Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Donatello (vision) "Where...?"

Donnie (v) "Oh."

Tang Shen "Please, stay awhile and visit with me..."

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Shen "...My son."

"Donatello, I have returned..."

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Zayton Honeycutt "...And I have excellent news!"

Honeycutt "General Krang has been securely delivered to Dimension X. His threat to Earth is gone. Your plan worked, my..."

Honeycutt "...Friend."

Honeycutt "What has happened here?"

Raphael "The bastards killed him..."

Raph "...Killed Donnie."

Splinter "My precious son."

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Honeycutt "By the creator..."

Honeycutt "...He's not dead!"

Splinter "Still... Alive?"

Honeycutt "Barely. My sensors are picking up a pulse, but it's weak and rapidly fading."

Honeycutt "Does the laboratory have a cooling unit?"

Nobody "Um... Yeah... A big walk-in one in the back."

Nobody "It's where Harold keeps some of the bigger servers."

Honeycutt "Good. Leonardo, gather your brothers and very carefully move Donatello there."

Leonardo "What... What for?"

Honeycutt "No time for explanations--if I'm right, we have little time. We all need to move quickly."

Michelangelo "Hold on—we're gonna freeze Donnie?"

Raph "What's goin' on, Fugitoid?"

Honeycutt "What's going on is we need to slow down Donatello's cell metabolism."

Honeycutt "But that won't happen if we don't act immediately!"

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Leo "Come on, everyone—you heard him. We gotta hurry."

Nobody "The unit's this way."

Harold Lillja "Wait..."

Harold "...Where are they taking Donatello?"

Honeycutt "You are Harold Lillja, correct?"

Harold "Yes, that's me. Wha... What are you doing?"

Honeycutt "My name is Honeycutt, Harold, and I need your help. Now."

Harold "What in blazes are you talking about?"

Honeycutt "If we are to have any chance of reviving Donatello, I require critical items from Burnow Island."

Honeycutt "I'll need you to teleport me there so I can retrieve them."

Harold "Reviving Donatello? But I thought..."

Honeycutt "He was dead? No..."

Honeycutt "...Not yet."


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Harold "Insanity. Sheer insanity."

Splinter "Still alive."

"Donatello, my son..."

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Splinter (v) "...It's your father."

Splinter (v) "I know you still live."

Splinter (v) "I've come to find you."

Splinter (v) "To bring you home."

"I'm tellin' ya, he ain't here."

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Bebop "We ain't seein' Hun nowhere."

Rocksteady "Yeah—and we looked everywhere."

Oroku Karai "Keep searching! Find him!"

Karai "I will need to inform the master whether Hun's been destroyed or deserted upon his return."

Koya "No, Karai..."

Bludgeon "...You won't."

Karai "What... What are you saying?"

Karai "Where is Master Shredder?!"

Page 9

Bludgeon "It was an ambush. General Krang's forces were waiting for us when we arrived."

Bludgeon "We did our best to fight them off, but Krang used some kind of weapon against us."

Bludgeon "We tried to save the master but the weapon... It was too powerful."

Karai "Ambushed?"

Koya "Yes. The turtle called Donatello betrayed our master and we..."

Koya "...We failed to protect him."

Karai "And what of General Krang?"

Bludgeon "We don't know. We retreated as soon as we knew we couldn't rescue Master and by then Krang had already left the battle."

Koya "We fled as he lay dying. We have dishonored the clan."

Karai "Enough!"

Karai "I will have no more of your damned wallowing."

Karai "Hear me now, all of you!"

Karai "Until proven otherwise, we must assume Master Shredder is dead."

Karai "I will confer with Kitsune as she has some... Experience in these matters."

Karai "In the meantime, we will regroup our remaining forces and decide who is worthy to remain with us."

Karai "We have paid a heavy price by trusting outsiders and the time has come to cull our ranks of traitors and cowards."

Karai "My grandfather may be gone, but know this—"

Karai "—The Foot Clan is not."

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Man "<Faster!>"

Woman "<But we left the groceries inside.>"

Man "<Just go! We don't want trouble.>"

Chun "That's right! Run!"

Chun "And spread the word. The Purple Dragons are back!"

Malo "Hells yeah, we are!"

Chun "This 'hood belongs to us, suckers!"

Casey Jones "Raaahh!"

Page 11

Chun "Wha—"

Casey "Yo, didn't you chumps get the memo?"


Chun "Guhh!"

Casey "This ain't Purple Dragon turf no more!"

Malo "Jones?"



Casey "Which means you boys are trespassin'!"


Link "Huh?"

Link "Malo... Chun... The hell's goin' on out here?"

Casey "Oh, hey, Link."

Page 12


Link "Wha?!"

Casey "I was just tellin' your boys..."

Link "Rargg!"


Casey "...You 'bangers ain't welcome 'round here."


Casey "Time for you goons to get lost."

Arune "Oh, wow..."

Arune "...You beat them all."

Page 13

Arune "Thanks. I'm Arune."

Casey "Casey. And no biggie, dude. Just helpin' out a neighbor."

Link "This... This ain't done, Jones. We'll be back."

Casey "Good, 'cause I'll be here to knock the rest of your teeth outta your melon."

Arune "Um... Should you antagonize them like that?"

Casey "These jerks won't stop until someone stands up to 'em. They talk big but I'll bet they think twice 'fore messin' with you again."

Casey "Still... Take this. Just in case I can't get here right away next time."

Arune "But this is yours. I can't—"

Casey "Don't sweat it, man."

Casey "I got plenty more where that came from."

Casey "See you 'round, Arune. And don't forget—this is our neighborhood. Spread the word."

Arune "Okay... I will."

Arune "Oh... And be careful. There was another one with them—a really big scary-looking guy."

Casey "A big-lookin' guy?"

Casey "Oh..."

Casey "...Hell no."

"How did you get here?"

Page 14

Donnie (v) "Better yet, how'd I get here, Mother?"

Donnie (v) "Last thing I remember was fighting Bebop and Rocksteady in Harold's lab, and then..."

Shen (v) "Oh, precocious child—always seeking impossible answers."

Donnie (v) "Impossible? So... This garden isn't real? I'm dreaming?"

Shen (v) "Did I say that, my son?"

Donnie (v) "No. Not exactly."

Donnie (v) "And that light?"

Shen (v) "Beautiful, is it not?"

Donnie (v) "Yes. Very."

Donnie (v) "I've never seen anything like it. I know I should be freaking out right now—I mean, this just doesn't seem logical at all. But..."

Donnie (v) "...But this all feels right somehow."

Donnie (v) "Where exactly am I, Mother?"

Shen (v) "Perhaps the more appropriate question would be..."

Page 15

"...Where are you going?"

Harold "I'm having a hard time buying this, Honeycutt."

Harold "Frankly, the science seems far-fetched. Are you certain this works?"

Honeycutt "Yes, I am. Though, admittedly, I do have concerns about slap-dashing the components together the way we have, but time is most definitely of the essence."

Honeycutt "Okay, let's see..."

Honeycutt "...Would you hand me that blue cable, please?"

Harold "Here. And is there anything else I can do?"

Harold "I feel blasted useless right now."

Honeycutt "You underestimate your value, Harold. Now and--if we're successful today--later."

Honeycutt "Revitalization is only the beginning of this process."

Harold "I hope you're right, Honeycutt."

Harold "Please be right."

Honeycutt "I'm sorry, but you'll need to move away from this table a bit..."

Honeycutt "...It's time."


"Do you think they're too late?"

Page 16

Angel Bridge "It's been like, what? Two hours now?"

Mikey "Please, God, please..."

Leo "We're gonna just have to count on Fugitoid's technology."

Leo "I mean, we've seen him do some pretty miraculous stuff already, so maybe..."

Raph "Maybe nothin'!"

Raph "You know as well as I do that this ain't gonna work, Leo."

Leo "I don't know anything, Raph."

Leo "And neither do you."

Raph "Yeah, I do. I know this is all our fault!"

Alopex "Come on, Raph—now's not the time to lose it."

Raph "Now's exactly the time, dammit!"

Raph "We screwed up—all of us! Father was right... We shoulda taken care of Shredder first. But, no—we helped that damn robot with his stupid Technodrome instead. And what happened?"

Raph "Krang's still alive, we don't know where the hell Shredder is, and our brother's dyin', that's what!"

Raph "We shoulda listened to Father, we shoulda—"

Mikey "Shut up, Raph!"

Mikey "Just shut up! We saved the world!"

Mikey "Donnie'd be happy if he was awake—happy we stopped the Technodrome... Just like we wanted!"

Mikey "So, please, just shut up! You complain and complain about what we coulda done better..."

Mikey "...And you're only makin' it worse!"

Page 17

Raph "Rahh!"


Alopex "Don't get too angry with him."

Alopex "He's just upset about your brother."

Leo "We all are, Alopex."

Alopex "I know, Leo. Raph just tends to show it a little more... Loudly than the rest of us."

Alopex "I'll go make sure he's okay."

Leo "He's right."

Angel "What?"

Leo "Raph's right—we may have stopped Krang but we have no clue what's up with Shredder."

Leo "No matter what happens today, that's something we're gonna have to deal with."

Leo "And I promise you, we will."

Leo "All I can say is, if Shredder is still alive..."

Page 18

"...He's gonna wish he wasn't."

Baxter Stockman "Ah, yes..."

Baxter "...Home sweet home."

Baxter "I'll drink to that."

Baxter "Guh!"

Shredder "Where have you taken me?"

Baxter "Ahh... There you are."

Baxter "That was quite the nap, Shredder. Sleeping like the dead, dare I say?"

Baxter "You had me a bit worried there for a bit."

Shredder "I could kill you now, scientist. Answer my question."

Baxter "Tsk, tsk. Barely awake and already barking orders."

Baxter "And after I was nice enough to allow you to sleep in my own bed."

Baxter "Not very gracious of you, I must say."

Page 19

Shredder "Listen, fool, I—"

Baxter "No."

Baxter "You listen."

Baxter "This is my home and I am not one of your sniveling minions, ninja."

Baxter "You are only alive right now because I seek to conduct business with you."

Baxter "Something you seemed to be in full agreement with when I was saving your skin from certain death."

Baxter "If I'm to reestablish myself in this town, I'll require the kind of capital you have at your disposal."

Baxter "Combining my expertise with your wealth for fun and profits, so to speak."

Baxter "If, however, you've changed your mind about our partnership..."

Baxter "...Then I'm sure my friends here will have no problem seeing you out."

Baxter "I must warn you, though, this is the penthouse suite and you won't be leaving via the elevator or stairs."

Shredder "Indeed."

Shredder "Very well, I will discuss this partnership with you."

Shredder "And if it meets with my satisfaction, I will provide you with all the resources you require—money, equipment, security."

Shredder "But on one condition."

Baxter "Which is?"

Shredder "Our first order of business..."

Page 20 & 21

"...Is to find and destroy the rat and his infernal brood."

"What do you mean... Where am I going?"

Shen (v) "I mean, child, it is your choice which path you next follow—into the light or the dark."

Shen (v) "Please, walk with me, my son..."

"...Perhaps I can help you find your way."

Splinter (v) "I am coming, my son."

Shen (v) "Look at this cherry tree. Such grand splendor and yet the beauty we are witness to is only a portion of the full wonder."

Shen (v) "We behold the sturdy trunk with its many graceful branches and their abundance of sweet-smelling blooms."

"But understand it all, invisible to our eyes, are the mighty roots that are the true foundation for the beauty above."

Splinter (v) "I will not give up!"

Shen (v) "It is a mysterious balancing act, above and below—the seen and the unseen. Just like the dark and the light, one does not exist without the other."

Shen (v) "Yes, there is consolation to be found in the warm light. But there is also knowledge yet to be discovered in the uncertain dark. Knowledge you seek."

Shen (v) "And you will never be alone, no matter which path you choose."

Splinter (v) "Donatello?"

Donnie (v) "Father?"

Splinter (v) "Yes, my son. I am here."

Splinter (v) "It is time to return home."

Donnie (v) "But..."

Donnie (v) "...Mother?"

Splinter (v) "Please, my son..."

Splinter (v) "...Your family needs you."

Harold "I... I can't believe it. I think it's working."

Donnie "Where... Where am I?"

Harold "It is! Donatello, is that you?!"

Donnie "Of course it is, Harold. But why do I feel so..."

Donnie "...Weird?"

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Metalhead (Donnie) "What have you done to me?"

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