Utrom exoskeleton in Seasons 1-5

Utrom exoskeletons are humanoid vehicles used by the Utroms in the Mirage Comics, 2003 TV series, Back to the Sewer, and the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus.


Utrom Exoskeleton in Back to the Sewers

The exoskeletons are mechanical suits that the Utroms use to blend in with the humans, which carry the Utrom in the stomach section of a humanoid body. While they function perfectly well as robotic carriages, the exoskeletons can be perfectly disguised as a human being if the Utrom desires. In fact, their movements are natural enough that an Utrom can even fight using one.

They were invented by the Utroms using some parts of their ship, but an early model was stolen by The Utrom Shredder from a yellow Utrom to form his Shredder armor. They are highly maneuverable, to the point that Shredder became a highly skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat.

Baxter Stockman used one to move about after Shredder reduced him to just his living head. He made the acquaintance of Leatherhead while wearing it.

In Secret Origins, the exoskeleton are last seen, but later in Exodus, Part 2 Mortu and his crew have an exoskeleton.

Cody Jones has an exoskeleton in his trophy room.

In Wedding Bells and Bytes Mortu's crew have exoskeletons.


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