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Donatello awakens in the afterlife. He is about to head towards the light when Tang Shen calls out to him, urging him to stay a while with her.

In Harold's lab, the Fugitoid arrives through the teleporter to tell Donnie the good news about Krang's defeat and imprisonment. He is shocked to see everyone mourning Donnie. Fugitoid examines Donnie and finds a faint pulse. He springs into action, telling the other Turtles to move Donnie to the walk-in freezer and Harold to teleport him to Burnow Island for supplies. Master Splinter sees a glimmer of hope and begins to meditate, entering the spirit realm. He arrives in Donnie's vision of the afterlife and begins navigating the maze to try and find him.

At Foot Clan headquarters, Bebop and Rocksteady search in vain for Hun. Karai tells them that they need to be certain whether he was killed or deserted when they report to Master Shredder. Koya and Bludgeon walk in and tell her that it doesn't matter because the Shredder is dead. Koya and Bludgeon express regret for the dishonor they have brought upon the clan by failing to protect their master. Karai tells them to stop wallowing in grief and that they will regroup their forces. She states that she plans to cull the Foot of anyone unworthy of serving.

The Purple Dragon gang members Malo, Chun, and Link are holding up a convenience store. Malo and Chun happily exclaim that this turf once again belongs to the Purple Dragons. Casey Jones appears out of an alleyway and tells them that it's not, beating them down. Link comes out of the store to see what's going on and Casey beats him up too. The shop owner Arune comes out to thank Casey as the Purple Dragons slink away to lick their wounds. Casey tells Arune that it was nothing and gives Arune a cricket bat to protect his store with. As the two part ways, Arune tells Casey to be on the lookout for another Purple Dragon, a big musclebound blonde guy, just as Casey spots his dad climbing the steps to April's parents' antique shop.

In the afterlife, Donnie walks and talks with his mother. Tang Shen is amused as Donnie attempts to reason out where he is, as he is confused. He wonders if he's dreaming and says that the light on the horizon is beautiful and he knows he should be concerned by this strange situation, but for some reason he's at peace because everything feels right.

Inside the freezer in Harold's lab, Harold and the Fugitoid prepare Donnie. The Fugitoid tells Harold that the technology is sound but he's unsure about the ramshackle set-up that they had to cobble together. Outside the freezer, the others wait. Mikey prays while Leo tries to remain calm, but Raph refuses to let himself get his hopes up. He says that no matter what they won't be able to save Donnie. Mikey cuts Raph off in the middle of his rant, telling Raph that his anger is misguided, useless, and annoying. Raph punches a steel beam out of frustration and walks off. Alopex tells the others that Raph is just worried and unable to keep his temper in check and goes to check on him. Leo says that no matter what happens, they still have to worry about what the Shredder is going to do next.

Baxter Stockman is finally back in his penthouse suite and enjoying a drink. The Shredder lies on the bed recovering. He jerks awake and demands to know where Stockman has taken him. Stockman explains that the two of them can work together to their mutual benefit, as Shredder's capital will provide Stockman's return to form and Stockman's tech can aid Shredder in eliminating the Turtles. Shredder agrees to discuss terms.

In the afterlife, Tang Shen explains to Donatello that it is up to him where he goes next. He can choose the path towards the light or the path into darkness, the unknown. Tang Shen points out a cherry blossom tree. She explains how we only see what is visible, its trunk and branches and beautiful foliage, but what makes the tree strong is what is unseen, its roots. Tang Shen tells Donatello that the light and the dark, the seen and the unseen compliment each other. Donatello turns at the sound of his name and sees Splinter walking towards him, telling him he is there to help guide him home. Donnie looks to see if his mother is still there but she's gone. Donnie walks with Splinter into the darkness, into the unknown.

Donatello wakes up in the freezer in Harold's lab and is confused. His consciousness is now inside the robot Metalhead.




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