Vlad Dracula, Lord of the Vampires.

Vampires are beings in folk belief and mythology, afflicted with a supernatural virus that drives them to drink blood from other beings, often using fangs to inflict wounds from which to obtain it. Vampires are often (but not exclusively) portrayed as undead and possessing immortality, heightened senses, and supernatural powers of strength, speed, and mind control.

The appearance of vampires in the various TMNT universes have been a semi-common occurrence over the years.


Image Comics

  • During the fight between the Ninja Turtles and the gangster boss Dragonlord, Splinter is transformed into a mutated vampire bat by means of a mutagenic preparation and develops corresponding vampiric tendencies. However, the Turtles are able to return their sensei back to his original form.

IDW Comics

1987 series

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

In the live action series The Next Mutation episodes four-part episode "Unchain My Heart" features Vam Mi and her two servants, the vampire children Bing, and Chi Chu, a trio of vampires from China, who are after Venus de Milo, who is unwittingly in possession of Vam Mi's heart.

TMNT Adventures

2012 series


  • In 1993, a Turtles action figure was released, depicting Donatello as the vampire Dracula (based on the 1931 Dracula film). This figure was part of a tribute project to classical horror films, entitled "Universal Studio Monsters".
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