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Vampire Succubor
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Succubor the Vampire Bat

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Bat-like monster

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Out of universe information

2007 film

Voiced by

Chris Edgerly

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The Vampire Succubor is one of the Thirteen Monsters that appears in the 2007 film. It is a large, anthropomorphic bat, with a massive wingspan. It is implied in the film to feed on birds. The Succubor was captured by the Stone Generals after it encountered Raphael and Casey on a rooftop.

The Vampire Succubor also played a prominent role in Donatello's movie prequel chapter.

The Vampire Succubor seems to be based on several legendary beings. Its name invokes vampires and the succubus (perhaps indicating it is female), while it has the ability to take on a perched, stone-like appearance such as a gargoyle. It also bears some resemblance to the Popobawa of eastern Africa.

In the book The Legend of Yaotl, it is called "Succubor the Vampire Bat".

Succubor is voiced by Chris Edgerly.


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