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In the IDW comic continuity, the extradimensional warlord Krang is an Utrom from the planet Utrominon in Dimension X. Unlike their Mirage counterparts the Utroms here are more warlike and have even built an intergalactic empire. Krang's father, Quanin, was a feared warlord and the last ruler of this empire before his imperialistic ambitions robbed, the most important resource of Utrominon (the raw material of the mutagen, which also transformed Splinter and the Turtles) was almost completely consumed and nearly almost the entire Utrom race had been wiped out when a massive rebellion swept through the weakened empire.

In order to help the last of his race find a new home, Krang kept them in a seemingly dead state on his earthly base on Burnow Island until he could use his terraforming machine, the Technodrome, to transform Earth into a new home for his people. Thanks to the intervention of the Turtles, the Fugitoid, and the Foot Clan, the transformation effect on Burnow Island was limited. Shortly thereafter, Krang was tried for his numerous crimes on Earth and in Dimension X, ending dramatically with his death at Leatherhead's hands. Later, the surviving Utroms faced the challenge of building a new home together with their once rebellious slaves, the Triceratons, on Burnow Island.

When Krang was overthrown, Ma'riell became the new leader of the remaining Utrom survivors living on Earth's Burnow Island. Her humble peaceful regime became allied with the Turtles and Neutrinos who had been Krang's enemies.

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