• Yoshimickster

    Ode to Alpha One

    November 15, 2015 by Yoshimickster

    The foot soldiers, sluggish and dumb,

    always under the turtles thumb,

    Shredder and Krang decided on a plan,

    to serve turtle soup in a hot pan.

    they'd upgrade a robot's "brain",

    make those turtles go insane.

    But they should've thought to stop, they were not ready,

    as a power-surge was made by Bebop and Rocksteady.

    Alpha One was his nome de crime,

    he could crush those turtles into slime.

    But he wasn't just smarter, he was FAR better,

    like SHELL he'd listen to Krang and Shredder,

    He bent the foot-bots to his will,

    sent the old villains packing, footed them the bill.

    The evil ninja foot bot ook over Channel Six,

    had a plan that would send us to the dimension X sticks!

    The turtles fought his armies, broke his machines and they won,

    and shot him with his own dim…

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