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Utrominon is a planet appearing in the IDW continuity, which was the homeworld of the Utrom race as well as the primary base of their Triceraton slaves before their rebellion. According to the local origin of the warlord Krang the planet is part of Dimension X and the former center of a galactic empire.

Utrominon was destroyed by the combination of a creeping ecological disaster and a massive Triceraton-led rebellion against the supremacy of the Utroms after their supreme leader Quanin was too wasteful with the primordial substance of the planet in his urge for imperialist conquest. All of the planet's inhabitants died, with the only surviving Utroms including Krang and a handful of other Utroms in mutagen stasis under his care.

Krang sought to build his Technodrome to terraform a new Utrominon on the planet Earth, but he was thwarted, managing only to terraform Burnow Island. After Krang was overthrown, the reawakened Utrom survivors led by Ma'riell were permitted to make their new permanent home on the small piece of Utrominon-like habitat existing on the island. The displaced Triceratons who had previously been based on Utrominon were also directed by the Neutrino King Zenter to resettle on Earth, as it was actually their original homeworld before the Utroms enslaved them.

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