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In the IDW continuity, the Utrom Empire was an interstellar polity based in Dimension X, succeeding a prior Utrom Republic. Based from the planet Utrominon and ruled by Emperor Quanin and governed by the Utrom High Council in the name of the Utrom race and with the Triceraton race comprising its primary war force, the Empire embarked on a campaign of conquest, which Quanin intended to continue on in perpetuity. The story of the Utrom Empire is told in the miniseries Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire.

The Utrom Empire experienced sudden catastrophic collapse from two fronts: A rebellion of conquered worlds led by the Triceraton leader Zog, and the war effort's excessive exploitation of Utrominon's primordial ooze for the Utroms' primarily ooze-based technologies. The collapse of the Empire not only meant the loss of all its territories, but the extinction of all life on the planet Utrominon itself as the ooze depletion made the planet unable to maintain its own biosphere.

The only survivors of the Utrom race were Quanin's son General Krang and a handful of Utroms preserved in long-term ooze-based cryostasis on Burnow Island on the planet Earth.

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