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Casey prepares for a final showdown with Hun as the Purple Dragons run amok. Meanwhile the TMNT struggle to reunite as a family while a greater threat looms… what is THE STOCKMAN SWARM?


Donatello, his consciousness now housed inside the Metalhead robot built by Harold Lillja, examines the machines monitoring his body's vital signs. Understandably, he is pretty shaken about nearly dying. Donnie leaves the room to go speak to Fugitoid and Harold and the others empathize with the turmoil he is going through. Outside, Alopex attempts to console Raphael. Raph is angry about the whole turn of events, stating that he wishes they hadn't left Donnie behind when they went to Burnow Island. Leo walks up to Raph and tells him that the least they can do is be proactive, so he wants to organize patrols of the city to monitor for any potential trouble brewing. Leo, Raph, and Mikey leave to check on various parts of the city while Angel teases Alopex for how close she and Raph are getting, then the two leave to go on patrol themselves.

At April's parents' antique store, Arnie Jones a.k.a. Hun has barged in and begun questioning Jon and Beth O'Neil. Hun is considerably drunk and glad to see Casey as he arrives also. Casey gets between Hun and the O'Neils to protect them. Hun tells Casey that he just wanted to tell him the good news, that Shredder is dead and the Foot no more, so now the two of them can be friends again as Hun doesn't have to kill Casey anymore. Casey tells his dad to leave them alone. Jon calls Hun crazy and tells him to leave, angering Hun. Before Hun can do anything, Angel arrives in the Nobody suit with Alopex and Hun leaves, outnumbered. Casey introduces Mr. and Mrs. O'Neil to Angel and Alopex. Angel confirms that the Foot Clan had nearly been wiped out and breaks the bad news about Donnie to Casey.  

At the Foot Clan's headquarters, Karai gives an impassioned speech about no longer tolerating outsiders in their midst. Karai states that moving forward, they will not work with any outside forces, such as other street gangs, to ensure that their clan remains secure.

Back at Harold's lab, Donnie is amazed by his digital brain's increased data-processing power. The Fugitoid tells him that he went through a similar phase when he began life in his robotic body. Donnie states that despite his lack of physiological needs, he still feels things like pain and hunger. Harold explains that these are just lingering psychological components of our biology and asks Donnie if Metalhead has been repaired adequately. Donnie tells Harold that he did a great job on such short notice.

Outside Rupert's Pizzeria, Mikey tells Woody all about the recent events at Burnow Island but expresses dismay that no matter what happens everything always seems to lead to more conflict. Woody tells him that at least his family is safe and sound, and they can rest easy knowing they did the righteous thing by saving the world.

In the New York Tech staff parking lot, Dr. Miller walks to his car. Dr. Miller sits down and wonders what he's gotten himself into. He thinks back to his and April's earlier conversation in his office, when he helped April translate parts of the mysterious scroll he'd found in the Foot Clan's library. He told her that it spoke of a family of immortal demons who played a game of influence and power, and how they went into hiding following a great cataclysmic event but waited to one day continue their game. Dr. Miller stated that he'd found references to a companion scroll hidden somewhere in the American Southwest. April had then left with the scroll to take it to Master Splinter so that he could look it over as well. Dr. Miller looks in his rearview mirror and is surprised to see a Foot assassin, who then kills him.

Baxter Stockman and the Shredder pull up to the Techno Cosmic Research Institute. Stockman explains that he had set up TCRI as a front company using funds embezzled from General Krang. Shredder states that he simply wishes to get inside so that he can change out of the suit loaned to him by Stockman and back into his armor. As the two head inside, Stockman explains that he learned from his father to always stay several moves ahead of one's opponents, and reveals an assembly line of flyborgs and M.O.U.S.E.R.'s, ready to go at a moment's notice.

At the antique shop, Beth and Jon retire to bed after spending time talking to Casey, Angel and Alopex. Casey is about to call April when they hear yelling outside. Hun has returned, drunker than ever, and accompanied by dozens of Purple Dragon gang members.





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