to them herself and give them a warrior's death. Splinter counters that an assault on so few by so many is just as dishonorable as using an army of killer robots, and reminds Karai that the Foot Clan already has a method to deal with situations such as this honorably.

On Burnow Island, the Fugitoid stands beside Donnie's unconscious body pondering a moral dilemma. Harold tells him that the new shell is done and asks what the hold-up is. Fugitoid explains that fitting the new shell to Donatello is not an issue, but to take enough mutagen to heal his internal injuries from the limited supply available to the Utroms in stasis could potentially cause some of the Utroms' life support to fail. Fugitoid is wondering if there is any option available to him that won't leave blood on his hands when a mysterious stranger enters the room and offers a solution.

At the Foot Clan's base, Stockman rips off his neural-communication helmet that he'd been using to control his robots, as there were no more robots, all having just been destroyed by Karai and Foot ninja. Just then, Karai returns and Shredder, furious, moves to strike her down for her insolence. He is stopped by Kitsune, who asks him if he will not hear her out and make an informed decision. Karai explains before Shredder, Kitsune, and all the Foot ninja that everything she has done was done for the honor of the clan. She states that their clan has come to the brink of demise as a result of cooperating with outsiders with no honor or loyalty, all for an ancient personal feud. Karai says that there is a better way to settle the matter.

Just then, Splinter and the Turtles enter the room, followed by Angel and Alopex. Splinter challenges Shredder to the Gauntlet. Shredder begins ordering the Foot to kill them all when Kitsune stops him for a very private and persuasive word. She explains that it would be in his best interest to defeat his enemies using this ancient and sacred means, rather than simply slaughtering them. Shredder reconsiders, and accepts Splinter's challenge. Unnoticed in all the commotion, Baxter Stockman slips away.

Alopex and Angel look on from the sidelines as Splinter and the Turtles prepare to face Shredder and his Foot mutants in the ritual of the Gauntlet. Angel says that they have to find some way to help, but Alopex tells her they'll be killed if they interfere. Kitsune chimes in with Alopex, explaining that the ritual has very strict guidelines. She explains that first four of each masters most prized and skilled pupils will battle each other, with the round only ending after one side has been completely defeated; whoever remains on the winning side will then be allowed to join their master against his opponent.

Mikey is in shock as a result of the death match he and his family have just entered. He asks Splinter why he would agree to this, and Splinter reminds him that they had decided long ago that Shredder would never let them have peace, until one or the other was dead. Splinter tells his son that this is how it has to be. Karai conducts the opening ceremony, and the Gauntlet begins. Shredder calls Karai out to sit on the bench as punishment for disobeying his orders and he takes her place himself. The Turtles lunge towards the Foot combatants in attack mode. Raphael takes on Rocksteady while Donnie fights Koya, and Mikey tangles with Bebop while Leo fights Bludgeon. The Turtles attempt to use teamwork to their advantage but are overtaken by the Foot Clan mutants' superior strength. All of the Turtles lie bruised and beaten while the Foot mutants regroup.

Angel is unable to stand by and watch and moves to act, but two elite Foot guards stop her. Alopex tells her that all they can do is stand by and watch. Suddenly Alopex hears a mysterious voice in her head, telling her that no matter the outcome of the fight, Alopex will be safe at home with the source of the voice.





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