Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Splinter "...Defend yourselves!"

Flyborg "Kill the rat!"

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Flyborg "Kill the r—"


Splinter "Hiyah!"

"Y'know, Leo, Sensei keeps tellin' us to protect ourselves..."


Raphael "...When I'm pretty sure we're the least of their flydorks' worries."

Leonardo "Maybe. But we do have to worry about keeping Donnie safe."

Leo "And I think I know how."

Leo "Father, you need to fall back to the basement!"

Splinter "But Donatello is defenseless."

Leo "That's exactly why you need to go with Raph. Now!"

Raph "C'mon, Sensei, it'll be okay. I know that look on Leo's face—"

Raph "—He's got a plan."

Splinter "Yes... Yes, I think you're right, Raphael."

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Leo "Hyah!"

Flyborg "Kill the rat!"

Michelangelo "What about us, Leo?!"

Flyborg "Kill the rat!"


Leo "Uff!"

Mikey "You okay, dude?"

Leo "Yeah... Erf... Yeah, good to go."

Mikey "So, what now?"

Leo "Now I'm going to go help with those damn bugs."

Leo "You're gonna stay here and keep an eye on Donnie."

Leo "Okay, little bro?"

Mikey "Uh, yeah, Leo... Sure. I... I..."

Mikey "I got this. No problemo."

Leo "I know you do."

Leo "We'll get back here as soon as we can, promise."

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Mikey "You'll be okay with me, bro. Don't worry."

Donatello (Metalhead) "I'm not worried, Mikey."

Mikey "Whowhahuh?!"

Donnie "At least not about me."

Donnie "Where's everyone else?"

Mikey "Crap, robo-bro, don't do that! You totally gave me a heart attack."

Donnie "Mikey, where is everyone?"

Mikey "Downstairs. Leo was tryin' to get some flyborgs away from your bod—er, from you."

Donnie "Well, it looks like it worked. Now we gotta go help them."

Mikey "But Leo said to stay with—"

Donnie "My body will be fine, Mike. But baed on my readings, the others might not."

Donnie "Kirbyfan_01, this is Duz_machines_84. I'm transmitting some coordinates your way."

Donnie "I need you to remote teleport my body to Burnow Island."

Kirbyfan >Got them, Duz_machines_84...<

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Harold Lillja "...Just need a second to lock them in with Fugitoid."

Harold "And... Bingo!"

Enter ↵



Mikey "Whoa. Cool."

Donnie "Fugitoid..."


Donnie >...The package is inbound to you.<

Zayton Honeycutt "And it has arrived safely..."

Honeycutt "...Now, please focus your efforts on protecting your family, my friend."

Donnie "Roger that, Professor."

Donnie "Speaking of, do me a solid, Kirbyfan, and forward those same coordinates to Nobody, please."

Harold "And tell her what?"

Donnie "Tell her..."

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"...We're gonna need all the help we can get!"

Nobody "Yeah, Kirbyfan, I got the coordinates. Already locked 'em into the suit's GPS."

Nobody "Did Don—er, Duz_machines give you any more info?"

Kirbyfan >Only that he needed you there yesterday.<

Alopex "What's going on, Angel?"

Nobody "That was Harold. The turtles found themselves some new trouble already."

Alopex "Trouble? What kind?"

Nobody "Same as always—the kind that needs our help."

Nobody "Let's roll."

Nobody "Looks like you're gonna get to see your "friend" sooner than expected."

"Do you see that?!"

Johnson "Up there!"

Page 7

Johnson "I think... I think that's the same fox I told you about earlier, Detective Lewis!"

[* SEE TMNT #47B.C.]

Kara Lewis "Yeah. You're probably right."

Johnson "How can you just sit there like nothing? You are seeing what I'm seeing, aren't you?"

Kara "Look, I spent two years deep undercover, Johnson. After everything I saw during that time, nothing surprises me anymore."

Kara " 'Sides, my biggest concern right now is in the back of this truck."

"Let's get that bastard Hun locked up downtown and then you and I can talk about this city's crazy little secrets all you want."

Johnson "You say so, boss."

Johnson "But I don't think this traffic's gonna clear up any time soo—"


Page 8

Kara "Oh... Man. Johnson... You okay?"

Johnson "Yeah... Yeah, I think so. But..."

Johnson "...What the hell happened?"

Kara "Oh... Crap."


Old Hob "Get 'im outta there, Herman. Move!"

Herman the Hermit Crab "Roger that, sir!"


Hun "What the—"

Herman "Stay still, sir..."


Herman "...I don't want to wound you by mistake."

Page 9

Hun "So... Wasn't expectin' this."

Hun "I ain't tryin' to look a gift horse in the mouth or nothin', but what's your play, cat?"

Hob "My play is I'm bustin' you out so you can help bust me in."

Herman "In where?"

Hob "Where else?"

Hob "In with the humans."

Kara "Freeze, freaks!"

Hob "Drop smoke, Herman!"

Herman "Sir, yes, sir!"

Kara "Oh {koff} you gotta be {koff} kidding!"

Hob "C'mon!"

Hob "Let's get gone!"

Hun "I... Uh..."

Page 10


Hun "Aw, what the hell?"


Kara "Dammit!"

Herman "Incoming small arms fire!"

Hob "Not for long."

Hun "So, you lose the rest of your critter crew, Hob?"

Hob "No, we'll see 'em soon enough."

Hun "You know that big turtle of yours hates my guts, right?"

Hun "He ain't gonna be happy 'bout this."

Hob "Why do you think I didn't bring him?"

Hob "We're just gonna have to cross that bridge when we get to it."

Kara "Okay, I'm not gonna lie..."

Kara "...That surprised me."

"<I did not expect this...>"

Page 11

Kitsune "<...I must admit.>"

Shredder "<What are you speaking of, Kitsune?>"

Kitsune "<This...>"

Kitsune "<The gaijin you have invited into our midst.>"

Shredder "<And "invited" is precisely the status he holds.>"

Shredder "<The scientist is only here because I am allowing him. A means to an end.>"

Shredder "<When that end comes, so too, will his invitation.>"

Kitsune "<And what end is that, Saki?>"

Shredder "<Hamato Yoshi's end, of course.>"

Kitsune "<And what of your chunin?>"

Kitsune "<Karai?>"

"<What of her?>"

Page 12

Kitsune "<She does not agree with utilizing outsiders to serve vengeance for the Foot Clan.>"

Shredder "<The Foot Clan? This vengeance is mine and mine alone.>"

Shredder "<When this is done, I will remind that petulant child of her proper place.>"

Shredder "<Now if you'll excuse me.>"

Kitsune "<Of course...>"

Kitsune "<...Beloved.>"

Shredder "Tell me, scientist, do you maintain full control? Are your machines doing as I ordered?"

Baxter Stockman "They are doing as I designed, Shredder..."

Baxter "...And, yes, I am still in charge."

Shredder "Then tell me—what do you see?"

Baxter "I see..."

"...A filthy rodent on the run."

Splinter "My sons, quickly! To me!"

Page 13

Splinter "Form a defensive circle!"

Splinter "We cannot allow ourselves to be surrounded!"

Raph "Get ready. Here they come again."

Flyborg "Kill the r—"


Raph "What the—?"


Donnie "Good plan getting everyone down here, Leo..."

Donnie "...But these two were just probing our defenses."

"There's a lot more where they came from."

Donnie "We need to get out of here, stat."

Splinter "But, my son, your body—"

Donnie "Is safe, Father. We won't be if we don't get moving."

Page 14 & 15

Leo "Looks like it's time for a swim."

Raph "Oh... Friggin' great."

Mikey "Don't be a baby, Raph—it's just a little water."


Raph "Yeah... You just keep tellin' yourself that, Mike."

Donnie "Wait a sec, Father."




Donnie "All aboard."

Mikey "Man, I definitely didn't have a bath on schedule today."

Raph "All's I know is I'm gonna need a bath after this bath."

Raph "Ptoo!"

Donnie "Hold that thought, Raph..."

Page 16

Donnie "...They found us!"

Flyborg "Kill the rat!"

Page 17

Leo "Incoming!"



Splinter "They are all around us!"

Splinter "We must get to the shore, my sons!"


Raph "Yeah... Sure. But where the hell's the shore?"

Mikey "Wha—"

Mikey "Raph!"

Mikey "They pulled him und—"

Mikey "Gah!"

Page 18 & 19

Leo "Donnie! They're trying to split us up and pull us out of the battle..."


"You need to protect Father!"

Donnie "Way ahead of you!"

Splinter "I do not like abandoning your brothers like this, Donatello!"

Donnie "Me, either, Father, but like you said..."

"...We're no good to them in the water."

"If we're gonna fly like this, dude..."

Mikey "...We probably should have a propeller."


Mikey "But watch out for turbulence!"

Mikey "Cannonball!"


Mikey "Fwaah!"

Mikey "And the South Korean judge totally scores that a perfect 10, folks!"

"Your brothers have made it to the shore, Donatello..."

Page 20

Splinter "...They are safe."

Donnie "That's good, Father--"

Flyborg "Kill the rat!"

Donnie "--I wish I could say the same for us."


Nobody "Wish granted!"

Donnie "Nobody! Alopex!"

Donnie "Man, am I glad to see you two!"

Nobody "Let's hope you stay that way—there's a ton of these things!"

Alopex "Donnie, if you guys are up here..."

"...Where the heck are the others?"

Leo "Come on, guys—just a little farther."

Raph "Nothin' little about today, bro."

Page 21

Mikey "Dudes! Look who's here!"

Nobody "About time, boys."

Alopex "Yeah, did you think these things were just going to drop dead on their own?"

Donnie "Speaking of dead, I'd really not like to take that trip again any time soon."

Splinter "As before—a defensive circle."

Leo "Don't let them surround us."

Alopex "We fight together."

Raph "We don't quit 'till they're history."

Nobody "That may be a while."

Donnie "Man... When it rains, it pours."

Mikey "Uh, Donnie, you think Harold has more robots like you lying around?"

Page 22

Mikey " 'Cause I'm thinkin' we're all gonna need one of our own soon."

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